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My beliefs

Submissiveness is a state of being in your mind. Your body is simply reacting to input from your Dominant through your mind.

Training, rituals, reinforcement, patience, and dedication all help to orient you the proper way of thinking, believing, and behaving.

Only you can decide to undertake what is necessary in your life to experience complete fulfillment.

Seeking someone 35 to 60, available, and ready to engage. I am located in Brookville, OH. I am not asking online play, or play for the sake of it.

This shouldnt be too difficult, should it???

I've been asked what I'm seeking. 

Someone who enjoys receiving what I give.  Be it mental, emotional,  physical,  spiritual,  or philosophical. These are the 5 tenants of human stability and growth. 

Be an open vessel, and I'll fill you with purpose.

Also, if you can make out like you were in high school,  all the better...

Learning and discovering and feeling she becoming one with another begins with commitment to actually doing something.

No one will ever obtain anything at all standing still. Everything will simply move away from you.

Therefore, you must move toward what you need.

Not wishing to risk having my profile down for a period of time, I thought I'd use this space to answer some of the more common questions I've received.

I am grounded by the tenants of my philosophy learned over many years. While fluid and open to change (nothing in the world is set in stone, especially where an open mind exists) I have found that I place immense worth on values, expressiveness, intellect, and the ability to engage minds. The mental side of a relationship is head and shoulders above the physical side. I expect to interact with your thoughts long before I interact with your body.

Thoughts and actions must match. My ability and desire to teach and train is inherently part of me. I can only focus my time and energy on one, and I expect that you would as well.