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A dominant couple with a deep understanding for desire and sexual surrender in a touch those dark thoughts in the back of your mind.

A cerebral couple who can savor a woman who has control over every other facet of her existence but longs to offer us control of her mind and body.

A lady and gentleman that knows and understands the desire to discover which touch, what word, what strike, which toy, what lick, whatever restriction or ploy will arouse you.

Two open minded souls that doesn't indulge in pain that overwhelms arousal but instead lingers around it to entice and heighten that arousal.

Toys and scenarios all have their place in the creation of a very intense encounter, but they are not the primary components. It is all about trust and control and you completely understand that concept.

The possibilities are endless. Note: We see our "new message" show but there are no messages there, is there others having this problem as well???