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Girl addicted to being dominated and controlled seeks 24-7 TPE with aspects of pain and deep m
Female Slave, 24,  Worthington, Ohio


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Girl addicted to being dominated and controlled seeks 24-7 TPE with aspects of pain and deep mental domination...hurt me...just started watching Game of Thrones, seriously looking for a Ramsey Bolton type...

Please read clear through and my journal entries...i'm still new at this and may have put things in the wrong places..

Yes, i have given it a lot of thought, i want relyfe programming to be part of my new placement with someone...the loss of power and the intense intmacy are, well they're important to me...

*****1-25-17 i had to add a couple of pictures because my ex has apparently put a few of the ones he had of me online.. after leaving me here last September... As was his right at the time. i have taken all but one of those down and added these :-) which are special to Collarspace except for the one i mentioned. Please excuse the abbreviations in the note on the photos, when I spelled everything out it wasn't big enough to show up right on my phone.. So i abbreviated and had my friend take the pics with her camera... I hope they're okay.

***** 12-6-16 I had to let my internet go for a few weeks until I get paid Monday so my responses are going to be a little slow but I will try to reply please be patient... I am using my phone for this :-)

**** Yes i am still looking for a new home, my cousin' husband reallly wants me gone 😨 ****** Please read all the way through so you don't have any surprises *******

I am 24 years old and am looking for a 24/7 Total Power Exchange. I have been on here since just the 1st of 2017 and am learning quickly about myself through my interaction with people here and by reading other profiles and journals. Please look at my interests. To be honest, I am listed as switch, but I am not. I have no interest in topping or being a Domme to anyone. I have been forced to realize that I am bisexual, though, if that helps. What I am looking for is someone deep into mental and physical domination, total control and am hoping to explore some of the harsher aspects of bdsm with someone who won't actually kill me... I was in a D/s relationship for a few years and then he graduated OSU and moved to enter a master's program out of state. I went from high school where I had no constraints on me at all to a relationship where I wasn't allowed to have friends or schedules or thoughts of my own and where I was expected to cater to Dan and his friends on demand. I am not sure it's normal but I really miss the control and discipline. I hated being put in a corner or locked in the closet or the dog cage but I miss it so bad sometimes I want to cry.

I've read through a lot of the profiles here and I think I am interested in a total immersion relationship. Danny really got into my head with Relyfe Programming and I would really like to find someone else who knows it or is willing to learn about it. It took away all of my secrets and let him change me and I miss that level of intimacy. It is so intense... He often used it to humiliate me and I know its probably kind of sick but I miss that, too.

I am open to a 50's style relationship as long as it has those factors and I am open to poly as long as I am not expected to be domme. I am actually open to anyone who can provide structure, discipline, control, regular restraint and I was learning to enjoy pain just before he left.

I'm not sure my pain tolerance levels are as high as they were before, he spent nearly a year getting me to where I was. What else... I like to be choked... throat pressure and oxy-deprivation is a serious a fetish for me. So are spanking, collars... i love collars, and being displayed.

I also kinda like being forced to cry because of physical and/or emotional pain.

Limits: I know this isn't exactly PC, but I have given it a lot of thought and I don't think that a girl in a 24/7 TPE should be allowed to have or impose limits on her Master/Owner/Daddy or Dom. I would prefer not to be involved with anything that will get me put in prison. That's my limit.

I can't promise that I will be aroused by everything I read about here, or even that I will be able to control my responses to everything, but I am obedient and I promise to accept and do what I am told.

Back on the subject of display - I am willing to share face pictures of myself, no problem, with people I am interested in, but I have to be careful. I work two jobs and one of them I would lose over an conduct with they think reflects badly on the integrity of the institution. They actually cite Fetlife and Alt in their examples, so if we are talking and click I am happy to email pictures of me. I go through a lot of hair colors, but my face and body are always the same :-)

-----January 12----- Ok - strange experience. On Monday I had a guy from here show up at my work and wait around for me to get off so that he could give me a mobile hot spot to communicate better here and with him. It was a VERY heady experience and my response to him was disturbing but I am not trying to get into anyone's pocket and don't want gifts or money from anyone here until I am owned by them. We were together for about 2 hours and he doesn't want an in person relationship, I really appreciate the intention and the offer, but I just couldn't accept under the circumstances. You should have seen the looks on my co-workers faces!

I have mentioned that it can take me time to get back to people because I don't have internet at home right now. I do have my phone and I do have internet at both of my jobs, I just have to be careful using it there at times. Be patient with me if you are reaching out. Last thing: Yes, I am small. Okay, very small, but I am told I'm well built and I am strong for my size and healthy. I eat carefully and I exercise four times a week to stay in shape. I am open to daddy-daughter relationships that keep the above information in mind, and others just know that I am a sub, want to be made into slave and a woman, completely and totally, just in the convenient travel size! Thanks for patience in reading this!

Sept. 4, 2017*****no, i don't understand how they work but yes, several of the Relyfe programming files in have been used on me and yes, again, i do want that kind of erotic mind control in a relationship... i don't know why people keep asking that... i understand what i may end up giving up, may not be right for everyone but if you talk to other girls who have been, programmed i guess.. Then youll see how amazing it can be. Check with XaxisGirl about her experiences, or search out the couple dozen girls who have Relyfe in their profiles...isn't being here on CS always an exercise in controlled risk? Aren't all relationships? Truly? It is what i hope to find, total mental and physical submission and control. If that offends some (mostly women telling me i'm crazy or somehow degrading them...(what??)) then i am sorry but respectively suggest if you're that concerned about another girl's kinks degrading you, you should visit sites that are more conservative, like maybe a Christian dating site or something. saranne

Journal Entries:
2/12/2018 6:39:33 PM
At work tonight and blown out - holiday weekends always start badly - will be on CS on and off until 7am and then again all afternoon Saturday.

1/30/2018 5:13:56 AM
Looking for somewhere to go play from February 23rd thru the 5th of March...maybe a tryout for a 24/7?. My Feb 3rd date just pooped out on me 😞 i was driving to Michigan to him! Some people really suck.

1/30/2018 5:10:22 AM
Okay, corrected Relyfe programming are information. MistressAlice ( Yung4Fun here on CS) corrected my mistakes and told me fix them here. new Mind Control Relyfe Programming MP3 file site (look in collections) And the books are on Amazon in paperback I guess, too. Old article. Hypnotherapist Mr. Michael Scott. He's an author who Danny took me to see. That's it. If what i wrote below was wrong im sorry, she really blasted me for being stupid and costing her time and i am very sorry if i did that to anyone else...i thought i fixed this before but i can't find the post.... Maybe CS ate it...

12/4/2017 1:17:21 PM
I really LOVE Christmas, I really HATE Christmas shopping!

9/4/2017 7:39:56 PM
i feel i should thank Master M (MindRules here on CS). i truly wish you were looking for a permanent girl and i freaking LOVE the new Relyfe files!

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