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ICardiff .


No I dont have a dungeon it is an old photo I took when renovating a house.



Str8, Bi or Gay.

You have to be100 submissive.Im not judgemental, not racist, not sexist.

I am a smoker, and if thats a problem, its your problem.

Really only interested in myself and what I want.
I have little sparefree time.

I like 100 submissive men to useabuse for my pleasure.

Age up to 55yrs.-ish.

Im not overly concerned what a subslave looks like but like to see who Im chatting to.

My preference to looks are

An average to larger build

Very short to shaved head hair

with a minimum of shaved balls and trimmed cock area.

age 30yrs+

Prefer Blue collar worker to white collar.

(that means I like workmen over businessmen)

If you are looking to be fucked - look somewhere else

I am looking for a regular slave, not a live in 247 as I have had one in the past and they are extreme hard work (on both sides) this is not to say I wont in the future take another, it is my intention to have a live in slave but not right now.
I dress casual and like to keep a slave naked.
I dont enjoy see men in female underwear or x dress. Each to their own but its not for me.

I will chat with most people Male or Female

but I dont suffer fools, and I DONT do Online or Cyber, it is crap

jog on wannabe

UK is a big area if your profile only has UK as your area Dont bother contacting me



Cardiff , Newport, Swansea, Bristol. south wales .

Ideally looking for local to Cardiff, a piece of scum to simply abuse and treat like dirt.

This morning, Monday 8th April 2013, I received a polite message from a sub/slave. I looked at his profile and his photos, he wasn’t my type and I replied politely saying he was to “white collar” for me.


For those that don t know, white collar and blue collar , refer to dress code / style of appearance.

A blue collar man is a builder/workman look


white collar a suited man / office worker.


I personally like rougher looking men therefore Blue collar.


However this poor sub/slave replied thinking I was talking about politics/life style and proceeded to give me his full working CV of how much money he has , how much he thought he is financially better off that myself. !!! !!!


I’m so uninterested in how much money or lack of money people have.


My interest is in the connection made between myself and the other person including physical attraction which he had absolutely no attraction for me. I would even go as far as to say he is ugly, but I was polite in turning him down and wishing him well. The rant of a reply I received back from him was pathetic and sad but highly amusing .