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Switch that is what I am.

I have my Domme side who is usually there, and enjoys a spirited submissive female who will speak her mind but enjoyed giving control to me.

While at times i find myself in subspace looking for a Dominant Man or Woman who makes me feel safe and yearn to please them. Feel their smile when i have done right to them.

Above all I adore respect and passion.

I will never ever take a male submissive. I have not desire in this so please don't waste your time and ask me this. Thank you

Also please if you don't have a profile picture send one in the email if you message me. I'm being realistic here to help save you and me time. If there is no initial attraction from a photo even after hours of talking when you meet in person it will be very apparent and awkward. Plus fair is fair you've seen me now see you.

p.s. right now I'm taking a break from my Domme side but that doesn't mean i'll submit to anyone. So if you start commanding me before i fully submit don't expect anything,

i have a sense of humor....please have one too. Also WARNING i'm blunt and let you know what is what up front.

I'm Bisexual, yes, and friendly yes. But please understand after many many many annoying emails. My level of perky HI NICE TO MEET you is dwindling to a fear of what is to come.

Friendship means most to me. Romance is nothing with out foundation no?

Women looking here, hello age isn't a factor mostly cause women get better with age like a vintage wine. I miss being with another girl. Either as the submissive or the Dominate one.
As i sit here listening to the rain i realize i haven't put anything thoughtful here in a while.

I'm still around, just been busy with school work and life.

But yet i'm still missing my other half, i just haven't found the one who will balance my scales yet.
People worry me sometimes. I got a message from a good friend who peruses CM from time to time. she tells me "i saw your new SN on CM." I was totally taken back, because i have no need for a new name.  So if anyone sees my fake other half let me know please. 
I have decided I really dislike snow today. Getting into a car accident didn't help my dislike of snow either. If it didn't happen I would be working right now delivering pizza. Climbing over snow and more.

I would rather the accident never happened and that I was at work. Because of the weather and that is is a Friday, I would have taken in a lot of tips. Which would be nice to put towards another car.

I wonder what I could have done wrong for this Karmic Lashout. Maybe I took too much joy in seeing Karma finally being returned to my former Boss. its certinally something for me to Muse about.
I've been feeling intensly Sensual and dipping into my sub space as of late. part of it scares me because i haven't felt this was in a long while. Its almost like feeling virginal again.  I almost wonder if i can be a propper submissive again after being in the Dominate state of mind for so long.
Ha, people make me wonder sometimes. How is it that 30-40 year old people act like 16 year olds when they don't get their way?
Pet peeves..

1. Don't tell me i'm hot. Its nice to know i'm good looking but please i have a mind learn about be befor telling me i'm hot.

2. sub bois i don't mind you as just friends but NO i don't want you to serve me. Don't even ask cause i won't answer.

3. if your a Dominat, let me decide that. As a switch i am very picky about who i submit too.

4. i'm not here for sex, i'm here to connect.
I always wonder and debate what i could put on here. but i find just putting what is on the top of my mind makes most sense. As i'm talking and reading more and more email i find myself wondering what i am i really looking for. i guess i what i want to do is feel like i have really done a lot in my life. Knowing i still have a lot to try.