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Pan Female Switch, 22,  Singapore
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I like topping as much as bottoming. There is an appeal to being subdued, being another's something, being bound and controlled, being forced with pleasure and pain to the point of self-oblivion. I understand the seduction of torture. At the same time, controlling someone else puts me in a certain headspace, a psychological high that i can't quite put my finger on. I do love toying with others. And while i can never be blatantly mean (so those of you seeking humiliation, shoo away), i can be devious and i will be devious. My cookie points (i.e., you get cookies if you like 'em too):
*MINDFUCK (i know this pretty much covers everything...)
*Consensual nonconsent
*Medical play (that involves needles and catheters) I am in a relationship with someone i deeply care for but i am open to playing with others. I'm hankering to explore deviant options like medical play (as a switch) and consensual nonconsent (as a submissive) with others. I am presently trying to explore the submissive side of things with other people (though yes, i do have a very big spot for being a dominant, and go all soft for a cute sub), but I do believe that my submission is something that is cultivated through constant interaction with a dom/me. It doesn't come very naturally to me...(and this is where the whole fantasy of consensual nonconsent comes in). I'm interested in getting to know like minded individuals, to share stories and perhaps, share experience first-hand.
I am grammatically anal. That is all.
Closet exhibitionist.










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 Female Switch


 5' 7"

 123 lbs






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