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Hetero Male Switch, 50,  Florida
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Would like to meet a woman who has an interest in torture with a cigarette. Seems like a good many are rather skittish about this type of activity. But images have been in my mind for a long time; hell, don't ask me why they are there. While I would like to find another interested in cigarette play, I also enjoy other aspects of bdsm........bondage, whipping, spanking, watersports. I would like to be suspended by my wrists, feet off the ground, and whipped severely with a single tail......without the benefit of a safeword. But this is only the physical aspect of it; there also has to be a mental connection. For me this is far more elusive. One thing that I really value is 'realness'. There are far too many people who cling to these stereotyped images of what a dom or sub should be and then try to fit a mold. I need to connect with a 'real' person. Intelligence and realness.......anymore either one of these entities is difficult to find. Putting both together.....I realize that is a pretty tough combination to find.......but who knows, perhaps it will happen.










Last Online:


 Male Switch


 6' 0"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

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