Vertical Line



I am an adrenalin junkie, and like to stretch my limits, and have a preference for sensuality along with punishment.

My particular fetish is to be spanked by a strong-armed, buxom lady wearing a 1950s style British nursing sisters uniform.

I am married and my wife has given her permission for me to visit other people, and to have BDSM relationships.

I have some difficulty with walking, and tend to use a powerchair or scooter for longer distances; but I can manage stairs and gardening and such other activities as may be necessary.

It should be noted that I cannot bend over in an unsupported position and my back cannot carry someone else's weight.

I am essentially interested in receiving punishment, but am willing to try anything, at least once.

It should be noted that I am not interested in any form of relationship with men, I was raped as a child, enough said.

Depth of relationship: initially fun and friendship, but we can see how things develop, I like to write a lot, and talk things through, build up a sense of rapport.

It is more important to me that the lady thoroughly enjoys what she is doing, since your enjoyment enhances my own feelings, and naturally vice versa.

I am interested in getting more into the medical fetish side and would like to know if there are any real nurses out in BDSM land who would like to take me.

As to me I am open, honest, blunt, forthright, have as much tact as a flying brick, no common-sense, don't see the obvious, hold monologues in a party, collect stuffed toy crocodiles, frogs and dragons (over a thousand), run a charitable company (unpaid) and do a lot of voluntary work - I class myself as a social entrepreneur.

Ex-Army and have my pensions from that, not rich, but I get by; I don't drive as my reactions are too slow; but am willing to travel anywhere in the UK for the right person, shall need accomodation close by.

The world rotates, and wobbles, ever so slightly on it's course, question, why can some send me mail, yet when I reply I get user not known, must be something I am doing, or something I have not set correctly.  One would presume that the underlying addressing would be sufficent to return it to the sender, unless, sob, sob, boohoo!!!!  They don't want to talk to me!  Ah well c'est la vie!
Plenty more ladies in the seas of life, mayhap a 40 year's scene experience is frightening them off - steps back and admires the wheelchair, unless it is this beautiful contraption that I wear from time to time - grin , bursts into laughter and rattles belly for while......
An emoticon search.

Let's see what this one looks like, ah, much better, think I've got the background at the right level now.

The font is good and reads well.

Now for a further search through the emoticons, to se if I can find anything really crocky.

No links to websites?

So why give me a hyperlink button then?

Must be to sub-link within the system, why, on earth would I want to do that?

Wow!  Nice green and red - not very accessible for the colour blind though, shall have to think about the colours; mmmm, maybe a pastel green with a bold black in Ariel.

Got to have a green background though.

I wonder if they have any alligators or crocodiles in the emoticons?

I could do with a 'Croc with a machine gun', who pops up and blasts a burst off now and then.

Would go very nicely with the name of my house - 'Croc's Corner' a pun naturally, I am a bit of a crock, in that I am crocked, and my wife is crocked; and I collect stuffed soft toy crocodiles - got over 400.

Then there are the frogs and the dragons; between the 3 there are over 1,000 soft toys in the house, and numerous garden ornaments in the front and back gardens.
A link in the chain, a prayer wheel turned and whirring in the winds of philosophy, a sparrow fluttering to a stop in a rose bush, a grain of sand caught upon the winds of time - from mountain to seashore to mountain.

An eternity and rhythm of life in the edifice of earth, where the universe meets hypothesis and theory; and, men postulate about god, the theory of everything and unified field theory.

Life and death is but a second apart; from the universe I have come, as atoms and sub-atomic particles, and, for a time, Chris Green exists; then Chris Green dies, and what was me returns to the greater universe.

Immortality of a sort, but my life is closer to the nothingness of Zen, than the greatness of universality.

Memories are all we leave behind, how few there are who are remembered more than a couple of generations beyond their passing.