Vertical Line


A Dominant Emeritus
I am a Traditional Dominant and have been for over 30 years. I am well experienced in the art of D/s, B/d and S/m; It should be noted that I am of the "Old Guard" philosophy as a Dominant with all of the protocols associated with it. If your not familiar with Old Guard as it applies to today, simply ask and I can give you a fast summation
Why am I "Old Guard" you may ask; simply because it fights against the natural decay of the power dynamic within the D/s relationship. Many that I have mentored trace their problems to that gradual decay of the power dynamic.
My education level is at the Masters/Phd level and am a business consultant by trade. My travels are extensive and include EU , as a result, I may not respond to emails as promptly as most. Due to a high profile traveling position my pic is only available to trusted submissives and that will take time [both ways]This is a reality item and do not delude yourself into attempting to circumvent the time frame. For those into Zodiac Signs, I am on the cusp between Leo and Virgo. My style tends to be more quiet power Dominant On the softer side, I have mentored many with a high level of success. If your in need of guidance and an ear to help sort out D/s related issues, I would be pleased to help as my goal is what all experienced Dominants should be, and that is to sustain a good and fair representation of the D/s path. That is done by lending experience to the resolution of your problems with a neutral and logical approach. However if your need is to be pampered by soft approaches to reality and D/s issues then look elsewhere, for my help is direct and on point. As you travel the path / " as you slide down the bannister of life, may the grain be headed down" CelticPrince
As the world of D/s becomes further decimated by vanilla folks coming onto the path and pretending that they know it all and thus causing a decay in the basic fabric of the lifestyle; I find myself withdrawing from it except for those long time friends made over the years.

A special note to drivebys Of late, there appears to be a continueing thrend that because we are on the net, that courtesy is no longer relevant chemistry is important and recognising the lack thereof is appropriate, however just going poof and ending a line of communications without a no thanks will speak poorly for your level of courtesy and attitude as a submissive. Ponder that before contacting any Dominant.  



seems it might be appropriate to make this jounal entry also, I am in the Pacific time zone. All my life as a result of corporate commuting I had to be an early riser, so now that my living is less commute oriented my eyes still pop open at 5:00am without an alarm, sometimes even 400am. Thus by the time I fix dinner and watch the news, I am heading for the bedroll by 10:00pm