Vertical Line


Quite new, looking for advice, companionship and friendship at this time. Allowed to be shocked I hope, but hearts in the right place.
On advise of a higher being have been told to mention my ravishing good looks, pseudo-chic attire and elegant charm on this bit. It would be nice to find someone to discuss pre-raphaelite art, Coelho, stonehenge,Marcus Aurelius,haiku poetry, guitar pickups and the masochistic tendencies of people that actually enjoy listening to the trumpet. Yes I know those trumpet lovers are demented aren't they, but they need redemption as much as anyone else does. Any players, fakes, sadists etc please find something more productive to do,playing dominos by yourselves would be grand. having said that, one of my dearest friends from here is a sadist and she's very lovable, so anyone please feel free to send me a message.Even if the subject of discussion is zen or sufism.
Oh and to reduce the cases of PC monitor bitings I have decided on my lawyers advice not to post a pic of my bum. Instead deciding to show an elegant digitally obscured pic of myself.However I do have a pic on HotorNot too as a mark of vanity and/or insecurity, just ask to see.
Oh and I imagine I must seem quite vain and dorky but in reality I'm quite normal, but I prefer to be absurdly lighthearted rather than grim...Unlike the legions here that have taken a degree in grimness from the university of Grimology,Grimville(nr Middleborough, UK).