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Hetero Female Submissive, 21,  South Carolina
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I haven't been on to update this in a few months, but I thought I would. No, I do not have a profile as most people who know me would be pretty shocked to know I am into kink. Yes, I would be willing to send you one if I feel comfortable. I am a pretty straight up person, I'm looking for an actual relationship, that just happens to be a bit kinky. I tend to live a quite vanilla life, but in the bedroom that is a different story. I don't mind answering questions or just chatting, so feel free to message me.










 Submissive Female

 South Carolina

 5' 6"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

 Lives For:

 Amusement Parks

 Coffee Shops  (Expert)


 Travel (Expert)





 Web Surfing


 Country Music

 Eighties Music



 Bird Watching

 Fine Dining


 Surf Boarding




 Romance Novels





 Going to the Opera


 Musical Theater

 Volunteerism (Beginner)




 Genital Punishment

 Hair Pulling

 Role Playing



 New Age Music

 Nineties Music

 Pop Music






 Flea Markets


 Breast Play

 Housework Service

 Curious About:

 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries

 Raves (Beginner)





 Wax play

 1950s Lifestyle




 Garage Sales


 Corner Time






 Hard Limits:

 Anal Play




 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

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Journal Entries:
7/29/2013 9:40:48 PM
Today has been good. Hopefully there are some real people who are wanting to have a conversation.

7/28/2013 4:04:04 PM
Looking for someone who wants me to need them. Who doesn't mind putting me in my place. Someone who's loving but never let's me forget that I belong to them.

7/28/2013 3:08:26 PM
Just getting back on after a long hiatus.

12/16/2012 9:37:07 PM

What to do when you love someone but need something more.

10/5/2012 11:17:11 PM

I haven't been on for the last two weeks, life's been very busy i'll reply back as soon as possible.

8/25/2012 1:07:09 AM
i havent been on in a while... i missed it here

3/17/2012 5:41:24 PM
Well its official I'm blonde

2/9/2012 1:22:05 AM
Wow its so late. And of course theres no one on

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