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To clear up misunderstandings - i was born male - curious hunger for male companionship and domination. have a liking for poly. will add later. meanwhile please ask and probe me. i am basically a girl - is how i feel and like to be treated. not into pain - however will accept some male assertiveness - spanking - to remind me who is the top. ? many of you - understandably are asking for face pictures - i do have a job and a vanilla life - and would love to remain anonymous - until such time .... ? Looking to be a Man's wife? ? please read journals - for your delectation ? IF ANAL IS NOT ONE OF YOUR PASSIONS - I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY?

More and more i am encountering masculine doms who anal experiences and can only accept coch from a gurl. Interesting.


no panties
Ass lubed
Ready to be fucked up her ass at all times
Serves his friends bare ass
On occasion, pimped out


Journal entry wiped out

Are journals working?

From a beau:

"Dreaming of your ass - my cock filling your sweet hole, we have been at it for a while now - my shaft fucking you slowly we both marveling on the action - Your dilated pussy, your cunt wonderfully gaped, my cock gorged and full - We say nothing, we communicate with raw sex Exchanging wet kisses I finally cum deep We both feel it throbbing as it fills you with love serum We go quiet, breathing deep My cock slips out of your gaped anus"

Defying convention, i think a womans sexuality, my sexuality,is centered between her butt cheeks. Looking for a daddy who shares the notion.

Just trying this platform.

Interesting forum here. Beat a confessional. Smile.

The Honeymoon
It is beyond my control and comprehension - i am going through a one way change - simple - a form of addiction to your cock - the more you fuck me - the more i crave it - and the need. frightens me for its intensity. I do not remember when we came home last night - the last i remember is after you had cum deep in my pussy - you dragged me along - naked - to hold your cock while you urinated - this.has become a routine - and when you are done - i suck your cock - tasting the last spurts of pee - next i remember is waking up feeling your cock head snug between my buttocks - your.hands sleepily flicking my nipples - your cock getting hrd again. My ass is still oozing your cum,  lubricating me - and the massive cock penetrates my pussy and slides effortlessly up my ass. Nipples and prostate stimulated - i am softly bucking - moaning - my soft cock creaming - you pump me rhythmically and then you tense - you thrust hard and finally explode deep again - i feel the throbbing pulses as you spurt hot cum - i turn around for you to kiss me - in time your cock softens and slides back out - and satiated we sink back into sleep
it is Saturday afternoon and the place is milling with men and a few gurls. some of the guys sitting watching the hard core movies have their cocks out - masturbating. sweat, urine and semen - sex is in the air. 

Today i am tucked, in mauve tight bike shorts and a flowered cotton blouse, a red lace thong under with a matching bra - and white thigh highs with 3" heels. with my brunette wig and full make-up i am strutting around, making sure the shorts ride high between my buttocks to outline my femme roundness. I am horny and hoping to attract a decent stud to fuck me. My antennae are up for an interested man.

He has been looking my way and i could tell he was interested. i sit one row behind and one seat to the side of his chair. the video playing is about a pretty boy being rescued from a horrible fate by a man who takes him home and the boy becomes an adoring anal bride to his well equipped savior - no detail omitted.

I cross my legs and am positioned to give him a view of bare thigh when he looks back - and he does. as an added inducement i (absently) caress my buttock and leg for his inspection. how much of a whore have i become? but it seems like it is working - his interest s growing. at last the video is over - he gets up and imperceptably gestures to wards the cubicles - i get up and follow him into a vacant one. 6 foot square, all it has is a clothes hook and a wooden bench. i walk in - he follows and shuts the door. i do not know what to expect. roughly he gropes my bottom exploring deep into my ass crack and my anus. timidly i feel up his erection.

I remove my blouse, bra, shorts. now in myy thong and heels i go down in front of him, unbuckle his belt lower his zipper. he steps out of his jeans and boxers. nice size and cut - yumm. i suck his cock - salty with pre-cum - he lets me while fondling my titties and flicking my responsive nipples. i get up and fetch a KY tube from my purse - lube him good - he pushes the thong strip aside and lubes my ass hole. i turn around, bend over the bench and guide his cock. with an unexpected shove he impales me deep and immediately withdraws and waits - he knows i would be in pain and waited for that to subside - and in a minute it does - now i am dilated and start to eagerly balk into him - my asshole finding his manly shaft - he is now penetrating me with ease. holding me by the hips he fucks me rythmically - stroke in stroke out - gyrating his cock every so often to dilate me even further. immense pleasure - i am not touching my clitty which is now erect.

i feel him getting close to orgasm - his erection getting stiffer and yes. he pulls out and spews his hot cum all over my buttocks. i turn around and take him in my mouth sucking his last drops. he puts on his boxers and jeans - opens the door to the cubicle and walks out - leaving the door ajar - we have not uttered a word.


the lounge is dimly lit - the furniture had seen better days - the air smells of urine, semen and detergent. I am dressed in hot pink pants, perfectly adjusted to highlight the ass curves, a flowered blouse, white thigh highs and 3" heels. I have under a new red lace thong and matching bra. I have on my blonde wig today. I keep checking my gloss lipstick is perfect to bring out my full pouty lips. I am tucked. I am standing in the smalll room off the longe where they project tranny flicks. I have seen him and hope he would notice. I know he rotates among three or four girls like me. I never know when it is my turn to be chosen for the day. He is not too tall - fifty something maybe - dark complexion, trimmed goatee and moustache, well muscled body - very equipped - at least 9" - thick - and i have never - over the two years since he fucked me first - never felt him anything but stiff and hard. Viagra maybe - never asked never told. Well i lucked out today. As usual it starts with him standing next to me - i have learned my lesson - never initiate intimacies until he starts. So i am standing there - my heart beating faster - waiting - and then a soft caress across my bottom feeling the roundness of each cheek through the satin hot pants - tracing the cleavage between the cheeks. Slips a finger up pants leg to touch the silkiy hairless femme skin. To be continued.