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Hetero Female Submissive, 45,  Tennessee
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Are you strong enough to make me behave? I'm looking for a strong man with a firm hand.









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Journal Entries:
1/29/2011 10:34:31 AM

I've been out of town for a while so I haven't been online much and I know my story is unfinished and needs a lot of work ( like me). I hope  you have enjoyed this sample of my writing. 

If you sent me a message and I didn't reply I'm sorry. My life has been extremely chaotic of late. please write again and I will try to respond.

Love and lashes ,


11/22/2010 11:22:19 PM

He bound my hands in front of me then pulled me up to my feet. He then pulled my arms over my head and attached them to what must of  been a chain hanging from the ceiling. I was still blind folded but could hear a rattle as he secured me.How I wish I could see this man how had taken such masterful control of me. But it was his wish that I remain blindfolded. I was here to obey his wishes his desires,not mine. I was beginning to understand that he know what was best. I was becoming more and more his and I liked it that way. 

He places a spreader between my legs.I wonder why,I know I'm not allowed to close them without his permission and had not done so for a while. I knew what the punishment was for hiding his cunt form his view. He had disciplined me hard and long the last time,and I had learned my lesson. 

He at last spoke to me "You have very sensitive tits I've noticed,you must become accustomed  to me inflicting pain on them. We will start with that today.I have made it easy for you to follow my rules today.You will be allowed to thank me later" When he shoved the gag in my mouth I knew it would be a long day.I felt a shape pain shout through my body as he clamped my left breast and then my right. I could hear myself cry out in pain through the gag."very nice" he said " I like the way your face looks when your in pain.Now it's time to really feel pain" I cringed that only meant one thing. His whip struck my right breast with a force that would have made my knees buckle had I not been so restrained." We will see how long it takes before you realize  these are my tits not yours and I wish to see them as red as your ass." He whipped my breast several times."yes I like my tits with whip marks" As he whipped my breast over and over the pain became overwhelming.Then in my head I heard my mantra "his tits his tits his tits" yes his tits should look the way he wanted "his tits.. his tits.... then the pain turned into something else.... I felt myself become wet 









11/19/2010 2:45:17 PM

We had finished what had become our morning ritual.Me laying face down on my small bed legs spread wide for him as he slowly spanked my ass with whichever object he choose that day. When he was satisfied that my ass was that bright red color he enjoyed he allowed me to knell before him knees spread, head bowed, hands behind me awaiting his orders for the day.

He walked around me checking to make sure my position was the one  demanded of me. He must have been pleased.When he wasn't I knew at once and felt his displeasure.

He spoke to me in that voice that always sent shivers of fear and excitement through me."You are coming along nicely" I was happy that I was pleasing to him. He still had not fucked me and I ached for his cock. He had allowed me to suck it when he was happy with my obedience. But I had not been allowed to come. I was trying so hard to earn that privilege.

"The first phase of your submission has been achieved.But you still have much to suffer before you are worthy of my dick" he leaned in and said knowingly "I know you want may speak" Yes Sir, I want it very much, Sir.

"and the removal of your blindfold? Do you want that also" he asked. I had yet to see his face. "Yes Sir" I answered with all the respect I had learned at his whip"I want to see you" Then his tone changed "what you want is not important" Had I made another mistake? Would I have to start at the beginning of training again? Would I ever be allowed sexual release? Have I failed another test? I stayed silently kneeling waiting to see if he would punish me. I had learned that there where two kinds of punishment here, the kind for his pleasure and amusement and the kind that received when I had displeased him. The second kind left me unable to move for hours while he watched and made comments about how my body looked after the punishment since I couldn't see for myself. Standing behind me he knew what I was thinking,he always knew, and laughed. " I love it when you aren't sure what to expect. Of course there is nothing you can do about it.Your mine to do with as I wish. No today we start a new phase of your training its time to condition you for something else." But as a reward for pleasing me you may open you mouth and take my dick in it. Your getting quite good at sucking me off"

I opened my mouth and took his cock as deeply as I could.I was getting much better at taking almost his full length without gagging. But he had such a large cock I could never take it all. But I sucked hard and deep,moving my mouth back and forth over him.  I had come to love that cock so much even though I had never seen it. I felt his enjoyment at using me in such a way. I was getting wetter and wetter between my legs. Oh how I wanted to come.But for now I had to be satisfied with him coming.That was alright.I enjoyed making Him come.After all that was my duty.I enjoyed doing my duty to him. He squirted his warm seed down my throat after he removed his dick and I heard his zipper being pulled up I bowed my head again. " Sir,thank you Sir" I said as I had been taught. "Yes, he said, your getting very good at that now lets clean you up. You have a hard days work ahead of you" 




11/18/2010 10:42:41 PM

I was allowed to sleep for the first time without being woke to be whipped. I was still bound though my hands were now tied in front. Mys leg however were spread and tied to the small cot. My cunt must always be displayed, no I corrected myself mentally his cunt. He had told me from the start that it was his cunt. I had never used that word to describe  my vagina but he did. I had a realization of how I was changing. It was my vagina, but now it was his cunt. It had became my mantra 'His cunt, His cunt, His cunt.

When he entered the room he untied my legs but I kept them spread wide. His cunt still on display.He then untied my hands and ordered me to roll over.I obeyed quickly,yes I was learning.I was hoping he would remove my blindfold but he didn't. I heard a swish of air then felt the paddle hard on my bare ass.He took his time between each stroke so that I felt each one. When he was finished he rubbed his hand on my throbbing ass."I love to start my day this way" he said." your ass should aways be red" I lay there legs still spread while he admired his work. "you may get up now and return to your knees."

As I knelt there knees spread,head bowed I realized even though my hands were no longer bound I had immediately placed them behind my back.

Yes I was changing. 

11/18/2010 8:00:27 PM

I hear his steps approaching. Still bound and blindfolded I remain knelling.My knees wide apart my head bowed. He pinches my nipples hard. I stifle a scream. "You're learning" he says in a pleased voice. "you'll know when I want you to scream, you'll know because you won't be able to stop yourself from screaming" then that laugh I have come to know so well. Deep, menacing and at the same time sexy. I feel his hot breath in my ear as he whispers "that day WILL come. I have only begun with you. I have much more in store for you." I shiver as his hands rub my aching,wet pussy.He inserts his fingers in me.I moan with pleasure. He quickly removes them and pushes my head to the floor. I struggle to keep my ass up high for him.I know this position well by now. I feel his hand hard against my ass. "You will have pleasure when I allow it and only when I feel you've earned it" I hear him walk slowly away,then I hear the sound of something being removed from the wall behind me. He enjoys the suspense. I dare not move from the position he has placed me in even though I know what's coming.The floor is cold against my naked skin.He shoves a gag in my mouth."you still haven't learned to keep quiet I see. Shall we start from the beginning?' I cringe as the whip is rubbed slowly over my back and ass. "we will start with ten lashes"

11/18/2010 11:00:49 AM

I was blindfolded,and could only imagine what he had in store for me next. I felt a mixture of fear and excitement. I felt a wetness between my legs that I didn't expect.

The room was silent but I could sense someone there with me. I dared not speak. I had learned that speaking would would result with me being gagged and whipped severely. I was learning some very stern lessons on what was allowed.

I knew I was to remain knelling with my legs open. I knew that closing them even a slight bit would result with what I thought was a riding crop being brought down hard against the tender folds of my already aching vagina.

My hands always tied behind my back, different things were used to tie them at different times. I could only guess at why. But I found myself waiting for these times with anticipation about what would be used next to bind me.

What was I becoming? Who was I becoming? Was I a pleasing sight? 



11/17/2010 3:30:05 PM

I wasn't sure how long I had been in his dungeon.Time had no meaning anymore.I was awaken at all hours to be bound and whipped.He did not have sex with me,sex I  was told was a privilege I had to earn. I so wanted him to  take me,to screw me hard and long.I had asked for it only once. He only laughed that cynical but sexy way of his. "You may beg only when I give you permission  and I have much more in store for you" 

11/2/2010 11:13:42 PM

I felt his rough hands against my skin as he removed my clothes. His grip was strong when he pulled arms back and bound them tight. He pushed me to my knees and  I knew that I was completely  in his power. I want to look up at Him but without being told I know this will not be allowed unless he permits,so I keep my head bowed. He walks around me scrutinizing my position.

"If you think that will save your ass from my whip your wrong",his voice echoes against the walls of his personal dungeon. "I brought you here for my pleasure and will do as I please with you" 

I shiver with both fear and excitement. This is a true master. He will not be toyed with, he can not be swayed by tears or other female tricks. Am I ready for this? I hear a deep laugh from behind me " Forehead touching the ground  ass in the air girl" he commands. I realize it doesn't matter if I'm ready for this He is and from here on his will is all that matters.

 I hesitate a moment then comply.I feel the sting as the whip crosses my bare ass."First you will learn to obey immediately we will start with ten lashes..................... 

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