Vertical Line


Professional, attractive, successful,dominant man (in the real world, vs. in his own imagination), looking for a r/t female sub/slave, for r/t "relationship". No online training, phone sex or assorted cyber crap. Up close and personal,..only. I am not a member of any d/s community or "scene", I do not own a slave or live in a house with a fully equpped dungeon. I am interested in control, mind play and power exchange, and your need to serve, submit, and surrender. Will consider a novice to the extreme, and all in the middle. Prefer 25 -40, tho, your attitude, or lack thereof, is more important than your age or measurements. A fat ass is OK, so long as it's not situated where your head should be. You must be clean, well kept, and have a life, outside of your urge to be dominated. Responses should be specific, and in detail re your experiences,(what you have done, and what you'd like, and not like,to do) the fantasies you masterbate to, and your ultimate goals. In detail, ..capeesh?