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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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Hetero Male Dominant, 67,  Southeastern, Illinois
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I have been contemplating about writing this for quite a while now but I feel it is about time that this be said. Keep in mind that what you are about to read is strictly My opinion and not anyone else's unless they agree with Me. This concerns all the so called slaves on cs that say they are willing to relocate providing the Dom/Master sends them the funds. Well, many years ago when I didn't have that much experience I fell for that ploy and sent the slave the amount she said it would take her to relocate to Me. I learned very quickly that that was a dumb thing to do. No sooner than she got the money both her and the money disappeared. So I learned a lesson very quickly. Now when a slave asks Me to send money I tell them that a repayment plan can be worked out once they arrive at My door. At that point the slave gets very indignant and calls Me all kinds of names and then moves on to try her luck with another Dom/Master. These slaves also say they have no money and aren't working. I tell them to go get a job and save their money for relocation if that is what they really want. I've even talked to some that are close enough where I was able and willing to pick them up. It amazes Me how fast they disappear. As far as I'm concerned these people just want a free ride......and are ruining the lifestyle for those who are really honest and sincerely searching for a connection. Its to bad that its come to that. Remember.....this is just My opinion formed from what I have experienced up to this time.












 Dominant Male



 5' 9"

 210 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female


 Lives For:

 Anal Play

 Breast Play






 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales



 Canes and Crops

 You wearing my collar


 G-spot Stimulation

 Local BDSM Community

 Being Massaged

 Erotic Hypnosis

 Erotic touch


 Hair Pulling

 Placing you on a leash

 Massage (Giving)

 Mental Bondage

 Orgasm Control

 Outdoor Bondage

 Spanking you

 You wearing stockings

 Suspension Bondage

 Vacuum Stimulation


 Wax Play


 Historical Shows


 Lifestyle BDSM

 Old Guard




 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries


 Coffee Shops




 Blindfolding you


 Corner Time

 Electrical Play



 Masks on Partner

 Modern Primitivism

 Obedience Training



 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Sensory Play


 Speech Restrictions



 Board Games

 Card Games

 Comedy Shows





 1950s Lifestyle


 Blue Grass

 Country Music

 EMO Music

 Folk Music

 Industrial Music


 Show Tunes



 Sensation Play


 Curious About:

 Medical fetish play

 Rubber Fetish


 Fire Play

 Oral Service


 Heavy Metal Music

 Hip Hop Music



 Hard Limits:


 Genital Punishment

 Housework Service

 Maid / Butler Service


 Female Sovereignty

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