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I am looking for a relationship or a regular play partner with activities outside of the kinky. Things start casual and compatibility will determine how things develop.I am mostly interested in bondage sex activities in the bedroom. While I dont seek a 247 relationship I am open to it and some bleed over from the bedroom is ok.

I am also into breath control specifically strangling (choking). This is not a requirement and is negotiable. I am also into rough sex and cuddling afterwards.

I dont do elaborate ties and I am not into fetish fashion. Clothes are largely irrelevant since the SubSlave will be naked at all times. The ropes are strictly to restrain the SubSlave. I have had a Sub previously. It was a new experience for both of us and we both learned that trust is the most important element. It is obvious why the SubSlave must trust the Dom, but the Dom needs to be able to trust the SubSlave. The Dom needs to know that she will not let things go to far.The second thing that is important is flexibility. The only things that are essential for me are a SubSlave, sex, oral and bondage. Everything else is negotiable and can change as time goes on.I am very safety conscious and a capable person in general. I approach new things cautiously, I consider how things may go wrong and I have an exit protocol if things need to go in reverse. My policy is leave no marks, physical or psychological. (Except temporary rope marks and your desire for the next meeting.)) I also realize there are lots of things in my fantasy world that I would not want to act out in reality.We really cant know if we are compatible until we talkmeet.

Outside of the kink, I Salsa dance. I have followed this to many places in North America and Europe. I am quite serious about this activity and will not give this up for any SubSlave.

I am looking for a subslave who likes being tied up and having her body used to pleasure her dommaster and has a high sex drive.Some qualities that I am looking for are intelligence, confidence and toughness. I think these are necessary for a good SubSlave.A SubSlave who doesnt talk incessantly. I do have a ball gag if that is a problem. ) Measure the quality of your words like you only have a limited amount.A Sub who is able to go beyond her comfort zone and also knows when she needs a break.Physical attraction is important. Required a face pic and a body pic. (Crotch pics are not enticing.)