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Experienced Dom searching for the right baby girl to train, nurture and own. My preference is a physically fit sub that has a desire to serve a Dom that will control her physically and mentally on all aspects of her life daily. Must be willing to be open to everything I would desire from you.

There is alot that goes into being a Daddy. Its easier if you are a natural and it just comes to you. You have to give plenty of attention and let your little feel she is special. Have to set rules and expectations for her and not waiver on punishment when she breaks the rules. even when you are rough with her you have to be caring and hold and caress her know it will be alright that you need her as much as she needs you. Most important you need to communicate about your desires and likes. Be open to say whats on your mind to build a strong bond.

For me as much as it thrills me to see my hand print blazed in red on a bare ass from a good long spanking, I get the small thrill after just holding my little and letting her know she is special while I rub the pain away. I enjoy both sides of giving intense pain as well as mind blowing pleasure.
 Age: 25
 Frankfurt, Germany