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I am a happy and contented submissive male that has always known that is a sub. I have dee
Bisexual Male Submissive, 49,  Nicosia, Cyprus
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 Submissive Male



 5' 9"

 183 lbs






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A Poly Household

I am a happy and contented submissive male that has always known that is a sub. I have deep and strong desires for Bondage Domination Torture and Slavery.


My interests mainly are to being used and Dominated by Strong Women and Couples. I have realized that I strongly desire hard treatment as being towards the extreme end of the scale, especially activities involving severe humiliation and degradation, verbal degradation, chastity, objectification and de-humanization. I love feeling emotionally vulnerable, and being made to feel worthless for the benefit of Someone Else.


I must admit that I don't like play anything that involves blood, or leaves permanent marks or scars. I will not consider engaging in anything illegal.


Just recently I have come to experience being both physically and verbally degraded, being told how nasty and disgusting i am, even further, i fantasize about being taken down more than a few pegs, being stripped of my masculinity, or even reduced to the status of something rather less than a human.


I know that I have discipline, and can take and enjoy very severe abuse, particularly when it is selfless and for the benefit of Someone I respect.
Reliability and loyalty are two iimportant things I will always offer



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