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Not able to chat here because of required OS systems.

Spelling, may be off becasuse of these little phone buttons.

Photo request after 3 emails. Off site contact requested after 5 emails.


-wake at 6am every day and make master coffee and breakfast.

-your day spent around the house tidying it, under domestic servitude, making master his meals and doing as he wishes.

-he may be home for lunch or other activities.

-clothing in the house will be nude, or a camisk and always a collar. During times panties and shorts.

-not allowed to leave the house except when accompanied by master

-all food to be eaten at masters feet.

- available 247 for master to use and punish as he sees fit.

-will have literally no control or discretion in any decisions in life.

If this sounds like something that you may be able to accommodate then please do message me.

92 MasterMistress
89 Owner
86 Dominant
81 Sadist
60 Degrader
58 Rigger
58 Experimentalist
53 Exhibitionist
50 Non-monogamist
50 Voyeur
43 Vanilla
43 DaddyMommy
39 Ageplayer
37 Brat tamer
26 Primal (Hunter)
4 Masochist
1 Primal (Prey)
0 Rope bunny
0 Slave
0 Degradee
0 Brat
0 BoyGirl
0 Submissive
0 Pet
0 Switch
Horndogs, Scammers, and Liars, Oh My. Horndogs, Scammers, and Liars, Oh My.
Contract available.
Typical. Good conversations. Then ###poof### gone.
Rant: female profiles that say, i hate copy-paste. My answer: bitch, i typed this shit out on my phone once,,,,,,,