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Pan Female Slave, 27,  Illinois
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i am such a stupid cuntwhore.

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Journal Entries:
2/18/2010 6:43:17 AM
Hello Everyone,

Well as You probably have read from before, someone saw me fucking myself with a hair brush in the window last night.  Add the fact that i am still not allowed to sleep in a bed and i did not get to much sleep last night,

I suffered through my punishment last night, 5 clothes pins on each pussy lip for 30 min.  The first 5 min were pretty bad i have to say that, but after that it wasn't that bad until they came off which was total hell.  It took everything i could to keep from screaming.  Plus i did it one at a time because i was to chicken to just yank them all off at once, so the removal sucked.  BUt the period between 5 min in and taking them off wass not that bad and in fact i was even playing with myself part of the time.

Well, as You also must have read i am not allowed to cum without permission.  Well yesterday my Mistress gave me permission to cum provided that i did it outside on my balcony.  i have to say that i am unbelievably horny and need to cum but out in the balcony in 20 degree weather is just to crazy for even me.

Thank you for reading my journal.


2/17/2010 4:19:51 PM
Hello Everyone.

Tonight i believe i had a nervous breakdown.  Mistress ordered me to fuck myself pressed up against the window and my 40 something year old neighbor saw me.  i am so horrified.  The craziest thing about it is that Mistress Sarahlynn's response was good!  I was horrified and her response was good and the craziest thing about it is that it made me want her even more.


2/17/2010 2:36:33 PM

Hello CM,

Mistress Sarahlynn wanted me to tell all of CM how horny I am and how I am not allowed to cum until I make her cum. I have been thinking of the punishment Mistress has decided for me and it is making me so hot. I am sure when I have 405 clothespins on each of my pussylips for 30 min I will be in to much pain to think it is hot, but now I am just crazy horny.  I wish I knew something about baseball I would just think about that.

Thank You for reading my journal


2/17/2010 9:27:38 AM

Hello everyone,


As punishment for cumming when I should not have Mistress has ordered me to put on clothes pins on my cunt lips for 30 min before bed. Never had clothespins on my lips before, I am a bit scared, but I am glad that in addition to being disappointed with me, She was happy that I am moving forward with her order to have Karen pee on me.

 I have such a wonderful Mistress!!!!!


2/17/2010 6:54:12 AM
Hello Everyone,

Well as You may have read from previous postings, Mistress Sarahlynn has ordered that i have sex with Karen.  However, i am not allowed to cum while we have sex.  It is to teach me to give pleasure but not expect it. 

However, i have a confession to make and Mistress Sarahlynn is going to be angry and disappointed which just makes me feel like crap.  Well i was ordered to ask Karen to pee on me.  Humiliating request to make to a vanilla Women.  So I decided to take it slow and last week i knelt in front of her when she was peeing and offered to lick her clean.  She thought i was just kidding and pushed me away. 

Well i tried it again last night.  i knelt in front of her before she started to pee and gently parted her legs.  She was all embarrassed, but i persisted and she started to pee.  As she was peeing i bent down and kissed her above her pussy.  i could tell she was getting a bit hot so i stopped her when she went for the toilet paper and said i wanted to do that for her. i gently pulled her up so that she was standing and i was kneeling in front of her and started licking.  This was one of the hottest i have ever seen her.  And i was so excited at both the fact that i was licking her pee like a the pee licking whore that i am, but more turned on that i was throwing caution to the wind and doing what Mistress Sarahlynn told me to.  She wanted Karen to pee on me and that would happen soon. 

Well we ended up on the floor in a 69 position with me on my back and her on top.  Well she finally just puts all her weight on my face and starts grinding while licking me at the same time.  It was too much and i cam. 

About 30 seconds later i just felt so bad, because i went from knowing that Mistress Sarahlynn would be pleased with me for getting closer to being peed on to being mad at me for cumming without permission. 

i am sorry Mistress, Your little cuntwhore begs for forgiveness.  i could not help it, and would never disobay You on purpose.  it Just happened.


2/16/2010 2:59:53 PM
To those writing My cuntwhore with compliments etc....thanks you.

Others that write to get her to chat with have no chance.

I have this lil cuntwhore fully now....she wants/needs/desires NOTHING else and never will.

2/16/2010 1:19:23 PM

I realize my true place in life is to be  Your worthless slut and need Your ownership more than life.   I am no longer  cindy anymore, I am cuntwhore and live to please You in any way You  desire.

Yours truly


2/16/2010 12:20:38 PM

Hello Everyone,


As You have read from below, Mistress Sarahlynn does not allow me to wear panties or a bra anymore. Today I thought about wearing a skirt, but chickened out. It was a longer skirt, but for me long doesn’t even cover my knees. So I wore black pants, tan top and a black sweater. Can’t see my nips unless I take off my sweater and I guarantee that will not happen. Feel like such a whore going commando, but i am Mistress's whore so i guess that works out. 

2/16/2010 6:54:01 AM
Hello Everyone,

Mistress took away my bed sleeping privileges and ordered me to sleep on the floor in order for me to learn to be more submissive.  All i have to say is ouch!!!  i used to sleep on the floor all the time when i was a kid and always considered it an adventure.  But now my shoulder and hip are sore  from sleeping on my side.  i was so tempted to just say fuck it and jump into bed, but i didn't and now that it is morning i am so glad that i didn't jump into bed.  It is strange but my soreness is like a constant reminder that i am Mistress Sarahlynn's little cunt whore slave.  :) 

P.S. i hope she lets me sleep in my bed again soon.

2/15/2010 5:15:54 PM

Hello everyone,

My wonderful Mistress Sarahlynn has ordered me start keeping a journal so that the world can hear about the things  she has me do, how much of a whore she is making me become and the humiliations I must endure to please her.  

Mistress Mistress Sarahlynn  has decided that I will not be wearing panties except during my periods and that I can only  wear a bra with permission. This is going to be a challenge because I am a skirt girl, but oh well a slave has to do what she is told doesn’t she? I have tried a few different things on but my nipples seem to show through all of them. I hope it is only my imagination!  

I am now serving my Mistress from about a 1000 miles away until I finish school and move down to be her 24/7 slave. I have a local girlfriend that is allowing me to have so she can further my training. She wants me to have sex with her  without cumming so I can learn to give pleasure and not expect any in return. Which i guess is a good thing for a slave to have experienced.  No offense guys, but having sex with a guy and not cumming is easy. It will be a chore to do it with a women. 

Well thank You for reading my journal.

8/17/2009 8:01:44 PM
I am missing my lovely Mistress...:(

8/11/2009 8:36:20 AM
I am hooked for life to Ms SL. She has taken me deeper than any other person ever has. I am and always will be Her possesion.

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