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DommeOwner looking for a submissive with slave tendencies for complete ownership...he embraces what he is and what he will become with the right owner and as such he doesnt need to hide behind a veil of no choice or force...for that would suggest he would rather be someplace other than at his owners feet. A slave makes a choice to serve. Period.

This is a lifestyle for me and not something that I dabble infrom time to time as the fancy strikes. You will be trained as a well-rounded service slave and youshould enjoy protocol. I require someone who is looking for an ongoing relationship with 247 live-in being the goal.My job takes me to various locations nationwide for weeks, months or years at a time but always returning to my home in Denver, CO on most weekends, therefore you will have the ability to work remotely so that you can travel with me.If we arecompatible, I may start initial training online, but, it is a means to an end and I require real time service. Above all, please be real and know for certain that your hearts desire is to be completely owned.

I am married and my husband is my submissive he is aware of and supportive of my owning a slave. We are not jealous of each other and you should know your place in the hierarchy. If you are not prepared to accept this fact, please do not contact me.


*Have experience or have explored the lifestyle enough to know that this is a part of who you are, not a whim that you give into on occasion* Are looking for an ongoing relationship leading to 247 live-in service and have the ability to travel as I do*Have the ability to work remotely or willing to secure a new job as our location changes* Are not jealous and know your place* Are between the ages of 35 - 55 (for real)

If you meet ALL of the above requirementssend an email of introduction, along with a recent photo and I will contact you as my schedule allows. If you are not serious about the lifestyle and your place in it, please do not waste my time or yours.

I no longer travel and work remotely from home. I am seeking a live in slave who can work from home or is willing to seek new opportunities 

I should also mention since this site is incapable of making age changes to profiles without disabling them for weeks... I am 56 at the time of this entry

Not looking for a sissy... just not my thing, sorry.

If you do not currently live in the US, or are in a relationship of any kind where your partner is unaware of what you are, please do not waste my time!!!