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Pan Female Submissive, 38,  Chicago, Illinois
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I'm mostly here to update my journal. Make friends. Meet excellent lovers ;) In the real world: I'm single, cute and sweet. I'm smart but not a "numbers" person. I love cooking, concerts and listening to records. I have "Greetings from Asbury Park" on my turntable now (from the other night). You will likely always find me in a dress and heels. No panties of course, panty lines are a "no-no!" - and a hindrance. I work, I love my family. Last good book I read was "A Knight of the 7 Kingdoms" which is a prequal to "Game of Thrones". Not usually my thing, but typical of HBO to make it fantasic! In the kink world: I'm bi, very sexual, passionate and submissive. The men I date, I treat like kings. Misogynistic men kinda turn me on. Not always a good thing! I'm into many kinks as there isn't much I don't like. Except the paddle - I hate the paddle! Not into extremes like hooks & blood but can be into extremes like getting slapped around, spit on, hit, tied and choked. Light extremes, I guess, lol. I love anal, atm and facials/swallowing. I'm addicted to porn and edge constantly. I should work on getting that under control! I'd LOVE to find a female Partner In Crime (just putting it out there). You girls know how much guys love their pussy in pairs! Like most sexual prowesses, I enjoy confident men, sexy ladies, swinger clubs, nude camping & strip joints. I've been fortunate and have had mostly great experiences......which makes me want more.
I will updating my journal now that I repaired my laptop. A lot of these experiences are from within the last few years. ALL stories are true as I do not need to fabricate the shameful acts of this slutty kitten! Names have been changed to protect the naughty! Purrrr










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Journal Entries:
11/5/2016 6:45:21 AM

I saw my daddy the other night.   I sent a text during the day to tell him I missed him and asked when I can see him again.   He said "tonight or sometime next week".   I couldn't wait a whole week to see him again, so I packed up my stuff at work and headed out to daddy's.

He lives far from work, it's 2 long train rides.  I text him updates because he picks me up from the train station near his house.   I was so horny, the vibrations from the train actually felt good on my cunt.  I watched porn on my phone on the way there and did my bright red lipstick how daddy likes.

Daddy picked me up from the train like he always does.  Looked me over real good and we kissed.   Took that short 5 min. ride to his house.  I'm wet cause I know it's been a while since I've seen him and I know what's in store.  Actually, I never know what daddy has in store.   Everything depends on his mood.

We get to his place, park and take the elevator up to his floor.  I can already see his hard on, which makes me wet knowing he wants to fuck my holes.   We step onto the balcony for our traditional “pre-session” cigarette.  He has a seat and I sit across from him on the patio chair.  I always sit with my legs open and close enough for him to rest his foot firmly against my cunt.   We converse, like everything is normal, catch up on work – politics.  Periodically, mid conversation, he’ll give me a good kick to the cunt when I’m not expecting it.   I can only smile at the special treatment.  Daddy smiles back.

We go inside and he closes the curtain.  I ask him to unzip the back of my dress so I can show him my tits.  We stood there kissing, daddy pinching my nipples, slapping my tits.  I whisper to him that I want to lick his ass.   Daddy sits on the couch and pulls his legs back so I can have access to his ass hole.   I was so excited!   I rimmed daddy soft and deep.   I would go from fucking his ass with my tongue aggressively to softly sucking his hole to making it out with it.   I sucked his cock for a little bit after the rim job but he  pulled me away by my hair….that means I was getting close to making him cum.  

He sits up normal and tells me to take his socks off.   I did and as soon as I was done, he says “turn around”.   At first I thought he was going to inspect my ass, or finger it or something….I looked down and saw his bare foot.   Guess that meant I was supposed to mount it.   So I did, reverse cowgirl on daddys foot.  I bounced on it then I leaned forward so I was more in a doggy position and he foot fucked me that way.   After I came a couple times, I turned around and started licking daddys foot.  I tried to do a good job, getting between his toes.  I was making eye contact with daddy while he was sticking his foot in his mouth – I had 4 toes in there, it was hard to get the pinky toe in, but I kept working my mouth til all 5 toes where in my mouth.   I could only imagine how silly and distorted my face looked.

After that, daddy lifted me by my and said “That’s it, lets go”.

“Where are we going daddy? As he pulled me by my hair down the hall.   “Where am I taking you?”  He stopped, banged my head off the wall a couple times and said “wherever the fuck I feel like taking you.”

We went into the bedroom and daddy bent me over the edge, I knew he was going for my ass!  We stopped using lube a while ago – I try to spit on my hand a little and rub that on my hole and pray for the best.   It took daddy a minute but he finally worked his cock in my ass and fucked it good.  He stopped after a few minutes and laid on the bed.   Daddy knows how much I love getting on top and riding him, we always have to make time for that!   We both love it.   I can finally have daddy in my cunt (he prefers ass) and I feel sexy dangling and rubbing my tits in his face.   Daddy loves it cause he uses that opportunity to chew on my tits.  Usually the nipples but daddy will bite and leave hickies wherever he wants.  Even though it hurts when he’s hard on my tits, it’s important I endure it with a smile and keep the same position that daddy put me in.   This time, I sat upright on his cock for a while with my hands behind my back so daddy could slap my tits.   He did it so hard!   Slapped my face too with that sick smile on his face. 

I leaned forward again so daddy could have “at-it” with my tits.  I whisper to daddy “Daddy, can you hit me?”   “What’s that baby? – You want me to….”  BAM!  Daddy’s fist hits my ribs on the left.   I stiffen up and squeeze on daddy so tight!  I feel my cunt cumming, daddy could feel it too.  He punched me a few more times on both sides of my ribs.   It’s been a while since daddy has beat me with fists.  I’ve been feeling sad and mad lately, I needed to be beaten a little so I can remember my place and that I was basically made for men’s pleasure.  I need to stop worrying about my own feelings and serve.

After we did that, daddy said it was time for our new favorite.   Reverse cowgirl on his cock with no lube.  I cheat with that little bit of spit I rub on my hole but OH MY GOD.   I don’t know how we do it, well daddy just lays there but I basically turn around and lower myself onto daddys cock.   Straight up into my ass hole.   I take it all the way down to the base and moan so deeply.   It hurts so badly.   I start to move on it, up and down, side to side getting that full feeling I love so much.   Daddy says “Jerk me off with your ass.”   So I did the best I could, bouncing on it, going balls deep straight into my ass til daddy was finally coming.   I stayed on it to make sure daddy spurted out all the love he had for me.

When I jumped off, I saw a lovely pearl of cum on the tip, I went for it soo quickly.   I couldn’t resist that ass and cum covered cock.   Sucked it clean and crawled up to daddys chest so I can cuddle with him and he can relax.   I give him sweet little peck kisses on his neck and chest.   So thankful for his time and affection.

That was Thursday.   It’s Saturday and I can still feel daddy on my body.   Felt amazing though.  I wouldn’t change a thing.


10/30/2016 8:49:17 PM
Go Cubs Go
Go Cubs Go
Hey Chicago, what do you say?
The Cubs are gonna win TODAY!

10/29/2016 9:49:08 PM
I love sending my daddy porn vids.   I send him links to my tumblr porn of things that either remind me of him, or sometimes it's just of crazy sexy stuff that turns me on - some I just want him to see.

I like to send them at night, so they are waiting for him in the morning.   Hopefully they give him a real nice hard on.   Then he follows up with some nasty texts to me - which I wanted obviously.   It's great foreplay leading up to when I see him again.

10/24/2016 3:32:03 PM
'Cause when the loving starts, and the lights go down,
And there's not another living soul around,
Then you woo me until the sun comes up,
And you say that you love me.

So perfectly written.   

7/4/2016 1:25:07 PM
Just got home from naked camping.   Its fun.   No naughty acts (on my behalf) to report.   Saw a couple semi naughty things but for the most part it was tame and not so crowded, which the "camper" in me enjoys.   Brought the dog this time too.

What I like most about going naked camping is how laid back the environment is.   It's cool that places like that still exist.   At night there is a "dance", the women dress up, people drink and act like silly.   And actually, people drink all day sometimes, so come the night time - they are ripped!    Women dancing with tits out.   Guys copping feels everywhere.
On some women, not all.

Anyway, I'm curious if anyone else here ever goes to Sun Aura - let me know.   :)


7/2/2016 6:52:11 PM
Anyone at sun aura this weekend?

6/25/2016 1:17:09 PM
Any one on the Northside of Chicago???? I work hard all week and I need to get out and have some fun!

6/9/2016 4:38:20 PM
Grrr. On a long train ride and forgot my book. Idiota!

6/5/2016 5:08:16 PM
I love men when call me Angel.     

Furthest from.    But I like the idea of it.

6/5/2016 5:04:05 PM
I'm kinda seeking some guidance.......not of the dom kind this time, lol.
I'm actively seeking someone who lives near Logan Square and works out at either an LA Fitness or Planet.

Knowing myself as I do.   I know what I want.   I need someone with some gym experience and give me pointers.   Ideally we can work out together.   I need motivation and some cock at the end would be great.   Probably bj's.

IDK, maybe this is a crazy task but I need the structure.   I'm submissive and handle honesty pretty well.   My eagerness to please should work with me!!

Thanks - Ask any questions you like :)

4/25/2016 7:33:56 PM
So I don't get whatever channel the Hawks are on. So even though im in leggings and a bright orange tshirt (gym clothes), I decided to run to my local bar to catch the last of the game. $2 PBR and $3 Jameson's........SWEEET!

2/28/2016 2:07:07 PM
Going to see Bruce on Thursday in Milwaukee.   Wont be my first Springsteen show but it has been a while.  It should be awesome.  My friend even arranged a 3some for after the show!   Good times :)   Most looking forward to the concert to be honest.

2/27/2016 8:02:22 PM
Funny that I met my special daddy years ago on the 4th of July - as he frequently makes me see stars.

Our relationship scares me sometimes.   I wonder how will it continue to evolve.   It's my most taboo of all relationships as it has many naughty aspects.   I blush when I think about it.  In a sick way I blush because I'm proud of all the nasty things I've done.   To be that honest and pure with front of someone.   Actually, he encourages it and pulls it out of me.   Almost like its calculated but its not.   We just naturally fall into our roles.

I shouldn't be proud that the last time I saw him and we were fucking I came from humping his leg (not the first time).   I went to go switch positions to suck his dick and my cunt was near his leg, knee area so I kinda just mounted his leg while I sucked his dick and gyrated on him til I came.   Daddy said nasty things to me that just made me more wet.   I barked but I should have howled. 


2/15/2016 7:38:44 PM
I know I've wrote before that I'm very lucky because I've mostly only had good sexual experiences.   I have yet to do something I DONT like.   
I love being a girl and having my men use me to thier liking.   Pleasing them and making them feel like Gods.   I love worshipping cock.   I love playing a 'part'.   Going all out to make my daddy hard.   The harder I make him ahead of time, the harder I'm going to get it!   
One of my most special daddy's has been been around for a few years now.   We met here.  And to be honest, before we started talking & met, I remember him scaring me a little with his thoughts and what he said.   One day, after a long period of time, we started talking. The first time we met was summer.  He came to my apt.for a bj.   At this point, we had been talking a little so he AND I had an idea of the level of kink we wanted.  First meet, was a nice rough bj.   I should ask him, I'm sure he'll remember.  He has a great memory!   It was so long ago, I dont remember much.   Need-less-to-say, I kept (keep) seeing him so I have soo many awesome stories of use that likely, I will never share!   Too taboo sometimes.   Daddy knew I was broken.  He used his cum as glue to put me back together!  He's seen me in true whore form.   Depraved.  Dirty.   Doing things that I masturbate to.  
Hotter than porn!
Daddy and I have a ritual.   It started off innocent enough and not it's just part of something we do.   So basically all we do is have a "cigarette before sex".  Like I mentioned, we met in summer.    Daddy's place was above house with an old man it.   He had a back porch with a table and some patio chairs.   We'd always go outside to smoke.   Daddy would pull up 2 chairs for us.   He'd sit in one and I'd sit across from him.  Everyone knows how much I love wearing dresses and sometimes I was asked to look a certain way).  Anyway, he'd light my smoke and I'd sit back and display my cunt for daddy.   He always smiles and then puts his foot on it.    This has evolved and varied so much - mostly to accommodate the weather.   He's done things like rub his dirty shoe on my cunt.   He's kicked it barefoot and made me lick it clean.   Couple times I sat on the floor, legs spread and let daddy fuck me with his foot.   It was sunny and nice so we took our time.   Oh - Daddy's place faced a busy street off Harlem and Belmont, it was 1 block in, but we were the only patio up high.  Neither of us cared.   I wanted people to see me.
The whole time, we're just having a cigarette, slowly.   He's usually telling me what a stupid whore I am.  Telling me that I deserve what I get.   I always smile back because he's right and I know he's going to set me straight. 
Sometimes, especially when he wears shoes, he makes my pelvic bone sore.   Just from him grinding his shoe into me, giving it a kick when I'm least expecting!   Oh well.  That's what happens to girls like me.

2/14/2016 6:22:44 PM
Valentines Day is weird.   My guy friend and I hadn't had a 3some (or swapped partners) in almost 2 months!   People get busy with the holidays and it's just cold/miserable.  But for some reason, last night, people were OUT.  We had a newbie couple over at 10 (they sucked) and a fun couple over at midnight.   

Couple#1 were these fwb.   It didn't work out on my end cause I'm not into indian guys (sorry).   She was asian but definitely misrepresented herself by her pics.   My guy and I kinda got that one over with quickly and got them out the door.
We both knew couple#2 would be better.

Couple#2 was this young couple.   She had experience.   Bi.  Fake jugs.  She was younger and thinner than me.   Of course, I was jealous, however, especially when it comes to sex, I have a very 'chill confidence'.  He was about 8 years younger than me, but totally my type.  Normal, american white guy!  I think he said orig.from TN.  (no accent).   It was their first time playing as a couple but I knew he would be in good hands with me.

As usual, I initiate!  We let them in, get them some drink and we're all sitting on the couch making chit-chat.   That process can last forward if you let it!   So I offer for the girl and I to switch spots so we can sit next to our "new" guy.   Then I suggested we should take our clothes off.   

I was slightly intimidated by her.   She had a couple tats but for the most part she looked "tight".   Trying to NOT think about how much my guy is going to enjoy her!  Anyway, I lean in and her I start kissing.   I give the ol "lip tug" that people like and she ate it up.  She pulls back and tells me I'm a really good kisser.   We kiss a bit.   I played with her fake milky white tits.  Sucked her nipples a little too hard, lol.  In the meantime, the men were touching and exploring our holes and touching our soft smooth skin.   
He asked her if she wanted to go in the other room, obviously she accepted and off they went!
He was mine!  Especially because couple # 1 was so horrible, I was so grateful to have someone yummy. I was so horny and I looked very sexy!   I did the big sexy do' and black short skirt, black high heels.  

He was eager.  This was his first time swapping but he knew what he was doing.  I wanted me, he nearly devoured me the minute they left the  room!   He offered to go down on me, I declined but pulled him close and started kissing him.   He fed off my passion.  When I sucked that dick, he said "you know you love it, you dirty girl". 
I kept a lot of eye contact which he LOVED.  He kept saying "I know your a dirty girl, I can tell by that look in your eye".   He offered to lick my ass hole.   I declined.   Gave a him a nice deep throat job instead.   He wasn't very big which might have been his only flaw.  But he used it enthusiastically.  He finally finished all over my tits, very nice and evenly distributed on both tits. 

For a change my guy and his girl finished first so they were just waiting for us to finish.  They got dressed, we all hugged and they left.    I'm sure he thinks swinging is awesome!   Oh, this was also the first time he saw her with another girl.  

I showered and then I came out to chat with my guy.   We discussed the highlights, compared the two couples, you know, usual banter!  I fell asleep watching tv.   I was woken up by a gentle nudge suggesting I go to bed......BUT wanted some oral first!   Oh no!   After cumming 2x with 2different women, I knew it was going to take forever!   Anyway, I got him nice and hard, sucked him the way I know my babe likes it.   About 20 min. later he unloaded in mouth.   I swallowed deep the way I know he likes it.   
I left the room to get a towel so I can clean him up, when I came back, he said out of all 3 nuts, that last one was the best.  That made me feel good!

I'd call it a pretty successful Valentine's Day.   I may not be the hottest girl but I most definitely a sexy fuck!   My desire and respect for cock show through, men and women feed off the energy.  I always walk away feeling so sexually empowered.  Need-less-to-say, we both slept in!

2/9/2016 7:29:20 PM
So a few years ago, after my 2 long term relationships ended I decided stay single for a while.  I kinda 'dated' married men exclusively.   Usually, married men are more mature, responsible, safe and easy.  They had a need, I filled it.  I felt sexy and empowered.
One of my "friends" was in law enforcement.  He was married so there was a lot of sneaking around.
Man!   I never had so much sex outside!    Our first meet he fucked me in the rain on the hood of my car.   A grassy knoll (at night).  Several parking lots.  Under a stairwell.   The alley bent over next to a trash can.  It was fun.   I know a lot of people want to try that.....they should!   Its so easy.
One thing he taught me is that all you really need is a shadow.   A dark spot.   Even if it is out in the open.   Even if someone can see you, #1) Most people just get embarrassed and ignore it. or #2) EVEN if they call the authorities, by the time anyone gets there, you are done!    Load swallowed!
Yet another reason I love dresses!

So that friend and I had a hiatus.   We left as friends, no hard feelings.   Anyway, he reached out to let me know he was coming into town for a night.   I knew I had to make it fun for us.
He came over early, we cuddled and had sex in my bed.   It was nice and comforting and welcome!  I missed his cock so much.   It isn't huge but it's his.   I missed it.   I missed him.   I sucked the shit out of his cock.  The scent was intoxicating.  I worshipped it.   It was fun.
So that night, I took him to a swinger club.   I wore a black corset, black skirt & black boots.  I wanted him to enjoy me and the full experience.  We got there, found a spot to plant down our things.   Had a drink and just people watched.   Then it was the amateur stripper contest.   Fun to watch - then around midnight we went "upstairs".   Wow, every bed was full!   The orgy room was packed!   And not just that, they were all hot!   110 lb.women everywhere.   Men were well put together with some very impressive bodies.   It was definitely "hottie night" (my usual partner in crime would be PISSED!)
Eventually, we found a room/cubby with an open bed.   He made me cum with his fingers and then I blew him.   LONG and HARD.   My ass was up in the air (he was laying down) and a few strangers stopped to watch.   2 slapped my ass as they went by.   One gave him a high-five!   lol   
We were there pretty late.   When we got back to my place, I crashed!   He's used to working late so I left him on my couch watching tv while I went to bed.   I slept like a rock.  It was great. 
Next day I ordered his favorite stuffed pizza.   Sent him home drained, well rested and fed!
Fun for all!   Hope he remembers our night for a long time!

2/7/2016 5:18:41 AM
Daddies.   Oh, how I love them so.   From the great advice/conversations - To the most comforting hugs I've ever had.   I love all my daddy's.   So smart and confident with themselves and what they want.   All are different in their own way, with their dirty little kinks!

Probably my oldest daddy is a cpa.  We met over a year ago and aren't able to get together very often.   First date was this amazing dinner and a room.  We played - it was fun.   I'll keep that one to myself, However, our second date, that I'll share.
Daddy is a business owner and has other successful friends.  I guess he had one friend that was interested in this particular thing but daddy invited his friend to our next date.
He was older too.   I loved knowing that he was there to see me.   I was very wet and curious to see how it was going to all play out.
After a couple drinks we went up to out room.   I can't remember what I wore but I;m sure it was at least slightly sexy.
I remember after both were hard, daddys friend was the one who layed down and told me to get on top.   I did, he pulled me forward bending me frontward giving daddy the opportunity to get to my ass.
Daddy took out the toy he bought just for me and while I was fucking his friend he put the anal toy in my ass.  Omg, it was the most amazing sensation.   I got this burst of energy and got reallly into it.  I could feel the anal toy in my ass and push against my pussy walls.   Friend on the bottom could feel the vibrations too, through my pussy.   He shouted over to daddy how great it felt and to keep doing it.   I was so wet, I felt like I lost control of the lower half of my body and was using it functionally to serve these 2 amazing deserving men.  I was so turned on.
It was so long ago, I don't remember "who came where" but it was so hot.   I was so wet - which can be embarassing sometimes how wet and "sloshy" my pussy sounds! 

Since that day, I did meet and play with daddy and a different "friend" but it was not as much fun as that second date with daddy.

It was (is) very empowering having sex with 2 men.   I feel sexy having all the attention on me.   Actually, even when I have 3somes FMF - its very sexy.   Something about catering to cock is a massive turn on for me.    

Mmmmm, I'd love a nice hard cock to worship this morning.   Nothing is harder than morning wood.

2/4/2016 10:19:03 AM
No panties under my red dress today. My freshly shaved pussy feels so smooth, I'm so terribly horny. Ugh!

2/1/2016 8:31:24 AM
Fun! I'm wearing a petticoat under my skirt today at work. And wearing fun stuff underneath makes me feel sexy all day. And my shirt has a pretty ruffle and a plunging neckline. I'm very feminine looking. Kinda makes me want to get 'roughed up' by my man. I'm so terribly horny. Ugh. It's going to be a long day!

1/31/2016 5:06:45 PM
"My nipples really hurt this time" "They should, I was chewing on them"..... He had my tits in his mouth while I was riding him. So the bounce also pulled the titty away from the well clenched jaw. It really hurt and really made me cum a lot. Saw daddy for an extra rough session yesterday. Every thing hurts!

1/27/2016 6:59:51 AM
Just to clarify, I meant client appointments. At my regular 9-5 insurance job. Not an escort. I fuck for free. :)

1/27/2016 6:11:59 AM
Purrr. This kitten feels very sexy in her dress today. Bummer, I don't have any appointments today. Limited audience.

4/23/2015 8:12:49 PM
I'm a jerk for not writing sooner. I need to start getting everything 'on paper' before I forget what fun times I've had getting my holes stretched. So I met my german friend again. He was kind enough to come to il.and meet at a hotel that was convenient for both of us. Like before I had specific instructions. I was to park near his car, in the passenger seat was a bag I was to take into the women's bathroom. There was a slutty outfit he bought just for me! I got a super short black pleated school girl style skirt. It has a couple sassy buckles on it. Super cute. I also got this white shredded half shirt. You could totally see my nipples through it. I put the outfit on, zipped up my black knee boots. Adjusted my make up. I realized there was something else in the bag. It was the shock collar I used before. I was so excited and scared. It's been a long time since I had my pussy electrocuted! I positioned the shock collar, nestled it against my cunt lips. I was told to leave the bathroom, dressed like the skank I am and leave the side door and enter the adjoining building. I was to walk to the end of the hall and wait there. Face against the wall. Drop my bag next to me. I was nervous people might see me. Think I was a hooker, lol. So there I was, nose to the wall. A heard someone walk near me. He very aggressively threw this black hood over my head. He adjusted it slightly to fit the mouth hole correctly over my mouth. He told me I looked great. Like a good little slut. He told me to relax my arms as he grabbed my and kinda yanked my arms behind me. He tied some sort of leather type strap around my biceps behind me. He then strapped my wrists together too. Then he had a bar connecting the straps together. He grabbed the bar and lead me down the hall. He told me to keep my head down and my mouth shut. He opens the door to the room. I can hear him put some things away. He pushed me to my knees and shoved his hard cock through the hole of the hood. He fucked my face for a little while, I could feel the drool pour out from this hole, arms were bound, there was nothing I could do but suck. I tried to suck so well, hoping maybe he will come from oral and my ass hole will be spared. He caught on at laughed at me. Then I guess he wanted me to entertain him so I knelt before him while he shocked my very wet cunt. Some shocks were nice. Others hurt. A lot. Doesn't matter, I couldn't do anything about it anyway. I was his fucktoy. He said I would be. After he was done shocking me, he dragged me into a room, he threw me on the bed, hood still on, arms still bound. I didn't have time to adjust or get comfortable before he smeared some lube on my ass and shoved his cock in. No pussy. No warm up. He was so hard and big. The type of cock that is wider at the base. I struggled for a little while, trying to find a more pleasurable poistion, then I realized my efforts were futile. He wasn't letting up. He was raping my relentlessly. Some sounds I made, I'm sure were not 'sexy'. I groaned as I surrendered my ass and just gave in. He was still, pounding away mercilessly. He finally finished in my ass of course. I was exhausted from the struggle then surrender. He whispered to not move my arms. He undid the contraption I was in and omg, I could feel how much they hurt. I laid there lax like he instructed while he showered my filth off of him. He had to go home to his family afterall, he can't have the smell of skank on him. I was still laying there, hood on. I couldn't really see. I couldn't take off the hood til he left. So after his shower, he said he left me some good lube on the counter and to enjoy the room. He was leaving. After I heard the door close I lifted my weak arms to take the hood off. He used crisco as lube......and yes it worked great! The room was great. Living area, full kitchen, separate bedroom. I actually put more crisco on my ass put my plug in. I basked in my sexual afterglow. I felt so naughty. So good. So fulfilled. If I had any more energy I may have trolled on CL for more dick, but alas I was defeated. He won. I passed out and slept like a well fed baby. My drive into work the next day was very positive and optimistic! I love sex hangovers! My ass hole sore from so much use! Perfect. Of course, my friend was kind enough to let me keep the hood. And the slutty outfit. Lastly, I want to mention that he confessed the next day that no one has ever taken his entire dick in their ass before. He said most women didn't allow it since it's huge and wide. He fucked my ass hard and deep. I was his first time burying it fully in someone's ass. I'm honored for that. I'm glad I did the right thing and let him use me the way HE really wanted to. It was amazing and my ass hurt for days.

1/2/2015 8:46:24 AM
Happy new year everyone. I know most people think I had some crazy plans. Lord knows if I looked for trouble, I could have easily made some but idk. I stayed home and caught up on some sons of anarchy. I'm on season5, great show. I texted those I loved and called it a night. It's amateur night. ......I don't have the patience to deal with obnoxious 20 y.o. girls. Besides, I kinda live the rock n roll lifestyle everyday. I don't need a reason to get wild. Lol. Or maybe I'm just OK with being super lame. But I doubt it. Also, it's Fishnet Friday! I'm wearing a leoparddressy tank top. Black skirt, my black fishnets with polka dots. My black knee boots, that have a corset style lace up detail on the side. And unfortunately a black jacket over my tank since I'm at work. But other wise, I'm cute. Which makes me feel good. Like most people this time of year, I want to make some changes, iimprovements. I plan on more anal. I should be able to give it up at all hassles. I need to give the man the option of any hole regardless of his cock size. I'm also hitting the gym on a regular basis instead of my 'when I feel like it' schedule. I could definitely use some direction as far as what's a good regimen for me. A spotter maybe. I'd really like piano or guitar lessons too. I miss playing an instrument. I could imagine practicing with a plug in my ass. That reminds me, I brought my plug to work so I can work on my anal training. I have to run to my car to grab it. It will be nice and cold when I slide it in. Mmmmm. It is such a satisfying feeling to wear my plug at my desk.

12/29/2014 11:43:26 AM
So about 4 years ago (more or less) I was living in WI, living vanilla bf that I pretty much cheated on the whole time. Can't help I have a hhyperactive sex drive. Anyway, I met this guy. Online. Here I think. We texted/emailed for a little bit and set up our first meeting. He was an experienced dom/master. He had very specific directions which was fun, nerve-wrecking and very hot. I feel stupid for not writing this down sooner, because I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of details. We met at a hotel near an airport a big Marriott type place, which makes me feel better that I was seen in public like that. I remember changing in the car into something slutty. He left a bag for me in his car which was unlocked I was instructed to park next to it. There were handcuffs that I was to put on while I was in the elevator on the way up to the room. I was Instructed to kneel before the door of the room, with my head down and wait for him. So there I was kneeling in a hallway with my head down. Someone came down the hallway and walked past me and I did not look up mostly because I was embarrassed, this person walked down the hall and came back. It was him. He stood behind me and unlocked hotel room door and Let me in. I remember I was so nervous, but I wanted be a good girl. He blindfolded me, and had my hands cuffed behind me, and basically he put a shock collar On my pussy. It had a dial that controlled the strength of the shock, and he took turns using them on me. Sometimes it hurts a lot and it took a minute to get used to it, I liked it. Remember wanting to go out and buy one. I don't know why I forgot to. He was done electrocuting my cunt, I gave him a good throat job and when he was all done with me he dragged me into the bathroom and handcuffed me to the sink. well I was chained to the sink he went into the other room and got dressed. I could hear him getting his bag together, getting dressed, putting his coat on. I was getting nervous, I did not know what was going to happen.Was he going to leave me there? I was starting to panic because I could hear him getting ready to leave. He opens the hotel room door to step out looks back at me, which is the first time I saw his face, he Tosses me the hand cuff keys and smiles. I was able to Unlock myself take a shower and get ready to go back home to my vanilla boring boyfriend. That was a lot of fun. I only saw him once. I have moved back to IL and thought I'd never hear from him again. Well, I was wrong. He reached out to me and we set up another play date. I'm excited. It's been a long time and I remember him having a nice big cock. Let's hope I can take it all the way down!

12/29/2014 10:48:17 AM
McCaskeys cleaned house. Nice.

12/29/2014 9:15:01 AM
I hate this time of year. I can't help but miss my old (and only) official master. We had such a good thing going. I loved him despite the millions of times be broke my heart. Our friendship still exists though it's hard to communicate. That's why married guys suck. I've had many as it was my way to 'date' without dating. It filled a need. Problem is when you develop a friendship and you want to move forward but you can't. And you won't. Then I have to settle for blow jobs and see IN a car.... or in dark alleys holding onto a garbage can for support while I get fucked from behind. Or sometimes it was just in a dark shadow somewhere. It was frequently bittersweet. I loved pleasing him and being a nice compliant low maintenance gumar. It sucks because that's all I got. Perhaps it's what I deserve. Sucks. Still miss him but I'm thankful for all the lessons learned and the hot back alley sex.

12/24/2014 9:00:26 AM
I like the direction porn has gone in. I think it is good that girls see what men expect of them and what is normal. I got my asshole fucked at 16 and I am thankful I did. It made me a better slut.

12/23/2014 10:45:33 AM
So as I walked into work today the new girl says to me "that's my favorite outfit of yours". Since the weather was going to be nice today and the Sun is actually going to come out I wanted to wear a skirt with bare legs so my skin can feel the Sun. I'm wearing a black top but the sister is the cute part it's a black and white printed skirt with the big sash that wraps around my body and then ends in the front in a big bow. I feel like a present. it is very cute. I'm wearing it with black high heels.

12/23/2014 10:45:27 AM
So as I walked into work today the new girl says to me "that's my favorite outfit of yours". Since the weather was going to be nice today and the Sun is actually going to come out I wanted to wear a skirt with bare legs so my skin can feel the Sun. I'm wearing a black top but the sister is the cute part it's a black and white printed skirt with the big sash that wraps around my body and then ends in the front in a big bow. I feel like a present. it is very cute. I'm wearing it with black high heels.

12/22/2014 9:03:03 AM
I feel so sexy today. It's gloomy out and I always feel better when I look cute. So I'm wearing my black high heel boots. Black fish-nets. A black pencil skirt. A pastel pink fuzzy shag sweater. And I let my hair naturally curly today. I look (and feel) soft. So the new girl has a crush on me and I knew when I was getting dressed that she would have something to say. She already made the rookie mistake of getting tipsy at one of our carriers Christmas party. She told me how much she likes working with me. That I'm so cute and 'put together'. Then she told me that she had a gf ffor a long time before. She told me she eats pussy really well. That is after knowing me a week.! So this morning she tells me, 'you look so soft and pretty, I just want to pet you! '. That's so sweet! Maybe one day she can suck on my tits in the bathroom. Help ease my horniness a little. I also feel sexy because my fish-nets have that back seam. You can't see too much of them due to my tall boots but I like looking like a sexy girl in such an orthodox environment. The men pretend the have high morals. They still look. They still wonder how it looks underneath. Mmmmm. Feel so yummy today! XXX

12/17/2014 7:34:15 PM
It's normal again. Thank you guys!

12/17/2014 2:42:25 PM
Grrr. I switched to view full mode while on my phone and I don't know how to switch it back. Does anyone know? Full mode on my phone sucks.

12/17/2014 10:42:23 AM
Now I know I MUST BE bummed. I haven't masturbatory in 3 days. I'm typically so horny. Maybe 2-3x a week I go to the bathroom at work and masturbate. Clitoral. No penetration usually , I mean, I am at work.

12/16/2014 1:32:08 AM
Wtf. I want to sleep so badly. I'm tired. I feel like shit emotionally and I just want to sleep so I can not think about him.

12/16/2014 1:25:15 AM
The last swap my ex and I had was a full swap. A Repeat actually. He was a daddy type who was a lot bigger than me. Not that I'm really small but definitely small in his arms. And much smaller than his wife so he really appreciated my body. Anyway, since I have been blue and my bf and I seen to not be emotionally connected. Idk, I kinda took that opportunity to really let him love me. I also haven't 'loved' someone like that in a LONG TIME. It was very sensual. Lots of moaning. Heavy breathing. Making out constantly. Bite his lip twice on purpose In a sequel rage. I wanted to bite harder. It was really great. I left my hair down the whole time which adds to sensuality. I know he really tried which is a turn on. He carassed and rubbed me everywhere! Went down on me a bunch of times. Finger banged me just right! I rolled orgasms a few times. It was fun. I needed it. What he doesn't know is that when we did it 'missionary', I had my arms wrapped around his neck, my head on his shoulder (kinda), I held him so tight and cried. Not a lot. I just miss what it felt like to be made love to like that. He didn't notice, thank god. He would have thought I was a lunatic for sure. Well..... Lol. I fantasized about my 'bf' a lot. I wish he would love me like that. Instead he gave my cock to her in the other room. Swinging is hard! I try to be secure but when 'homebase' isn't right, it's just not fun.

12/16/2014 12:59:35 AM
Ugh. I can't sleep, which is rare. Sucks. Guilty catholics don't like it when people are mad at them. I feel so lost. I've avoided a real bf for so long. I miss it. I miss the normal stuff. Can't seem to find a way back in. I want to cry in a man's arms. I want someone that can be everything. Love me. Hurt me. Hold me. Teach me. Pretty sure my 'bf' of 6 mos.and I are over. Perhaps this is for the better. I always felt so nervous around him that I never felt normal. I was constantly trying for approval. My natural ways annoyed him. First to tell me I wasn't the best lover ever. Lol. I do appreciate his opinion.

6/14/2014 10:28:05 AM
So much fun being a girl.   I'm getting ready for blues fest and wondering what to wear....I have a  nice tan from my vegas vacation.  Hmmmm.
I never had an opportunity to note, and I know he's not on this site but recently someone actually nailed my ass!  Ok, not literally but it was definitely what I needed.  The kind of pounding that is DEEP and CONSISTENT.  He fucked me soo hard and for soo long, I actually was screaming.  At one point I was saying "oh god, oh god please...."   and he said "please do what?"  and I just couldn't talk.  I just laughed, he kept going.   I'm the one who threw in the white flag too, I simply couldn't keep going.  Kinda embarassed about it, lol, that hasnt happened in a long time.   I remember moaning and screaming a lot, he too, very animalistic, it was sexy as fuck!  I screamed 'you're hurting my pussy!" and he kinda stopped, pulled my head back, looked at me and said "do you want me to fuck your ass?"  Omg, so hot, but I couldn't.  He's huge and I wasnt prepared for a huge cock up my ass.   So anyway, he said to 'enjoy it then" - I got pounded some more.  I still can't believe I quit first!    I mean, not only was my kitty sore - but my guts hurt.
I fucking love that.   I want it to hurt the next day.  AND not only that, but he made me WORK for that load during the bj.   My jaw hurt the next day.   It was good.  So good, I didn't have to do any 'maintenance masturbating' for days.  I was actually satisfied.  Guys - don't be afraid, fuck her hard!   I'm seriously thankful.  Thats crazy. 
He was great and let me cuddle.   Went to was nice and I hope he has me again.  
Now I need to figure out what Im wearing today.  Definitly a dress.  hmmmm

6/13/2014 8:16:05 PM

I really like warm weather, this chilly-summer stuff we have going on right now is crap!  Its hard trying to 'dress appropriately'.  Anyway, I wish I knew how to edit a pic of me in my outfit, (darker out the face).  I looked totally adorable.  And sexy.  

Its an orange crotchet mini dress.  Its pretty short and I wore nude wedges with it, bare legs.....tan oiled up skin.  I'm only 5'2 but my legs look great in it.

A 'co-worker' asked me out, lol.  I received compliments all day which is so nice to hear.   I felt and looked very 'fuck-doll' in it.   It's funny how I WANT men to look.  I want them to think of sex when they see me.  When I notice a man 'check me out' on the el, I like to look at them and say "Good Morning! " and smile.  


6/11/2014 6:06:09 PM

I've been working this temporary office gig - there is an older gentleman "cop" there.   He's totally old school.  Smokes, swears, guys are tough and chicks are chicks.  Anyway, EVERYONE knows office etiquette, at least a little!   He calls me babe, he swears. He touches me at least 1x a day.  Lower shoulder, a neck rub.  

Anyway, anyone who knows me knows me I like wearing dresses and being feminine.  All that being said, it's been fun every morning figuring out which dress I'm going to wear, what shoes, how I'll do my hair.....BUT it is an office, so I have to be appropriate.

Today I wore and ivory dress - it looked very nice on my tan skin.

However, yesterday, I felt very sexy.  I wore my red calvin klein dress.   Its a little long, just below the knee.  The top part is fitted and sleeveless.   There's this keyhole right by my cleavage which totally invites you in.  There is stitching that brings my nipples up and center.   Its conservative but hot.  Almost 1950s housewife.

I fantasize about being spun around at the desk, bent over and him, grabbing all my dress fabric and trying to lift it as part of it drapes back over.  Grabbing my hips and pulling my in as he thrust a little more weight than he should, into me.   

I wonder what I should wear tomorrow?


6/11/2014 4:24:12 PM

So I haven't been on in a while.  Guess I'm a bad girl.

I guess I realized I kinda needed to update my journal before I forget all the fun stuff in my life.   I need them for my memoirs. lol.  

Just cause I haven't been on doesn't mean I'm dormant by ANY means.  For a while, I wanted to keep some stuff private.  I was stupid and in love so idk, I guess that was enough.  Nonetheless, I'm me and I cant help the hi-jinx I get myself into.


I'll have to add as a remember.  Asking me to sit and write about 2 years of my slutty-ass behavior would be a daunting task.  Besides, I think it's an easier read when they are written more like short stories.


*Sigh* So fucking ridiculously horny btw.

Its crazy and out of control.  Its all I think about.  My porn addiction is also - out of control!   Tumblr makes it easy for on the go!  ;)

Do other girls watch porn (or try to) on their phones on their way to work in the morning?

And if there are, please contact me  :)  




9/29/2013 3:49:06 PM

I'm bursting at the seams with excitement!   Breaking Bad ends TONIGHT!   How will it end???   I'm pullin for Jesse and a somewhat happy ending.   I know, not gonna happen.

9/5/2013 11:53:05 PM

Yes!  My friend came over.  Yes,he pounded my pussy.  He apparently brusied my lip!  When I woke up this morning and got ready for work I could see the right bottom lip is bruised and swollen.   NICE.   I know exactly when he did it.   It was when we were kissing.   He basically sucked and bit my bottom lip too hard.  It hurt too!  To emphasize my lip even more I wore sheer high shine lip gloss.  Used a nude lip liner.  A couple people at work asked me 'what happened' to my lip.  I blushed and smiled.  My friends knew, especially since I was bragging that I had a date.   In a way, i love bruises.   I love that you can feel and or see the effects from the sex.   I wish I had a more eloquent way to say it but there's something about him, I just love kissing him.   We kiss hard and aggressive and things ALWAYS escolate quickly.  We just wanna tear each others clothes off.  Its a lil intense.  At one point, he just held me super tight and kinda grunted in my ear "calm down'.   Then he'd kiss me slow and I'd calm my breathing down.   Covering my eyes helped too.  It was so fucking sexy.   He'd stick his fingers down my throat and make me gag and then wiped his hand all over my face smearing drool.  I'd beg to kiss him.   Sometimes, he's let me.   Other times, he held me down by my neck, choking me.....which made my cunt so wet.   I don't know why?   Things like that make me feel like maybe I really am just a slut.  He brings it out in me.   Gotta admit, the sex is on fire.   It's hard to recall everything but for example, he did this thing that just makes my cunt cream and he does it so sexy, i love it.   He's on top of me or whenever he's close to my face he'd pull my head back by my hair, tell me to open my mouth and he'd drop a long string of spit into my mouth.   I'd catch on end and suck it in and swallow.   Looking at him of course, so he could see in my eyes how much I love swallowing his spit.   One time after swallowing a string of spit, he covered my face with his hand and just started deep pounding me.  He'd have one hand over my face the other on my head and used it as leverage to fuck me deep.  I moaned, pain sometimes.  I remember when he came, he pulled that rubber off and I put my face near his cock and he just blasted this huge creamy nut on face (and ears apprently) it ran in my hair.  My eyes stung, lol.  Silly Whore.  He also spit on my face when we played rough, which, idk, its so sexy and hot I had to thank him.   Trust me, it's hard to thank someone when they are slamming your insides, I'm not speaking complete sentences, it's hard to think, just wishing he'd slap my tits again.  Ugh, so fun.  I'm tired, think I'm gonna spank it and go to bed. Night.

9/4/2013 6:36:03 AM

Ugh, i was so horny all day today it was hard to concentrate on work!  wtf!  I'm exciting about getting my lil pussy pounded tomorrow.   I need and deserve it!  I kept thinking about it and thinking about coming home to watch porn and spank it!   So sad.   but tomorrow will better.   I had a nice 'wake up call' this morning.   Mmmm, I answered and he could tell I just woke and was in bed.   So he asked what I was wearing.   Told him just a long sleeved t-shirt and panties.  Mmmmm, he talked dirty to me while I rubbed my soft smooth warm kitty.   I'd occasionally dip my finger into pussy and I could hear how wet I was.  I miss having a bf to 'wake up to' and have warm morning sex.   If its a Sat or Sun, and after he's cum, before he gets out of bed I like to ask him to please make me cum one more time.   Usually my pussy is super sensitive after sex anyway, so it doesn't take long, but i ADORE, when he lays next to me, kinda whispers in my ear what a dirty slut I am and jerks me off.   Just rubbing my swollen clit then suddenly finger banging my cunt.  We could both hear how wet I am.   Ugh, I love it.   I could cum over and over like that.   Him maybe biting or twisting my nipples.  Mmmmm, I'm so horny!  lol.   Tomorrow cant get here soon enough.  I actually have a lil 'plan'.  When I'm done on the computer, I'm gonna take a nice long shower.   I'm going to do my hair tonight then put a couple velcro rollers in, they basically give super volume.   I intend on answering the door in my lil nightie, with big, killer bombshell hair.  It will be morning, I'll have the 'come fuck me, it;s the morning' look.  lol.   Even if he doesn;t notice my hair (and he will), I FEEL sexy.   It's funny, sometimes, on the street, I think some guys can pick up on when you're horny.  Its weird.   My sister says it doesn't happen to her but I often have times where men are just extra kind to me and idk, we kinda flirt.  Maybe they can smell when I'm 'in heat', lol.  


8/31/2013 1:39:48 AM

So this is my third attempt to update my journal, I keep getting distracted by porn!   Its so addicting sometimes.   Next thing you know, I have my legs spread and I'm rubbing my clit.   This time, I'm not going to open a second tab and I wont check my messages.   

My new friend came over the other day again.   We had intentions of fucking but, .....I couldn't fuck that week.   I gave him the option to still come over or not - which he did take me up on.  Which was cool, I was excited to see him again but bummed I couldn't fuck.    Shortly after he got here, we kissed.   And we can't just kiss, one 'peck' turns into a lip 'tug or war'.   He's a great kisser and things escalate quickly.  he appears to enjoy the passionate moments too so there is a lot of touching and hair pulling.   One of my personal fav. things to do is  kneel before him and undo his belt, then his pants.....look up at him.   Nuzzle my face next to his warm cock before I start sucking it.   So I started to suck his cock in my typical fashion, a lil ways in we switched positions and I blew him while he was sitting.   He'd pull my head up, kiss and spit into my mouth and lower me back onto his cock.   We switched spots and I sat on the couch and he pushed me back and basically fucked my mouth, I started drooling on my tits when he dragged me to the bed.   He hung my head off the bed and fucked my throat for what felt like at least 20 mins.   It was so hot and messy.   He'd grab a hand full of hair, pull my face close to his and kiss me.   He'd finger my throat til I gagged.....kiss me.....spit on me.   He'd say to me through out the night 'you're so sexy', but to be honest, he made me that sexy too.   It wasn't all me.   I fed off his intense kissing and aggressive nature.   I really REALLY wished I could have fucked him.   He;d grind his cock on me and omg, I could have just died.  I just wanted to feel it deep inside of me.   The kind that hurts my insides.  Mmmm, such a good kisser.   Almost as good as me (but not quite).   So after he blew his  first load all over my face.   Actually i think they all went on my face.   He ended up cumming 3x in a couple hours all from my hot lil mouth.   I mean, I didn't suck his cock the ENTIRE TIME.   I gave a good rub, I'd drag my hair lightly over his skin.  I worshipped his cock, his body, rubbed his head and pulled his hair lightly.   I remember one of the times he came I was rimming him, I had to turn around and present my face so he can shot his load on it.   I was so horny.   I'm still so horny.   Though I love sucking cock and I was felt satisfied, there is nothing better than getting nailed.  Like I said before, I love it when it hurts.  If you're gonna slap me, SLAP ME.  The nice lil 'edge' benefits the both us.   He also kept telling me that the next time (when I CAN have sex) that he was going to fuck the shit out of me.  lol, to be honest, I'm a lil nervous, lol.    What if we go ape shit?  What if it's too rough?  I hope I fufill every expectation.   Ugh, it was so hot.   My throat was WORKED.  It felt a lil raw, maybe from the gagging??   Mmmm, he fucked my titties too.  Typically the guy holds the tits together by the skin and fuck like that - he grabbed each nipple and pulled together hard and used that hold my tits together while he fucked, it was hot.   I put my hands on his ass and pulled him in harder.   So hot.  so so hot.   

If I remember more, I'll add it.  That's what happens when I delay, I just forget!   I spanked to him twice now, which is a compliment to him. (especially cause of all the porn I've been watching). Ok, it's way late and several hours later so I'm going to bed.   After I spank it of course.   I'd pay $ if someone would just jerk me off and leave, lol.



8/28/2013 12:34:10 AM

Anyone follow anything worth sharing on tumblr?  For you some sexy shit I found 'theironbox' and 'watertrophy'.   I think I'm posting that correctly, anyway, I'm new to tumblr but i found some totally cool pics and shit that are WAY spankworthy.  lol

I've been meaning to come on for days but I get so distracted.  I bet this journal entry takes me an hour to 'get down on paper', lol.  So  I met someone, not from here surprisingly.   Someone I've had on my yahoo but we never spoke until recently.  So we spoke online, phone the usual type stuff.   I finally decided to just invite him over.   He initially  was looking for a third for he and his gf.   He showed me her pic and she's way cute.  Totally younger, I think he said she just turned 21.  He's 28.  I'm in my 30's.   Poor thing drove in from the burbs TO the city on a friday afternoon with apprently, a million other people.   It took him almost 2 hours!   I felt so bad.  But anyway, he was cute.  Like, he's a good looking cat.   Almost not my type, but idk, he was very normal and, how would you say it - ambitious?  Nah, I don't know but when we met we both felt pretty comfortable.   There wasn't any awkwardness.   So, after he came in and he was there a bit I kissed him.   A good kiss.  It was great, he played the games that tongues play.  He sucked my bottom lip which I love.  It was fun.  He grabbed my hair and used it to keep me close.   His hair was a lil grown out and it was great for me too to grab it and use it to hold onto and he was on top fucking me.  Of course I'm super wet.   We have only 2 condoms so I reminded him to use them wisely, lol.   So I cant even tell you how many positions he fucked me in.   We didn't do anal but wow, I don't know, it was crazy.  Like, I don't know.  Maybe we were both in that mood for like something 'good' but we basically went at it for 3 hours, lol.   I took a nice facial the first nut.   I remember switching from doggy to my face under his cock so he can nut all over my face.  It was well deserved.  He fucked the shit out of me.  I was seriously disoriented when I first stood up afterwards.   It was passionate, we kissed a lot.  We kissed differently, tender and sweet at times, hard and biting (softly) at other times.  It was hot to look into his eyes as he pounded the shit out of me and I'm moaning like a whore cause it felt so good to get my lil cunt pounded.  To say 'please fuck me'.  I remember at one point laying beneith him,  his face was about 4 inches or so from my face, I looked up at him and asked him to spit into my mouth, then I opened my mouth.   Mmmm, he did it right.   He kinda dropped a nice thick string of spit and I accepted it with my mouth and smiled.  Bam, kissed again.  hard.   lol  It was hot.  Half way through, he showed me this fishnet bodysuit he brought for me, so i put it on and yes, it felt good on everything I touched, lol.   So, we massaged and kissed.  A lot of time went  by, it was nice.  We cuddled and kissed, lol.  My lips had that natural fullness to them from sucking face.  lol  Kissing and getting smacked round lil bit, makes for some nice full slightly swollen lips.   So hot.   So, basically seems like he wants to play more and come back, which is cool.  I had fun.  Time well spent.   He's mellow but jesus christ, that guy fucked me like today was the last day we could fuck, lol.  No joke.   I bragged to the girls at work.  I told them, I was impressed.  

So idk, maybe i'll see dude again, lol.   That cum is good for my skin.

8/21/2013 12:20:04 AM

Ugh. I love my job.  Its nice to like your work, I'm thankful to have that.

So I was fortunate enough to finally see my guy friend that I dont get to see often because he lives so far from me!  But I think he's handsome and idk, I tend to like the 50' something daddy types.  White men living the american dream, lol.  Anyway, the first time I wrote abotu cause it was fun.  He appreciates my cock worshipping style.  We lay diagnal on the king bed.  I get comfortable in between his legs.  I could even rest my head on his inner thigh and just take my time licking his balls, going as far back as I can reach with my tongue.  By the  time I'd switch from one nut to the other, it got 'cool' and my hot mouth made it so sensitive.  It was hot listening to him moan and twitch a lil.  It encourages me to do better.   But it wasn't all ball play, though I did spend quality time there.  I sucked his cock respectfully.  It was fun.

He told me earlier that he had something in store for me, I was curious and nervous, lol.   So on Sunday I actually got my tits tied up for the first time.  SO COOL.  I loved it.  I was nervous but he's done it before so he knew how to.  At first he tried tying them while I stood before him but then he had me bend over so they hung 'udder style'.   He then proceeded to tie them.   When he needed the string held, he told me to open my mouth and I'd hold the rope taught with my teeth.   Oh, I was blindfolded too.   SO yep, he tied both my tits.   It felt interesting, I really wanted to see them.  I was nervous and hoped he liked them too.   SO anyway, he then put nipple clamps on me and joined them in the middle with a string he can tug.   SO after I'm all bound up he moves me towards the door way.  I'm standing there, I hear him doing stuff but idk what.  He ended up putting a 'pulley' in the door jam thing .  The rope that was holding my tits came to 1 roepe int he middle which he put in the pulley and pulled til I was on my tip toes.   I had to be careful not to move to much or it would hurt!   My nipples were SO pinched.  I kept thinking how nice it was going to feel later.   Love it when it hurts later.  So after that he took the blindfold off and i was able to check out how my rack looked.  I loved it.   They felt amazing.   I could have just sat there and played with them.   

He was kind enough to record the only tv show I really watch on cable so after we played a lil, we got comfy so I can watch breaking bad, lol.  T.V. is on the wall, so I'm in bed facing it and he laid his head on my tummy facing the t.v. as well.  He knows from before that I cum a lot.  I cum a LOT from being finger banged.  So basically, that whole hour he played with my pussy.  During the commercials more so hed make me cum by just finger fucking my cunt fast and hard.   After I'd scream and cum, hed kinda pull my torso/pussy to him and just HOLD for a a few seconds.   It was intense but that is a game I can play FOREVER!  Its a lil embarassing but mostly hot but my pussy gets so wet and its so loud.  You can hear me squishing as he's banging away.  SO when he wasn't doing that, he'd just kinda run his fingers around my clit and lips.   I was just stroking his back up and down.   For about 15 minutes or so he actually fells asleep with fingers in my pussy.  Just in there.   He'd snore a lil so I knew he was out and I was just thinking to myself how he actually slept with fingers inside me.   I felt so delicious.  Made me wetter.   When he woke of course, he played.  

I was off the next day so I was able to stay over and sleep in a lil.  Of course, the next morning we had sex again.   Omg, I was so sore and my pussy was swollen and beat up!   So he had me doggie sytle on this bench he has and just pounded on my pooor lil kitty.  It was taking him a while to cum, I was soo sore, it actually hurt to get fucked like that.   Doggie is good for that.   He didn''t cum until he pounded me so hard i  was just bouncing out of control on his cock.   He seriously pounded the shit out of me!  I just laid there for a while.  Couldnt move.  He won that round fair and square!   

Since I was off work, I was mentally relaxed all day.   OH - so I only had this dress to wearf home and it is kinda low cut, you could totally see where the rope was, it looked like hickies kinda.  To be honest, I hope people did notice and wonder.   It was hot and I thank him.   

8/6/2013 1:30:42 AM

I'm so excited!  My package is coming today!!  I ordered some toys (just 2).  Got em from the bdsm gear section on this website.  One is a the 'anal ring toss' - lol - The girl puts a plug in the has like a stick at the end, and the guy gets 3 yellow rings to try and get it around the stick, SO COOL!   I had to have it!  I cant wait.   The other thing is kinda private....actually a lil embarrassed.  This one guy I was talking to made me feel like a 'freak' cause i'm a lil 'advanced'.  I don't consider myself advanced or anything, I actually don't like titles like that, I'm just a lover.  I love the gift of sex.  I've evolved sexually (in life too) and continue to do so.  Just because I've had certain experiences doesn't make me some kind of bdsm expert, lol.  Masters are the people to talk to.

Speaking of, In a way.... the Master/Sub relationship I think is a very strong bond.  The trust, honesty and loyalty that goes into it is much deeper than any 'vanilla' relationship I know of.  That being said, I still miss my mine.  I miss the guidance and the friendship.  

So even though I was forced to start seeing other people, I have to say, I've met some very nice guys (some, not so nice!  ;)  Some boys play nice and some play rough.  lol.

I've been working so much I haven't had much time develop relationships.   IF I'm lucky I've had a couple overnights.  Usually it's a 3-4 hour thing.  Shit, sometimes its over in 10 min.  lol

I love to hear the sound of man get pissed because he came earlier than he wanted to.  "FUCK"!.... followed by a nice flowing load is quite the compliment.   You guys try and hold out but your weakened by my powers!  *insert witch laugh here*, lol

Ugh, I'm soo alll over the board.   I'm trying to relax so I can go to bed but I'm still wired from work.  Thinking about work tomorrow.   I could really use a cock to suck to right now. Distract me from work and give me something yummy to focus on.   That is one thing I miss about living with your bf - The built in dick.  Whenever you want it - it's there!  

I would wait until the later half of my bf's sleep, sneak into the room, kneel on the floor by his side and slide my hands under the blankie and start caressing his balls, stroking his cock slowly.  Then he'd obviously get hard, I'd slide in under the blankets and get between his legs and just suck his warm hard cock.  Sometimes he would cum in my mouth and I would just swallow or sometimes, he'd wake up, throw me down and fuck the shit out of me.   Then he'd usually just cum inside me.  The cuddle before he had to leave for work.   Got to get the spooning in, lol.  

Ok, its late and I'm going into work pretty much when I get up, lol.  But I love it.


7/18/2013 12:27:49 AM

So I watch a lot of porn.  I try not to pay for it but I found this great site where I can buy it temporarily or a 'rent it foever' type thing  and then you just watch from thier site.

I watch a lot of free samples and other than some Max Hardcore that I own, I don't really buy it often.  I bought this flick - it's the 'Bound Gangbang' series.   This one is 'Bound Gangbang' - The Party: Starring Princess Donna.   Omg, this poor child!   It was fuckin crazy.  Hott as fuck.  I watched the whole thing and obviously came several times but I just couldn't believe it.   It was $10 - I highly recommend this movie.   Lord knows this woman is my fucking gangbang hero!  Wtf, these guys were relentless.   Her lips were so fucking swollen from getting slapped in the face for more than an hour straight.   It's def. rough.   I thought about her all day today.   Stupid sexy slut!    I would love to have a conversation with her.   I mean, really, I could see some girls leave the industry over the shit they did.   That, or you come to terms with your holes purpose and submit.   

I'm gonna go spank it right now,.....

7/17/2013 12:33:16 AM

I wanted to be fair and give my friend his own entry on here.   I was fortunate enough to meet a very nice dom and have a play date.  We spoke last year, then I took a hiatus, and we recently started talking again.  He's a div. baseball dad type.  Sweet, smart, strong.  A lil older too, the way I frequently like it.  I went to his place.  We played.  He blindfolded me first and basically laid me on a bench type thing.   He ate my pussy before flipping me onto my knees and fucked me doggystyle.  It was so nice to get fucked IN a bed, for a long time too.   I mean he held out as long as he could and just pounded on my pussy.  After that, we had a beer, talked.   We were watching tv in bed and I was telling him what I good job he did with his hands, and he gets closer to me, puts his head kinda on my tummy, his other arm was under me...I can tell he wanted to get comfy and just played with my pussy for a long time.   He liked hearing how squishy I was.   He'd finger fuck me hard, then slow, then clit, then idk, he didn't fist me, but he tried.   I came a LOT.   Then I sucked him off.   I want to say it was a facial.  Very nice.   After that we were both beat.   I actually fell asleep inbwtween his legs, using his thigh for a pillow.  His cock and I were eye-to-eye.   It was so nice to share that intimacy.  Cuddling after shows trust and well, idk, I just like it.   It was nice when during the right, he'd roll over and spoon me.   Or squeeze my titty.   Or giggle my ass.  It was nice.  Next morning we started again.   Definitely not your conventional morning sex.  We didn't do anal the night before, we were supposed to.  So he propped me up on the bench and fucked me doggy style again then he pulled it out of my wet pussy and slide it into my ass.   I find that guys nut faster when in my ass, however, quite the contrary.  He railed my ass!   Of course, when he came.  He came loudly.  It was earned on his half and deserved on my half.  My ass was sore.  He even did my favorite and after evreything he still jerked me off some more manually.   I swear, I can just keep cumming and cumming.  I was exhausted and that is always a great sign.   So James, thank you.

7/16/2013 10:47:19 PM

Since today was my first day off I decided to actually cook dinner at home.   Earlier, I got dressed to go run my errands.   I knew it was hot out.  So being summer and all I wore my short purple dress that really, gives me crazy amazing cleavage.   Its been too humid so I haven't bothered doing my hair,  It's natural which is basically wavy/curly.   So i'm walking down the street and this guy stops me to tell me what a beautiful smile I had and how pretty I was.   I at first said thanks and kept going.   He caught up with me and asked if we can talk - told him I was ina hurry to run my errands.   I actually asked him which way the Dominicks was because this was my first time there, he told me and said he would take me there but I refused and kept walking.

Next thing I know, dude is pulling up aside me, offering, I laughed, I asked him why and he said it's just good karma to be nice, he could tell that I'm a nice persona nd he just wanted to do something nice for me.   No sex he said, just friends.   So I accepted the ride.   He didn't touch me, he just drove me to the store, went in with me, pushed the cart and drove me back.   I did NOT invite him up.   I did not give him my number and I did give a hug, of which, he felt on my booty, lol.   Anyway, idk, that was nice I guess, a lil weird.  Not the best idea to ride w/strangers.....I could have hurt him, lol.

7/16/2013 1:43:32 AM

Finally, updating my WAY over update.   Tomorrow is my first day off in  a while.   It's deserved and I can't wait.   I worked 13 hours on Saturday.   It was great.  Its great to have  job satisfaction action.  Plus, we basically all have a quart of some craft beer, maybe have a couple more bottles or a shot at the bar.   A few times til it closes...    

I know need to update my profile too cause, well, its not that I didn't know what to say, I just didn't know HOW to say it.   I still can't, kinda.   

I'm more active online because my Master basically had to stop seeing me.  So idk, I guess I start seeing other people.  Understand, he never told me to stop seeing other people, I just didn't want to.  I wanted him to know he was the only.  Anyway, I met him here.  Im not looking for a Master right now......if ever.   Still love my dom men, but, idk. 

So I did have the opportunity to meet with an old friend who's always been a great guy to me.   It's been a while since we hooked up, but when we did, we always had a great time.  He'd intvite me to sleepover so basically we had the whole night.   He asked if we should fuck before or after dinner.   Of course, I opted for before.  We were both starving to fuck.  We had been sending 'erotic' texts so the tension was crazy high.   If we waited til after we would have had all this built up tension, pawing each other, rushing thru dinner just to gethome and tear our clothes off.   So I thought tearing the clothes off before was better.   Plus, after a few drinks, we come home and fuck some more.  He knows I'm a great fuck, I know he's a great fuck.   Gotta admit it, he hits hard, lol.   A very strong and aggressive lover.   Which makes me step my game up, which I appreciate.   So that was fun.   We slept together, so there was spooning and cuddling during the night.   Of course he hit before bed too.....duh.  He's fixed and for some reason he can stay hard after he cums so it's a fuckin treat for me.   He can basically go til I cant.   It was great, fun and well deserved.   

I think I may take a nap at the beach tomorrow.  It's gotta be less than 2 miles from my house.    Have to charge my ipod now before I forget.   Gregg Allman - Queen of Hearts is on.  :(   Such a beautiful song.


7/1/2013 11:14:00 AM

So my gay roommate finally told his mom we are living together.   Her response "I knew it was just a phase!   I'm so happy......grandchildren!!   When can I meet her?"

Poor thing!   I feel bad.   It's not a phase....he's GAY.   Last night he wanted to watch a movie.   His first suggestion......Hairspray!   I had to lie and told him I already saw it.   lol   Guess we won't be watching Goodfellas together for a while.   It's ok, he's the sweetest.


6/30/2013 1:15:30 AM

Miss my special friend.  :(

6/27/2013 9:05:05 PM

So tonight was the night!   I nailed my final 92%.   School is done!   I will miss it so much but look forward to the next phase.   Yay! 

Anyone planning on going to the Hawks parade tomorrow? 


12/25/2012 6:36:32 PM

Merry Christmas to everyone.   I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted.   I just came back from bowling with my siblings, I bowled a 165, 175 & 185.  I appears the drunker I got the better I bowled.   Not bad for a chick.   I'm much better at wii bowling, my avg there is like 250, lol.   


Thank God for alcohol.   Where would I be without it!?!



9/13/2012 11:34:57 AM

Anyone planning on watching the Bears/Packers tonight that might be near me??


Utica MI, area

7/8/2012 7:26:44 PM

So I was a bad girl.   Friday Master told me NOT to play with myself until we spoke.

Saturday morning I took that call from my California friend and basically had phone  sex which involved me touching myself - til I came no less.    

Now Master is mad at me and suspended my flirting until further notice.   Only NON sexual conversations are allowed at this time.

In all fairness, he IS right.     I did break a rule.   I have put my needs before his and i basically deserve what I get.

Master was going to let me play on Sunday too but I fucked that up.    Even if I told him BEFORE he asked me, he might have not been pissed.    

I do not enjoy having Master mad at me.    Oh, I have also been DEmoted to 'piggy whore' instead of just 'slut'.    Guess I have a lot of making up to do.

I need to get back in 'good graces' asap!   


I will also be updating my profile tomorrow - it's been something I have needed to do for some time now.

Nighty Night, 




7/7/2012 10:29:10 PM

So I have a guy friend who lives with his slave female roommate.   He told me he ties her to her bed every night - and of course, undoes her in the morning.

Since he told me that I cant help but think what a nice, intimate time between a slave and her master.

If it was a good day, sharing a loving conversation while he ties you up for bed.   If it was a bad day, that intimate time could be used to express disappointment and perhaps discipline.   Either way, i have to admit i think it is totally hot!!

I spoke to one of my 'cali-johns' today - He calls me when he's super horny and wants to nut with someone.    By the time he calls me he is close to popping anyway but today was a lil different.   Now he always is 'crazy rough abusive' - but it is phone sex, right?!!   so today he talks 'dirty' the way he typically does but I was told when I was ready to cum, I have to start barking like a bitch.    So of course I did and OMG, the SECOND i started barking he just started cumming LOUD and relatively a long time.    Sick pup!

I like being aware of people's different sexual habits - guess that makes me a sicky too, lol.

When I worked in insurance, I would have an hour lunch and then we usually had meetings following lunch.    I felt so empowered in those meetings cause i usually just returned from blowing my local friend.    I usually swallowed his load.   Sometimes I would get a facial.   Sometimes I would get a facial but leave his cum on my face until I returned to work and then I'd clean up in the car.    

Just wanted to share!   Good night!!





6/18/2012 11:03:57 AM

So Im a week late in updating but before I forget I wanted to share my 'trucker' story from last weekend.

So last Saturday I was driving to Chicago from MI.   It was a gorgeous hot day.   Since the car I was driving had no a/c I decided to wear my zebra dress.   Its the lightest fabric and its a tube dress so it as no straps or sleeves or anything.

I washed the car so it looked nice while I drove, windows down, my hair was down blowing everywhere.   Other than my shades I wore just a tiny bit of pink lip gloss.   I felt sexy.

So Im driving and this trucker honks at me.   I knew he wanted a lil girly fun so I did what any fun girl would do and I pulled the top of my dress down.   I squeezed my nipples and played with my tits.   I then proceeded to drive topless for a while.   The sun on my skin felt AWESOME!   So usually I flash a lil boob and we both move on.   Not him.   He sped up to keep close to me and kept trying to get my attention.    

So sure enough Im approaching the Ohio state toll (exiting the state) and there tons of lines!   It was packed.   So I pick a lane and Im stopped.  Dude pulled up RIGHT BEHIND ME.   I was a lil nervous thinkin he was a crazed killer but it was crowded and broad day light so I figured I was safe, I also didnt have much of a choice.

He got out of his truck and came to my window.  Surprisingly he was pretty hott.   He said to me "you have great tits. - how about you and I go in 50/50 on an orgasm?"   I told him I couldnt I was late meeting my sister.   "gimme 30 mins"    "I cant"    "20?"   "I really cant"   "10!"   I laughed and said "i dont know you, I cant just do that".   His reply to me was "I dont know you either, but Im clean and your beautiful, it would be a crime not to".

Cars started moving so he said "pay your toll and pull over to the side over there".    So I did.  He paid his toll and pulled up behind me, got out and came to my window again.   He leans on my door and says "you really do have great tits"   I said 'thank you - you can touch them if you want to".    He said "REALLY?!" - I batted my eyelashes, smiled  and said "uh huh".   She he played with my tits for a few.   Then I said "You can suck them if you want to".   So he proceeds to suck on my left titty.    He stopped - lifted the bottom so he could see my panties.   He smiled and said "pink polka dots - GOD DAMN GIRL - YOU BETTER CALL ME".    Hands me his number and walked away.

I couldnt help but feel a lil satisfied.   I smiled all the way to Chicago.  


Being a girl is too fun sometimes.



6/18/2012 9:07:39 AM

Happy Fathers Day to all the awesome daddys out there!

So yesterday (fathers day) a friend and I went to lunch.   It was a beautiful summer day so I wore a pretty sun dress.   The dress fit nicely however the bust was cut a lil small.   So I really couldnt help it that I had cleavage showing.   It wasnt just a lil cleavage either, my tits were ROCKIN!   lol

So as I expected ALL the dads (young and old) who I came across all smiled and were very nice to me.    On the other hand all the wives and moms who thought I was "inappropriate" gave me dirty looks.


So typical.    That is why I prefer the company of men.




6/4/2012 8:35:01 PM

So,  rare form for me but ive been drinking so fuck it.   I want him.    Ive NEVER met anyone who carried themselves like he does.

Hes SOOO sexy and hott.   I know he could actually 'handle' me appropriately.  His confidence overwhelms me.  

Ive spoiled lovers in the past, he has NO IDEA what Id do for his affection.   ok, affection is hard pill to swallow but what else could I call it??    

My natural persona despises the thought of marriage (or a longterm lover).    However, I want the chance to please and spoil him EVERYDAY.   What would you call that?    

People have asked what is the kinkiest thing I ever done.    IDK really, define kinky??   My h.s. bf and I had anal sex in his van during a family graduation party.   I was cuffed to a hotel bathroom sink.   I enjoy loads of cum on my face.   I had a gangbang with 3 sexy black men.   My idea of 'camping' includes anal in the forest.   Ive had one on one sex with a female.    In my mind, none of that holds a candle to him.    We have been together only a few times and I would literally do anything he says.....because I WANT to.

I still feel hes TOO good for me.   Its likely he'll use me but I really just want HIM to save me from myself.    Im truly my own worst enemy.   

Funny, Ive ALWAYS considered myself to be sexually 'enlightened'.   I love that Im more into sex than most females however he DESERVES the most beautiful person.   I know Im not 'it'.    I will try my fuckin hardest to prove it though.   

Wow, I feel like a loser.   This is NOT ME.    I should shut up and go to bed but I was instructed to masturbate and NOT cum.    Hard to do but easy when you want to OBEY someone the way I do.

Ok, off to touch myself to sleep.    Mmmmmm, very likely to lick my fingers too.   Easy when you like how you taste.



5/29/2012 9:19:13 PM

My irish friends would be proud, I had a bottle of red wine, 4 coronas.   Im done for tonight.   

Im sad the car he fucked me on is gone.  It was ANOTHER reason to love my car.  

So I took my uncle up on an invite to the dunes monday with his fam.   I got there first, round 1130 am and found a spot.    Fam didnt show til 1 so i just laid out.   Once they got there we played in the water and stuff.   Everyone told me I was tan to start with, omg, I actually have tan lines, lol.   I was careful, Im not burned but i definately got sun.   These sweet lil 16 year old boys let me play catch with them, btw, i CANT throw a fuckin football. Favre made it look so easy, lol.

So my uncle challenges the boys to 'pull-ups'.   Unk is a fairly buff dude but my 15 year old cousin invited 2 friends.   One just finished sophmore year, going to be a jr. and my money was on him, he knew it.   He was a ripped lil kid.

MOTHERFUCKER - so kid 1 sat out, kid 2 did four; kid 3 - my money maker did 11.   The winner i thought for sure.

51 year old did 13 fuckin pull ups, lol.     Good for him!   I told the kid to keep it up,  he looks good.   He smiled.    He totally wanted to fuck me.   

ESPECIALLY when Im in another country, I WILL PULL PUT MY 2 PIECE!!   So in this 'new to me' place I wore my black 2 piece bikini and this brown copperish mesh/net swinsuit cover up.     I'm not the thinnest person on earth but I did look smokin!    I thought I was too dark for tan lines, but I guess not.

Ok, i'm crashing.    Going to 'rub one out' to my master and go to bed!




5/29/2012 3:41:50 PM

They totaled my car.       Im irresponsible and clearly dont deserve nice things.

5/23/2012 12:37:23 PM

Ok, this will be quick.    Still drunk and horny but the realization of having to leave my car here while I go home HURTS and SUCKS.     I LOVE MY CAR!    Noone will care for my baby the way I do.    I keep it clean, inside and out.   Scheduled oil changes and use good gas.   Please keep your fingers crossed that it is repairable.    I have insurance of course but I'd hate to buy another car.    If I'm forced to buy another, it will be another Audi - best car I ever owned!    I have an A6 quattro, leather, sunroof.......I even put in after-market stereo system.   :(     I love my ride.  

5/23/2012 12:25:33 PM

SO WTF!   Im visiting canada for the first time.   Had a wonderful start to my day.   I was headed to the mall to buy a bikini so I can tan and enjoy the riverfront here in WIndsor ON.   On my way, I was in a car accident.   Of course the other guy was able to drive away with a dent.   My radiator was busted so my car had to be towed.   Spent 2 hours dealing with police.    Of course my family wants me to come home and get checked out.   Im actually fine, just upset because I really love my car.   Audi :)  

So i will have to take a cab back to the states.   However, I am NOT LEAVING til I do what I set out to do.

Sooooo, I had a cab take me to the mall, i bought the damn bathing suit and had him drop me off at the riverfront.    I just downed 3 draft beers, a double comfort and coke and a shot of cuervo.   All  in like an hour and a half, had a burger and Im about to go enjoy the sun.    WHy should I change my plans and just go home??     I might as well do what I set out to do.   Now that I have a buzz, Im going to lay out and just relax.   I deserve it.    Too bad I cant "rub one out' there on the grass.

The cab driver TOTALLY wants to fuck me, he gave me his cell phone number and said to call him at ANY time and he will personally come get me.    Hes russian, typically build and accent of a russian.    Sexy in his own way.   He asked my ethnicity and I told him mexican/puerto rican.   He called me his muchacha.    Very sweet and kind man.   I will take him up on his offer later, very much appreciated his kindness.   No hanky panky though, I know nothing about him and dont want to bring home 'canadian cooties".   lol   shame on me, thats not nice!


*Sigh*, I need to relax, breath and get laid asap!    I love how sex always clears my head.    

Ive masturbated myself to sleep the last 2 nights.    I cant do that much longer, I really need a cock to just BANG the shit out of me......preferraby til I pass out!    I love men - they have what I absolutely love and NEED.   Though Im bi-sexual, I will always choose cock first.   

UGH - so now Im drunk AND horny!    WTF - *sigh* ok, I will be fine, I just need to distract my thoughts.   

Sorry this entry wasnt as sexy as others, I had to get it out.




5/21/2012 7:43:44 AM

Liz Phair's "H.W.C." played on my ipod this morning.    I couldn't help but smile and think of him.

*sigh* I just want to cock worship him.   Can't get it out of my head



5/14/2012 7:30:21 AM

For those of you who *know* me, lol.    I accepted an employment opportunity in MI.    Looks like I will be there for about 3 months on this job.    Won't be avail in WI.   If you still want to talk and be *friends*, I would love that.


I also just need to say I met someone recently.   I like him more than I usually allow myself to.   I want to please him to no end!   I'm not sure how he feels BUT if  he ever collars me OR asks for monogamy, or anything else for that matter, I will gladly give it to him.    Though I'm sure I will fuck it up somehow.  lol




5/14/2012 6:49:29 AM

Im sorrry it was taken me this long to record my other encounter.     I would give an excuse but really, who cares?

So last Friday I had had a date planned.    This was to be our first encounter after months of cultivating a freindship.   

Like I mentioned before although Im a slut, I do not have alot of bdsm experiance but Im willing to learn.  

So Master B had specific instructions for me.    We were meeting at a hotel.   I was to park near his car, go in the trunk and pick up what he had left for me.    I advance he did advise me that I would have a shock collar and possibly handcuffs....depending on his mood.

I arrived to the hotel about 20 mins late.   Parked next to his car, opened the trunk and of course, next to the collar was the handcuffs.   Master did give me SPECFIC instructions.    I was to place the shock collar in my pussy, cuff myself behind my back  and go to room 301.   I was to kneel outside of the door, look ONLY down and wait for him to answer.   He mentioned he woud be observing so it would be in my best interest to not deviate from his instructions.

Again, not having alot of experiance, I gathered the items and took them to the ladies room.   I placed the shock collar in my pussy best I could.   I was worried about it slipping because I wasnt wearing any panties, just black fishnet hose.   Luckily the hose enough.   I carried the cuffs in my hand and planned on just cuffing myself outside the hotel room door.    After the bathroom I walked thru the lobby to the elevator.   As the door was closing, a tall man reached in so the door would open again and he got in.     I smiled and said hello because, well, he was attractive and Im a friendly person.   Plus I love being alone with men.   Sexual tension is hot.  

We reached the third floor, I went left - he went right.

I proceeded to the room.   Cuffed myself (hands in front) and knelt before the door, only looking down.    One person walked by.    A second person also walked by - that person slid the room key and opened the door.   Dragged me by my hair into the room, to the foot of the bed.  

Before I forget, as I was kneeling in front of the door I felt sensations in my pussy.    I knew it was the shock collar, it was a mild and FANTASIC sensation.

So we kissed and he dropped to my knees to suck his dick.   Wide, nice.   I sucked (throated) his cock until he came all over my tits and face.   After he came he told me to get on all fours.    He readjusted the shock collar and laid on the bed with the shock collar remote.    He mentioned that since I was late he would not be fucking me.   He prceeded to have me on my knees for the better part of an hour torturing me with this collar.

Mild sensations are so fucking awesome.     Higher sensations are quick but strong.    He was all over the board.   He would not hit any buttons for a long time, then bam!  

I was on all fours wondering when he next buzz would come.   I also couldnt help but wonder - Does he really not want to fuck me cause I was late or was it his way of kindly rejecting me?   Although I felt sexy there on the floor, I had to wonder if I wasnt pretty enough for him.

After almost an hour he dragged me into the bathroom and cuffed me to the bathroom sink - the pipes that connect to the wall.   He left the bathroom and I heard get dressed.    It was very hot for me to be treated that way and of course a small part of me thought - what if he leaves me here!    But I had faith, we had an estabished friendship so I just had to know it would be ok.    

So hes ready to leave.  Literally on his way out the door, he tosses me the keys and tells me to hang onto to them  til next time and walks out.    I uncuffed myself and looked in the mirror.     My make-up was destroyed (the way it should be after a good bj).    I cleaned up and went home.

Oh, he did say one other thing.    He said that he does have to admit, I give a pretty good blow job.   A high compliment for me.


Thank you B.   I will be purchasing a shock collar for myself soon!






5/9/2012 8:51:52 PM

So last Thursday night the opportunity arose for me to meet someone I've been spkeaking to online.  It was late at night, I was up and intrested.    Nervous as with all first-meets-.     After my shoewr I opted to not "do" my hair - it was wet, it's pouring outside, I figured it would be ok this time.    Besides, there is a sexyness to having my hair messy and wet, my natural curl comes out, lol.  

I left to meet him, It rained the whole drive there of course.    I pull up next to his car and he gets into my car.   We converse, of course.   I liked him.   My dress strap slipped a few times and I was braless.   After a lil bit he examined and complimented my breast.   So I do what any nice girl would do and lower the top half of my dress.    Mmmm, we made out, the fun kind.    I felt his cock, it was hard for me as I knew it would be.   My date is basically an authoriy figure so I'm sure that added to his firm hand.    He's strong.   When he slapped my face inbetween passionately kissing me, I felt he held back alot, which is probably a good thing.   I'm only 5'2.  

After a lil bit he told me to drive behind the store, near the commercial dumpsters.   I parked - keep in mind, it's still raining out.   He tells me to get out of the car, I obey.   We meet by the hood of my car, I dropped to my knees and sucked his fat cock.   I gagged on it , I was so wet literally everwhere.   Physyically from the rain, wet from drooling all over myself, wet from his spit.    My pussy was wet.    After he fucked my throat some he put me on the hood of the car, opened my legs and fucked me in the rain.    I have to admit, I look at rain differently now.   It was so hott.    He's fucking me, I pull my dress down so I can play with my nipples while he fucks me.   I moaned like a whore.   He' was very sexy!  

He flipped me over to fuck me doggie style.   He forced my head down onto the hood of my car.   I can feel my pussy just dripping at his every word.   I was craving someone to properly handle me and he delievered.   I dropped to me knees when he came so he can nut all over my face and tits.    Afterwards, I looked WRECKED.    My makeup was everywhere!   

I was so satisfied sexually.   I also wanted more.    He teased me and 1-No one ever teases me.    2-I dont handle being teased well at all.    THe minute he left I wanted more.  

He did compliment my blow-job.    I hope it's sincere.   I hoep he sees me again.    I'm going to worship the FUCK out of his cock the next time I see him!!!   




5/9/2012 8:08:25 PM

So I met 2 very wonderful men.    Each deserves it's own entry.   In chronological order.

5/2/2012 2:51:28 PM

In the simplest of terms; I need to get laid.    My kitty aches and throbs.    My date Friday wont allow me to touch myself and considering Im a chronic masturbator this is torture.  

Dirty sick thoughts enter my mind so many times in a day its hard to concentrate.  

I have constant desires to be on my knees looking up at him.   I cant wait to obey everything he says.   I hope he plays with my holes.    Im going to suck his cock for an hour straight.   I need to.   I want it so badly.   He deserves it.   Besides, I think he'll remember that for a while!   

I know he wants my ass hole and I forgot my plugg at home so to prep for his cock I'll have to use my hands.    The most fingers I can stick in my ass is 3.   I will try to fist my ass tonite - that will be the goal.    I will have to report my success.   Wish me luck with that.

I bought my fishnets as instructed today :)    I still have to get the required skirt.   Luckily I have a shirt that shows ample cleave so hopefully I'll be set.

I have been somewhat lippy so there will be a shock collar waiting for me.    I understand its necessity.   Perhaps one day I will learn.   I will beg him to be merciful all I can hope is that hes in a good mood.   

I also hope hope I can avoid spankin my kitty while Im workin on my ass.   Its doubtful and even though I will be punished idk what else I can do.    I always touch myself.


Ok I need to go distract myself.




4/30/2012 10:59:13 AM

I'm so cock hungry.  

4/29/2012 8:47:17 PM

I'm behind and need to get what's on my mind down before I forget.

Once AGAIN, I'm so saddened by this curse.   THough I love being a woman and would have it no other way than to be a bottom feeder slut, WHY are we cursed with this bullshit.  

I CANT HAVE SEX FOR 4 DAYS!    how cruel is that.?!     WHat kind of sick joke is that?!    I have plans.    I NEED cock, I want it NOW.

Which brings me to yesterday.    I saw my long time friend (but newly discovered talent).    I truly regret not fucking him sooner.


So was it the hottest sex I ever had?    Im a long time, yes.     He said he never had someone take it all before.    I guess I should mention this is my HUNG friend.     I will would never say it to him but fucking him is like Christmas.    Its a fucking gift.    To have it HURT the way it does.   


I told him When I saw him, the first thing I wanted to do was blow him.    I wasn't kidding.    I got there, we smoked, I took my clothes offf and dropped to my knees.    I blew him with so much passion.    I missed his HUGE cock so much.    It's truly a treat and I was enjoying ever fucking minute of it.    I blew him, til of course he pushed me away, laughed a lil and said "God damn, girl!"   So after a break I gagged his cock for a bit, took him all the way to his base.   He said no one ever did that.   It was hard, it took a while, I just kept taking a breath and going deeper.    I have a decent gag reflex but anyone would naturally choke on that.   I love it though, my eyes tearing up, drool dripping from the sides of my mouth as I blew outward.   I take it as long as I can then I have to pull away.    He wanted at my pussy, we doggied.    Doggied doesn't do it's justice.    He beat my guts up, dont know what else to say.    It's referred to now as "the Dope dick" is.     I can honestly say that I think I cock like that can make me faithfull.   

Only here would I be hones enough to say I have never been faithful to anyone in any realtionship.   I swear beside this massive shortcoming, I'm a fantastic GF.   I prefer a clean and calm  enviorment.  I enjoy cooking and baking.   I like being on my knees.   I love ironing.   I enjoy sending Hallmark's to friends and fam filled with confetti.   I feel I'm a good gf.......clearly I am not.


I'll bb......the catholic in me is kickking in.   Guilt is god awful.   I enjoyed every second of cock and worshipped it.   I moaned like a whore.   When I sat up on it, I hurt deep inside.   I enjoyed every minute of it AND I made plans for more.   I can't help I love cock.   Men love pussy and chase it consantly, why do they get all the fun??




4/19/2012 7:42:50 AM

So I was late meeting him    No excuse for it - well there is. i had to get gas, cash and i accidentally passed the exit.   So I was 35 mins late, he left.    I understand.   I feel so bad.   I deserve to be punished and I will accept whatever he gives me.    I really should just go to him and surrender myself.   It appears he is willing to see me again - I will make every attempt to please him.

Since I was there I order my fav.drink and watched the business men at the bar, I looked hot but no one approached me.    I was logged into my yahoo IM and was talkin to a few guys, I stepped outside and took a call from one of my new guy friends and made him cum over the phone.    When he came, I smiled, went back inside and finished my drink and left.    Made another guy cum, seperate phone convo, been makin him cum for years.   He has a special 'kink' not many are into, I play along.   Harmless fun.  

So I went home, made dinner and cleaned the house.    When bf got home, hot food was cooking, I was in a black nightie thing, completely freshly shaven.   I was haivng a great hair day and my makeup was perfect.    I fed him, we retired to the bedroom.  

First I just gave a somewhat gentle blowjob.    We then 69 - he on top, it makes me gag better and I enjoy having his balls fall onto my face.    He gagged me so well, drool was just dripping down the sides of my mouth.    When he requested bubbles, I did it.   In the meantime, he was fingerbanging my cunt.    He enjoys all the wet sounds it makes.  

After that he hung my head off the bed and fucked my throat some more.   We had a good position going - lots of drool.   After he stretched my throat he put me on my back and fucked my pussy.   After growing tired of that hole he pulled out and fucke dmy ass.   I tried fighting him off and he just pinned me down and slapped me around until I apologized and just opened my arms and legs to him.    He fucked my ass, pulled out and put it back in my pussy.    Ass again and pussy.    He ended up blowing his load in my ass hole.    FIlled it up pretty good.    Poor thing passed out right after.

What will today bring?       



4/5/2012 1:18:00 PM

I'm so distracted.   I attempted to do my bill and just couldn't focus.   All I keep thinking about is my next opportunity to eat daddy 3's ass, lol.  It wa so fun, he was excellent and verbal abuse.   As I munched he'd remind me how nasty I am (amongst other things, my cunt was so wet from that alone.  I'm most looking forward to him sticking his finger / hand in my mouth, playing with my face hole.   Even though I know he's going to spit and destyroy my face, I'm going to do my full make up.  Extra mascara so at the end when I look at myself I look like a stupid cock whore.

I'm also looking forward to my female play date - first date is more of a meet and greet but hopefuly we can play nice.   It's been so long since I ate pussy.   I get to play with titties a lil more often - but not often enough, lol.    GOd - why are they so fun!  

Next 3-4 days are scheduled to be pretty lame.  Maybe I can get my big dick friend to get away from his pyscho of a wife and let me blow him.   Seriously, I consider him a TREAT.     Hung like a true thug nigga but he's not.   (NOthin gainst my thugs - always a slave for you!)   ANyway, we switch from him fuckin my mouth to my pussy, back to my mouth - round and round we go.    I love tasting myself off a big cock.   He actually hurts my fuckin insides - esp when we are in doggy position.   I keep beggin for "more" and "harder" though I'm in some serious abdominal pain.   I enjoy it as much as I can.   He says I'm a treat - but his cock is the true treat.    He wants to fuck me in the ass hole but I seriously think that 1.)  This is gonna hurt   2)  Its gonna take a while to work it in   3.)  He can seriously destroy me with that thing.  Still cant wait to get my mouth on it though.   I worship the fuck out of it!

Ok, I need to do my houseshold bs for a while.   I'm out of alcohol too - Ugh - I'd love some cold XX - mmmmmm



4/3/2012 6:39:58 AM

I'm so excited at the prospect of meeting another female sub to play with.   I know if I found the right "partner in crime" than I know we can drive men crazy!   For the same reason men do, I love watching and touching women.  

Its a total fantasy of mine, to have a sub serving alongside me, obeying and pleasing the man we are serving.   He sits in his chair, telling us what he'd like us to do to eachother.    We do exactly as we are told, playing on the floor in front of him.   Making him laugh and getting him very hard.    I would kiss her, suck her nipples and enjoy her pussy with my mouth.   When daddy says "come here" we both fight to be the first one near daddys cock.    We fight to be daddys favorite....

I never really shared cum with a girl the way I'd like too.   So far, any "third" that has joined us still has 'reservations'.   When it comes to sex, I like to give it my best.   I want him to remember and hopefully masterbate to me later.   I want to be the girl that a man remembers fondly.   Ugh, why is it so hard to find another girl who can share a load on her face.   I want to lick cum of her cheek then kiss her.   I wanna snowball!  I wanna rub any cum that drips onto our tits without reservations.   I want to still rub her clit after he comes and just make her moan.  And her me.  *Sigh*, one day hopefully!

On the normal side of things, I have fam over this week so I'm doing alot of cooking, which is awesome.   Since I have guests for 7 days or so I've been cooking my best dishes and 'rockin' my kitchen!   It's great to impress and make it seem like it's no big deal.   My timing (getting everything to be ready at the same time) has been spot on!   It feels really good.   I LOVE cooking!




3/30/2012 8:41:09 AM

There is something seriously wrong with me.   I spanked it in the middle of the night, again when I woke up.   It's not even noon and all I really want to do is fuck.    Not fuck necessarily but GET fucked.  Be used like a lil fuck toy.  Obeying him and worshipping his cock.  

I have family this week so my playtime will surely be limited.  :(   Masterbating can only give you so much.   I will have to make the best of what I can.   Maybe I'll beg bf to anal fuck me once everyone is sleeping.  I'll even have to keep my 'gagging" to a fairly low volume.   Just not fair!

Lol, last night I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up after dinner with my plugg in.   It's fun being naughty amongst straight people and them not know it.

Off to my shower and grocery store...shud I plugg before I go???




3/28/2012 7:12:14 AM

Mmmm, met another daddy.   I have to say I was impressed.   Sir was a fantastic kisser and spoke to me the way whores like myself like to be spoken to.  He fingered my mouth (which I love) and spit on my pretty lil face a lot, which was also appreciated!  For our first encounter, I have to say I enjoyed his verbal abuse.  Hope to get more.

I hoped I pleased him.   I did almost everything he asked.    He had a beautiful asshole that deserved mouth worshipping.  I would like to think I did a good job and that I lived up to his expectations.

I love how wet my pussy gets from serving a man's bottom half.   I adore worshipping while on my knees, looking up at him and being thankful for his cock.

I really adore the feeling of a man fucking my mouth.   It feels so amazing to open your throat, gag and tear from a big cock.  Being pulled by my long hair to a rythym that is pleasing to him.  I love my face and tits to be covered in my drool, his spit.  I crave opening my spit covered eyes to find blurry cock.   I think it's important for me to never forget what I am.   Do what I love and serve cock.

Mmmm, till next time.



3/12/2012 7:04:58 AM

Dude, if I dont find a job soon, this is going to be a very naughty summer.     I mean, just out of boredom and my love for cock - what else could I do?   My house can only be so clean, lol.  


So I met another guy from here.   HOw do I refer to them??   certainly not by name - Guy 1, Guy 2,??   lmao.    No offense gentlemen, I just dont know what else to call you.    I guess Daddy 1, Daddy 2 would work too.



SO anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at the "finger bang" I received.    I was SO FUCKIN WET, I would be embarassed at how loud my pussy sounds when its wet like that but I know guys love it.


Returned the fav. with a bj, got a facial, I think, I dont rememeber.      Daddy 1 is coming back to see me, so that is fun.   I dont know why I prefer the company of men, prolly cause most women are prudes.


I'm somewhat tame today - though I didnt go outside yet.   When I get "spring fever" - man, I get spring fever.    It doesnt just happen in spring, lol, I get it like 2x a month or more.   


I have a bf - we fuck several times a week but idk, I guess I just want more dick.   He's doing nothing wrong, its not him, I feel bad.   I just , idk,   like men.


Ugh, I love being a girl.

1/13/2012 11:48:39 AM

I want to find a sub female who can join me in pleasing men, that would be nice :)


I love suckin titties.   Ok, I need to focus.   Have a date set up and I cant wait, I've masterbated 2x thinkin bout it.


I get to eat ass soon!   I get to eat ass soon!





1/12/2012 9:42:15 PM

One day I want to have a lil black book with nothing but guys in it.   Ideally big dick motherfuckers.  


I'd have guys come over, use me and leave.    Call me again when they need to nut.


Morning guys, night guys, lunch guys.   Black guys, white guys.   Old guys, older guys, lol


When's the next Tarantino coming out?    It's been a while.  


I want to lactate so bad but I'm not preggers.   Been reading up and it sounds like I could do it with enough "stimulation" - anyone have any thoughts?


How do I find a Dr. that will write me a script to help induce lactation??   Just cant go in and ask.    Why is life so complicated?   Geez, all I wanna do is leak as much as possible from every hole, that too much to ask??




1/12/2012 10:08:01 AM

SO I'm trying to figure out if there is something wrong with me or am I just in tune with myself.


The second I wake up I wish I was eating ass.   I masterbate every morning no questions asked.    Then I usually watch porn and cum again.


I'm not all bad, I go to the gym, grocery store.   I keep a clean house and ROCK in the kitchen.   But something is always eating at me.    Its so frustrating to think about sex all the time.


The straight life is so boring but necessary.   Ugh, I am excited though at the couple prospects I'm lining up.   I swear, after this bf, I'm stayin single forever.  


This website should offer like a "testimonials" section, lol


Have fam over visiting right now, makes it hard to get throat fucked with people here.


For dinner I'll be making tilapia tacos with pico.   SPanish rice and beans.   Salad also, of course.




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