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SoToday is the 11th april the third I have had elisabeth. As I had her from the day I met her. It was an easy day driving around the area she lived while she showed me addresses and events from her life. It involved me having her expose herself and other things. Later we were able to walk a little and it was then I took hold of her properly and showed her I owned her

I have a sub girl as most will know she is my slave and my little girl all rolled into one .Kittenheels1968 I am looking to find a young girl or an older one who can be part of us either short or long term she needs to be totally sub and understanding she will while with us be part of us NOT a replacement for slave. People subs and slave need to realise that I do this for me. I do what I want simply because I enjoy it greatly, if you like those things thats great as its a bonus. I do not do the things I do for you I do them for me even if you feel you are special

I have just decided after looking as I do at other profiles on here to let people know that every single picture on my site is mine things I did not long ago or am doing now. There is no what I like pictures taken other sites of profiles. I am real and so are the pictures.

Just so people understand i am still looking for other subslave females

I was a Royal Marine for 14 years and this made my early years exciting and challenging, it made me into what I am to day, (old bay of junk tied up at the middle )

I wanted to join fire fighters but a 30 they said too old !!! so joined police for 10 years during which I found a hobby that led to my setting up and running my own business for 16 years that became international I set it up an ran it for a couple of years before leaving the police to make sure it was going to last.

As a Marine there was like any service person will tell you a lot of hurry up and wait there I first read the Gor books not fully understanding why I was so drawn to them all, but before i left the corps I knew I was Dom. Things simply grew from there slowly as I tried like so many do to be vanilla, of course like most of us later realise it was a pointless fight I was never going to win my mind heart and soul belonged to this darker side where I now live happy in the knowing it was the right choice for me.

I have been doing this many years now (before we used computers like this with letters and snail mail) lol the way things have changed has been massive and interesting to watch and be part of. the sad thing is due to the computer there are far more fakes and dreamers, I had hoped that by now he companies would have found a way, or used the ways they have to make life more enjoyable for there users by getting rid of such fakes. I live in hope that it will happen so young or new females joining can do so without the shit they have now from the horde

I found for a few years the enjoyment of other mens wives or girl friends worked for me, after a while though the need to own my own became more important to me. So my personal search began.

There is still space to find others to on occasion join us, or even long term but I have not done that as of yet, finding the right one, or couple

I used to train other girlfriendswives for other men but fond the time with them was fun and enjoyable but the down side was when they went home the hole was simply getting bigger as I clear needed my own sub. hence the search for her started.

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11/6/2022 3:52:52 AM

So has everyone else noticed the new thing on here that the top line of pictures is NOTHING to do with bdsm  a sex meating site is a swinging site or a dating site. That is nothing to do with what we who are involved in bdsm  are after.  I wonder if I will be allowed to put this on here 

3/4/2018 5:47:17 AM
I really love the way so many females are fin dommes, they think this is about doing nothing for money they think this is about that. Being a real Dom  or Master Domme or Mistress is not easy is not about money or sex. This is about control and surrender full stop nothing else. Yes there are avenues branches off the main stream but still the drive is control trust and surrender not the lazy slag wanting to be paid because she thinks she is pretty or sexy. sad little girls thinking the world owes them something when no one owes anyone anything.
There are no male fin doms, simply there are a lot of fakes looking for sex on the side However there are no men going give me money I am pretty or look at my cock give me money. Its a sad situation to be in begging money to get by because it shows your real true self.

10/24/2017 3:03:43 PM
Took slave to two bdsm events last weekend. we had a good time at both. Met and made new connections and friends, played hard and got her ass marked nice we both had a great time. Thanks to all those we met and talked with 

7/18/2017 2:07:24 PM
My slave lityle girl has placed an open letter on her profile begging for some things which I have read and decided to allow her she will report on events I am looking for a sub/slave couple now that can assist me in some acivities

7/6/2017 5:00:12 PM
Had a great birthday thanks to slave and her children  making me part of their family.
had to change out slaves pussy rings again she has had issues with the captive ball type often loosing the small balls and the rings then coming out. Then there was one that needed re doing and this then becoming inflamed. we moved to plastic to go away on holiday and now she has the ones like solid rings. We will see how that will how these go

2/4/2017 7:11:18 AM
well my life seems to go round and round I found a woman she was nice I liked her she grew into a lovely little girl and a fiine slave. she also  came into my heart,
I fought the things that seemed to be  happening between us, invoving becoming tied together for life. I was likely scared of this (been married twice) failed both times with those, so became a little jaded in the marrage department.
just recently elisabeth became single again after papers finally signed and all done with. this I feel spooked me some and I decided I could not have her as my third wife. So I went away, even though my feelings for her had notn changed.
well inn very quick time I realised I could not live without her in my life tried being friends but not touching was too hard.
The end result is some pop star  theat will be nameless singing  ''if you like it shouldm have put a ring on it'' end result today without the fear I had felt over this before I took a littelm girl and turned her into my wife to be !! yes engaged jsut like that. picked a ring went for cake and coffee found myself on a knee in a coffee shop with the ring in my hand. so thats my life sorted !!

10/10/2016 12:07:42 PM
I hope that no one takes any notice of this fraudulent clown that keeps on coming on offering his slave no pick up delivery only then gives you a company to contact  please ensure you google the company its a scam No I didn't fall for it I simply googled it 

10/4/2016 2:03:35 PM
well myself and elisabeth have ended, Its sad that its over but that's life.  I took an easy way out telling her by txt . Yes I know that is not good,however when we had a falling out some time ago, she could not deal with it well and there was a lot of shit said so this time tried to stop that. 
Anyway that's in the past now. I will not run her  down she was a find slave and gave me a great deal, anyone who gets her will be very lucky.  I hope she does well. The problems were not her dedication to her slave role,  it was due to other personal matters. No I will not talk to people about it and slag her off thats not the way things should be done. 

12/7/2015 3:16:47 AM
I watched a sub called maringloria69 for a while now her stories interested me about her journey. This has been happening for a couple of months. I was then very surprised to have needthis40 come looking ate ad have the same person in it I said hi have been watching you and your owners , she says I don't have an I send hr a picture and bang she gone. 

12/1/2015 12:34:23 PM
more examples lol. guy whom happens to be black wants my slave for him to use. He contacts her not me, then wants to know here limits, and tells her what he wants to do to her. still no contact to me. but he's has contacted her six times so far.  

12/1/2015 12:11:30 PM

I have done this for a long time now on here and other sites, in fact to be fair I was doing it before we all used computers to find others like us. During this time I have listened to many white women claiming that blacks are the superior race. I have to ask myself a few things on this subject.


Why would a group of people whom shout and complain about having been slaves, crave to own slave now ??!  Maybe it should be remembered that had it not been for that slavery, that the generations before suffered, and it was suffered, these children of those slaves would not have the very comfortable life they have now. They would most likely simply be more people the whites and western world (so called first world) were having to feed and carry Because the black man is unable or to be more honest unwilling to work to look after his own kids and wife.

How come most black men do not want black women ?? or is it that black women as simply sick of the way black men act and refuse to be with them on these sites ?

Is it not true that it must be worrying when people of your own race do not want to be with you.

Is it not true that if the black man was so superior,  then africa and other black areas of the world would not need to be carried and financed by whites and western countries ?? How is it you never see a black man in any of the adds on TV begging for money, and when you do see them doing any work there its after whites come along and pay him to build a well or stop his daughter carrying water  when he cold carry three times as much for  his own family

Why on ''judge judy'' and other such programmes do we see white women being take for all their money, simply because the black man thinks he should have it.

Its clear by feeding and financially supporting these places we have made a part of the world that simply sits and waits to be helped and carried rather than do the work themselves. Now In am not racist   or anti black, I have had black friends of many years and in the military found the colour matters little, the will to do your best and help your own matters. Having been a  Dom for man years now, during that time I have been able to take many on their journey into this world of discovery. I hope they would say I helped them rather than hindered them.

10/30/2015 7:44:32 AM
it was subs birthday yesterday we had a good. to help her understand her position  in my life she was collared. to me for life she is very special to me,  little girl is a happy girl

10/26/2015 6:42:18 AM
well we went to bbb and had a good time picking p a few items during the day. after which I decided to stay on for aftermath (as it was my girls first time at a venue ) as she had done really well coping with me and the other people. 
when we got there I wandered around for a little to see the layout and found something I hadn't done as I do not own a violet wand it didn't take long till people were stood round watching her moan and shriek to his movements, it was easy to see she loved it really. and was rather a wet girl at the end. 
I knew she as nervous as it was her first time but I took her to a st andrews cross and had her remove only her skirt so I could try out the new things we got that day, and some of the ones I would normally use. she delt with more than she would normally and finished rather wet and drained so a quiet area to recover and chatting with people made her all well again. she made me proud as always.
We met some good people and had a good time we will likely visit again.  

10/3/2015 4:23:09 AM
Just so people know and elisabeth in case there is any doubt.  love my sub girl elisabeth she has shown and continues to show she is the right girl for me. her surrender is total and she always does her best what more could a Man/Dom/Master ever want 

9/28/2015 10:30:26 AM
I have been on this and other sites for many years, and what I find very strange is the vast number of black people, men mainly, whom want to enslave whites. I find this strange due to the number of blacks whom complain about and often make big issues over their own enslavement. Now yes I know there is some differences  between the slavery many years ago and this now.However one would think that they would hate the idea of any form of slavery, The way they milk white females and males for money,  after black women became sick of their actions ensuring they will not stand for it. Sadly the white women involved in this do not yet see what is happening only thinking of their own fun and how the idea make them feel, it will be  amusing as soon the white women will see the same thing their black sisters do and then where will the black man go. If you feel I am wrong watch judge judy  or jerry springer  and other such programs. Understand this is not a racist thing its a simple observation, I have had many black and other race friends and work partners over the years, good people are good people no matter their colour or race others are not

9/28/2015 2:47:54 AM
Things just seem to be getting better with my sub girl. Its not ( in my mind ) that I do the right things all the time. Its more that because we are so right together that the things I do are right. If people can understand that. she makes me proud and I want her to know that she is very special to me  

9/21/2015 2:59:17 PM
well had my girl for a couple days longest time so far and it went well. I found out that oil of cloves works well on pussies lol ... it was totally one of those what if things and now a new tool in the box. My girl did well she continues to make me proud and pleased I own her

9/10/2015 1:56:49 PM
Well third week long diving trip away in a month so bebhappy to see my girl for longer than a day or two. Missing her a bit

9/4/2015 2:31:32 PM
really proud of my girl this week she suffered well for me  and I know it was harder than  she expected.....this is why I love her so 

8/17/2015 1:33:27 PM
So away diving and its a long time without my sub..... got to do this twice more this yr too.

8/15/2015 2:26:10 PM
I have just read the last entry in my girls journal, its a good honest and well thought out entry. Its clear to me over the few mouths I have been seeing her that at last I have found a submissive whom I really want to own totally with full understanding of what that means in her case. When I met her she was ending or about to restart a relationship I made some good choices then and the result is she is mine. I consider myself lucky to have found her. She makes me happy what more can anyone ask.

8/15/2015 2:26:02 PM
I have just read the last entry in my girls journal, its a good honest and well thought out entry. Its clear to me over the few mouths I have been seeing her that at last I have found a submissive whom I really want to own totally with full understanding of what that means in her case. When I met her she was ending or about to restart a relationship I made some good choices then and the result is she is mine. I consider myself lucky to have found her. She makes me happy what more can anyone ask.

8/7/2015 1:45:06 AM
my little girl is over today and night she is going to move forwards, in using her mouth for other interesting things to do with my ass and cock 

8/6/2015 1:42:04 AM
well 4th was important day as took my little girl to get her mark done (its in my pictures ) she was brave and no complaints at the over 3 her work on her mound. she makes me very proud to own her 

7/20/2015 2:48:48 AM
well things still going very well with my girl, though yes shes my sub I see her more as my girl. 
she is growing each meeting and yes more so at mine than at hers but that's because we have no interference from family (which is normal when kids are around ) but it allows her and I to act more freely at mine. things are moving on  and getting to show me her total surrender to my control 

7/4/2015 1:31:16 AM
pointed out that the crap about superior blacks to a so called Dom, and why they don't support africa, from their hard earned  money but want the whites to do it. Guess what complained and then blocked. I am not racist not anti black or any group, however people wanting my help and money should look to their own first and in fact their own should do it as willingly as we whites do. I ran for africa in the 80s to get  money but saw no interest  from the blacks and saw then they don't care, so why should  I ?! 
If ford car company does really well were do we see other car companies holding their hands out saying give me some do we so why is it expected in other life

7/2/2015 2:45:30 PM
beth was over yesterday and today, she moves deeper into her total surrender to me, as we progress I see why I feel so strongly for the first time about a submissive. I used to be proud that I had been lucky to have good subs, and on  a  few occasions had a few subs at the same time. while on that search for the one. a few times i felt this maybe the one but no it turned out as often it does, just another short term thing. 
Now I have turned down seeing others, to simply be with this amazing woman. I feel sorry in a way for the couple of doms that met her ad didn't connect the way we have their loss my gain. I also feel the guy she lived with who didn't understand what a special girl she is both the little and the submissive I feel proud she is mine    

6/28/2015 3:54:24 PM
this sexy attractive woman has found me and in her I have found what I have looked for so long 

6/26/2015 5:08:00 AM
the relationship with sub is going well she is pleasing me in may ways making me proud of her. 

6/18/2015 2:12:37 PM
well what a difference a couple months can make things are moving along very nicely just now. It appears I made a good choice 

5/10/2015 6:41:29 AM
I have a feeling that i may have made a very good choice here we will see over the next few weeks/months 

5/6/2015 3:03:07 AM
Dom was talking to someone about her being on here after she found her owner (he is Mr Freedom ) when her owner talks to him about why she is still on he gets upset and blocks her owner lol sad little man Could have thought Doms were supposed to be better, stronger, wiser than this 

4/16/2015 3:18:16 AM
well I a happy Dom right now, I feel I am a lucky Dom finding myself getting very interested in learning more about a girl. she is special.

7/25/2014 9:11:35 AM
I just love the way so many come on here saying '' I am new to this '' listing themselves as ''slave '' how can this be without knowing the level of their submission ?  many a fine submissive finds she is unable to become ''slave''. So it seems strange to have a newbee claiming to be what she knows so little about

6/2/2014 6:46:02 AM
I don't know how others feel but it seems there are less and less ''real people '' on this site so many fakes wanabee and down and out lying tossers !! it used to be that from looking about one in ten were real people from that about the same ratio would be the sort you may be interested in and from that a couple might get on with you and them you. Now it lucky if 1/100 are real. so sad. and disheartening

5/15/2014 2:43:59 AM
I have done this for many yrs and yes like everyone made many errors. In choices to of submissive, in my own behaviour, and in responses to submissive acts. So do not run yourself down for doing similar we all do them all regret them and hopefully all learn from them. I see that in so many cases submissives and slaves still act the same way they do/did in vanilla world, thats base their choices of partnerships in looks not ability or the knowlage that this person would do the right things, prefering to go for " I will look good next to them " or " they will make others envy me" sad to see soon after its found they are back again looking for " the one" maybe they should remember in relationships we seem to make the same mistakes and so should maybe do what they are here for. Hand over the choices to the ones that make these choices for them in life

5/19/2013 3:04:26 AM

 This is a journey even Doms learn about themselves, not just subs/slave, its a good feeling to find something new you like or a new experience....

I like using my machines to maintain slaves position during my enjoyment of her.

It still seems that far too many here think this is about sex, it is not !!  its about control and the surrender of that control,  yes once under control a lot of things lead to mans/womens drive for sexual relief,  but the having a sub/slave do things you wish regardless of their wishes or to be made to do these things is the buzz not just the sex ( have to admit like most I do love the sex though lol)

 I do wish people would be a little stronger or braver and if they not interested just say so rather than run off and not respond this is what causes so many of all trates  to get so pissed off  and a lot of the demanding  is down to this.

well since I started on here a lot of things have changed, sadly the number of fakes  continues to grow as with the ones that change their minds (and that's ok ) but don't feel able to say so and just hide and make things a guessing game.
I have met some great people on here and some that were strange to say the least.

However I still look for the one to spend my days with.  

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