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As my name says i am a baaaad kitty...

I am now married to my Master

so for any who have read my profile before, there has been some big changes.. I am no longer looking. I have found my Dominant, as of today 25-12-2017 I am officially collared to WolfOfOdin. I am his shieldmaid and he is my Jarl... I am now engaged to WolfOfOdin, So please understand I am not looking for any one other than friends.

If you send me requests to be online or in person slavesub or any thing, it will be deleted with out responding.

At this point I will say that if you can not be FULLY honest with me, then dont bother, as I just left a chronic liar and will not for any reason EVER put up with lies in my life again!!

i am a subslave to my DOM and not just anyone who says they are and if you push it with me you will find out one of the many reasons BAD is the start of my name and not in a way you may like!

for the rest i can be sweet,kind and fun

I take pride in my service as i do in my home and keeping it nice as my DOM likes it. I enjoy many facets of the life style and am still learning every day...

life has a way of putting me where i am to be of service and am needed the most so who knows we may meet one day...

all i do know is i will always be a pain slut mmmmmm bring it on!!

i may be bad but i am puuuuurrrfectly good at it!