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Welcome to my profile. AGE, it's but a number, be it good or bad depends on your outlook on l
Hetero Male Dominant, 48,  Arkansas
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 Dominant Male


 5' 10"





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Friends Only

Welcome to my profile.

AGE, it's but a number, be it good or bad depends on your outlook on life.


"can we have a public vote to get them out of office now?



9/23/12 - OK, it’s been a while since I’ve reworked my profile.


I have been on collarme since 1998. I have always been Dominant from my teens but didn\t know what it was and nobody ever spoke of BDSM. I was introduced and shown my role as a Dominant in 1991 while in Saudi Arabia “yes during the Persian Gulf war” by a French Domme and introduced to an old school lifestyle. Been active since, my Ex-wife was also into BDSM and found her breaking our rules for playing with other and yes that means she was cheating wench the EX-wife!


OK I’m older and wiser and this allows for me to be direct and brutally so, I have no time for games or B.S. so if you don’t agree with me use that button and select NEXT.



And NO I am not bi and have ZERO interest in being with guy or CD’s or TV’s, move along.




What I am seeking;


Ultimately I want a collared slave I will consider a submissive also. In either case they must be bi-sexual. Oh and be advised I normally don’t share my sub/slave with another male, so if that’s a problem move to the next profile. And I will take my pleasures with you sexually as I want and yes it will be bareback.




A submissive: you can have your limits and freedoms but I will always be in control..




I do have hobbies and other interests in the vanilla world and my slave/sub would be expected to partake in some things. I have a 3rd, she isn't into this and have blessing to play. maybe I shouldn't have gotten married again? LOL




So, don't feel shy to speak with me, I don't bit........... Much anyway LOL.

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