Vertical Line


Greetings Everyone. I am currently looking for a submissive male. Not just any submissive male however, he must be very masculine, very stable, and very secure in who and what he is. I am not wanting a sissy panty boy. I want a man to be a man in every sense of the word. A real man knows exactly how to spoil a woman and treat her extremely well. He must enjoy waiting on her hand and foot and also take care of her every need, want, and desire. He must also have a very good job and be generous in all things; time, talent and treasure. I cannot and will not relocate so please be LOCAL! and if you are planning to relocate, please contact me once you have already moved into my area. Thanks so much and have a gorgeously fantastic day and good luck to everyone of you in your search for that perfect one!
Oh, and I've also failed to mention that you would always be naked while in my presence (unless of course we are out in public). And when you are clothed, you would be wearing the clothing that I pick out for you.
ATTENTION PLEASE!!! I am NOT interested in anyone who is MARRIED. If you are married you would never be able to be  as generous with your time, talent, and treasure, as I require.
Just happened to think of a few things I need to add to this profile. Firstly, I AM A SMOKER! you HAVE to be OK with that in order to be mine. Secondly, I am not brutal, I do not believe in inflicting pain. I'll spank you if need be or a light whipping maybe, but I am not into pain infliction so if you are looking for pain, you won't find much of that with me. I'm a LOVER not a fighter. I enjoy PLEASURE not pain.