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So this is a little about myself and why I am on CollarSpace

Physically speaking I am 5'7 and weigh 130(+/- 5)lb with shoulder-length dark hair and tattoos on my arms, back and chest.

I am Nonbinary in that I was AMAB and have not had any medical interventions but exploring myself has led to me feeling most comfortable when smooth-shaven all over and wearing my prosthetic breast-forms. I enjoy myself in makeup but have very little practice at it.

By nature I am softly spoken and my accent is a mix between Australian and British.

What I am looking for is the right person to continue this exploration with as a "summer romance" for the next 4 or 5 months before I move and is comfortable that I am married and doing this with my wife's enthusiastic support (but not her involvement).

The right person is someone who would take joy in exploring, and helping me explore, my more receptive, submissive and "feminine" aspects; beginning by chatting with the goal of working to both be comfortable for in person meetings.

At that point once or twice a month, at times we agree in advance, I would get a room nearby them for 24 -72 hours to which they would get a key.

During that time I would be available for anything we had discussed, at their convenience and time table, with the continuing chats in between our meetings developing which things they would like to coax, cajole and, in the right circumstances, push me towards.

Ideally the right person will also feel additional excitement and freedom to explore knowing that I will be moving out of the country by around October.

I welcome the chance to chat to anyone this apppeals to and find out if we have a chemistry and connection.