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Hello one and all

I am Andrew. I am 42 years old. I am single. I have no kids an no baggage Drama at all.
I am a small business owner. I own my home. I work full time and I keep myself in good shape.

I have been on this site off and on since 2006. I have more than 12 years years of experience now. I lve teaching and educating would be submissives
What am I looking for?

Am looking for a true and genuine submissive. I am not interested in Poly. I believe that a one on me relationship is best.

I must emphasize that I want someone who is a TRUE submissive. I want someone who wants to gain knowledge, wisdom and insight from a Dominant male.

I do not want a doormat. I have actually never had that.
I seek someone who has a big brain, really intelligent, traveled with an engaging sense of humor.

Many women here are from small towns and that is okay. I am more than willing to once again train a smaller town woman.