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Hello, my name is Master Paul and I am an Alpha Male seeking his submissive counterpart. I am a natural Dominant living and working in the lifestyle for the last 10 years. I am well educated, have my own business, car, and the only thing missing is my submissive. I am in good physical shape, with absolutely no physical ailments or impairments, takes absolutely no medications or drugs. I am a real, normal, Dominant Man and not one of the many fakes you will find on this website. I am real and I am looking for something real.

I have my own BDSM business that is quite successful and has gained great acknowledgement throughout the BDSM community. If we connect I would be more than happy give you the name of my business. I am seeking a true submissive, someone who feels deep inside that being a submissive is her calling and her only happiness would be to please her Master.

While I am a true Dominant, and believe strongly in things like obedience and BDSM principles, I am also very understanding, tolerant, and affectionate.

The submissive I seek, again, should be a natural submissive deep desires to please and obey. I am more inclined to train someone new to the lifestyle than try to break bad habits. If you are just starting out and you would like a genuine, true Master who will care for you and appreciate you oh, then I would like to hear from you. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Master Paul