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Theres something so free about being tied up. I cant be bashful when Im naked, spread eagle on the bed. I cant be coy and tell you no with a ball gag in my mouth. All I can do is strain against the ropes and the cuffs as you haveyour way with me, any way you wish. You know just how to push my buttons and I cant squirm playfully away. You push me to try things that I would never do unless you had me tied up, and then I end up loving every moment of it. And it makes me want to serve you even more once the ropes come off, to show you that Ilove you and want to bring you pleasure too.

That feeling when we see each other again.  The smile I can't hide.  The goose bumps that follow the line your hand makes up my back.  The way I lose my breath when our lips meet.  Your laugh.  My fingers in your hair pulling your head back so I can kiss your neck.  The moan that escapes your lips.  The way your moan makes me moan.  Weak knees.  The way I could kiss you forever standing in the dining room.  How I crave your arms wrapped around me.  The melty way you look into my eyes.  The way you touch me.  The way I want you to never stop touching me.  Holding hands.  The love bites that remind me you were here.  How my bed smells like you, like us, now.  The smile when I remember how you taste.  Great sex hair.  How you get rough when you want me.  The way you say cuddle but really mean sex.  Great sex.  So deep.  Deep breaths.  Teasing you.  Watching your body tense.  Falling asleep in your arms.  Wanting you.  Not wanting you to leave.  Crying when you do.  Wishing you were here tonight. 

Dare I name it?  Can it be love?

Mommy Time

Mommy was so glad she got all her errands done early.  She could go home and relax, enjoy the quiet house before her husband and kids came home.  Moments like this were few and far between now that the boys were older.  There were so many sporting events to attend, practices, and school projects.  Sometimes Mommy just needed a break, and today was that day.  She parked the car in the driveway, got the groceries out of the back, and went in the house.  So quiet.  Mommy smiled.  She put the groceries on the kitchen counter, and started to put them away when she heard a noise.  It came from her bedroom.  Mommy started down the hallway to see what was going on.  She got to her bedroom door and stopped.  There stood her oldest, Tim, wearing one of her bras and a pair of her panties, with a pair of her stockings in his hands.  He just stood there, staring at her, his face turning red, not sure what to say.  Mommy just crossed her arms and leaned against the door, waiting for his answer to her unasked question, "What are you doing?"  Tim just looked down at his hands, holding her stockings.  Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he managed to stammer out, "I was just trying to figure out how this stuff works.  You know, because someday I'll need to be able to, you know....."  His voice trailed off, embarrassed to be caught in his mom's lingerie, and to be admitting this to her.  He should have known he'd get caught at some point. 
Tim continued staring at the floor.  Mommy walked slowly over to him, putting her hand under his chin and tilted his face up.  "Look at me."  She didn't sound angry.  Tim cautiously looked up to meet Mommy's eyes and he saw understanding there.  "Sweetheart, this isn't the way to learn about these things.  You should have asked me to show you.  Every boy needs his mommy to teach him about love and passion, and lingerie."  Mommy smiled at the look of surprise on Tim's face.  "Put those down and come over here."  Tim followed Mommy to the bed and sat down beside her.  "Unzip my dress."  Tim reached out a trembling hand and slowly drew the zipper down, revealing Mommy's smooth white skin and her bra.  He loved her skin, so soft and sensual.  It was the reason he still gave her long hugs every night before bed, and then went to his room and masturbated to the smell of her and the feel of her body pressed against his.  He ran his hands over her shoulders, down her back, not wanting to stop.  He began to pull her bra straps down over her shoulders, but Mommy stopped him.  "No my dear.  Unhook my bra in the back.  You have to learn how to do it right, and it's my job to teach you how.  Just do what I tell you."
Tim pulled the straps back up, and began to try to manipulate the hook and eye closure, fumbling with it in frustration.  He couldn't see it, but Mommy was smiling.  Her husband had been just the same way....  "Not like that Tim.  Watch."  Mommy reached behind her back and showed him how to unhook her bra.  Then she hooked it again.  "Take a breath and try again."  Tim was having a hard time focusing.  His cock was getting hard in Mommy's silk panties, but he wanted her to show him these things.  Tim tried again and was able to unhook Mommy's bra.  He was so happy, until Mommy told him, "Now hook it back up and try it a few times.  Get used to it dear."  Tim just wanted to touch her breasts...  But he wanted to be a good boy, so he did as he was told.  After four or five more tries, he felt pretty comfortable.  Once her bra was hooked closed, Mommy turned toward Tim on the bed, facing him.  She noticed his hard cock bulging against her white panties, but didn't say anything.  Tim could only look at her breasts, how they bounced as she moved, and how he wanted to fondle them.  "Now take it off from this side, without looking."  Tim reached behind Mommy to unhook her bra, leaning into her body.  Mommy reached up and cradled his head, running her fingers through his hair.  "Kiss my neck here, Tim."  As Tim leaned in even closer to his Mommy's neck, his hard cock rubbed against her body, and he moaned into her neck.  "It's alright my love, I know it feels good, I can help to make it feel even better.  Unhook my bra."
Tim finally managed to get Mommy's bra off, and sat back to stare at her breasts.  "Go ahead and touch them Tim.  Feel them and get to know them."  Tim very gingerly reached out his hand and lightly ran his fingertips down Mommy's chest and watched in amazement as a line of goosebumps rose on her skin.  He moved toward her nipple and watched it pucker at his touch.  "Now the other one."  Tim reached out his other hand and made the same movements, and was rewarded with the same reaction.  He smiled up at Mommy, looking for her approval.  "That's a good boy.  Always start gently, touching and kissing.  Go ahead, suck on my nipples.  Just like when you were a baby, you remember how."  Tim kissed his way from Mommy's shoulder to her breast.  His mouth found her nipple and began to suckle her.  Mommy had her hand in his hair again, arching her back to meet his mouth, moaning gently.  It felt so good.  She had wanted this for a long time, to nurture her oldest son, to show him how to please a woman, to teach him, and now it was happening.
Tim's other hand found Mommy's other nipple and slowly squeezed, testing what he could do.  This was something he'd only dreamt about.  He'd never done anything with a girl before because he was too scared of looking stupid.  Now Mommy said she would teach him, and Tim was eager to learn.  Mommy leaned back on the bed and Tim's body followed hers.  He was lying beside Mommy, sucking one nipple with his mouth, squeezing and kneeding the other with his hand.  Mommy moaned and Tim knew he was doing a good job.  Mommy reached up and took Tim's hand in hers, saying, "Don't stop sucking, just do what I tell you."  She moved their hands together toward her pussy, knowing they would find it all wet.  She pushed the rest of her dress to the floor, so all she had on now were her thigh highs, garter belt and heels.  Mommy guided her son's hand all around her pussy, letting him feel her skin.  Then very lightly, she pulled his fingertip up the middle of her wet cunt, right over her clit.  When Tim hit Mommy's sweet spot, a shiver went through her body and she moaned again.  She brought their hands to his mouth and told him to lick her sweet juice from their fingers.  Mommy took her hand away from Tim's so he could explore on his own.  He needed to learn that when a woman moaned, that whatever he did felt good and he should do it again.  By now, all of Tim's attention was on Mommy's pussy, and he was leaning up on one elbow, watching how her body responded when he touched her.  After a few minutes, Tim felt Mommy grinding back on his fingers then her hand was on his shoulder.  "Get on the floor on your knees, use your mouth." 
Tim obeyed immediately and Mommy saw his hard cock popping out of her panties.  Tim kneeled at the edge of the bed and began to investigate Mommy's pussy.  She was shaved so he could see everything.  He traced her lips gently and pulled them back, rubbing her exposed clit and watched Mommy jerk.  Then he understood.  Tim began by licking the length of Mommy's wet pussy several times, loving the moans that escaped her lips.  The harder he licked, the more Mommy moaned.  Tim stuck his tongue in her vagina and Mommy whispered, "Yes my dear, that's where you came from.  Keep doing that, yes...."  Then Tim moved to her clit.  He licked all around it at first, then started sucking on it.  Mommy's hips were rotating and she was pushing her pussy onto his face.  Tim reached up and put his hands on Mommy's hips to try and hold her still, but it did no good.  He was young and eager and Mommy was getting worked up.  But she didn't want to cum yet, so Mommy said, "Stop."  As hard as it was, Tim sat back on his heels and looked up at her.  Mommy sat up on the bed and told him he'd done a very good job and she was proud of him, but now it was his turn for some attention.
Tim laid down on the bed, still wearing Mommy's bra and panties.  His hard cock was stretching the silky fabric of the panties, and he just wanted to touch himself to relieve the pressure.  Mommy crawled onto the bed and hovered over Tim's body, her full breasts just inches away from his skin.  She leaned down and kissed Tim, very soft, very gently.  Her kisses moved down his neck to his chest, her taut nipples barely grazing his skin, leaving a line of goosebumps.  Mommy's hands gently caressed Tim through the panties, loving the wet spot of precum that stained the white silk.  He moaned as Mommy kissed along the edge of the panties, across his stomach.  Timmy had never felt so hard.  He was going to lose it pretty soon, this was more intense than anything he had experienced before.  Just then Mommy began to pull down the panties, releasing his cock from it's confines.  Tim looked down and watched as Mommy began to lick the length of him, kneading his balls with one hand, holding the base of his cock with the other.  As she took his cock in her mouth and swallowed the entire length of him, Timmy began to shake with his orgasm.  It felt so good, and Mommy was making it better, massaging out every last drop with her tongue, swallowing it all.
When Tim had his breath again, and could sit up, Mommy was smiling at him.  "You were such a good boy.  You listened so well.  Go take a shower and I'm going to make dinner."  Mommy stood up and pulled her dress back on and Tim zipped her up.  Then he went to his own room and got in the shower.  He got hard again thinking about everything they had done this afternoon, and got off again.  When Tim got out of the shower, he could hear his mom and dad talking.  He froze.  What if Mommy told Father everything?  He couldn't face his Dad.  Tim put on a pair of pajamas and laid down on his bed, afraid to go out to the living room.  After awhile, Mommy called that dinner was ready, but still Timmy didn't get up.  One of his brothers came in and told him dinner was ready, but still Timmy didn't get up.  A few minutes later, Mommy came in.  She sat down on the side of the bed very gently, and said, "Aren't you hungry?  You worked up quite an appetite?"  Tim looked at her and Mommy was smiling.  "Did you tell Father?" 
"Of course not.  Why would I do that?  This is just between us.  Come and eat dinner."  With that, Mommy walked out of the room.  Timmy laid there for another minute, thinking.  This is wonderful, he thought.  We can play anytime and no one will know.  He smiled and got up, and walked to the dining room.  Father looked up at him and said, "Aren't you feeling well, son?  Maybe you should stay home from school tomorrow until you feel better.  I have to leave for a business trip tomorrow and I'll be gone for a week, so you'll need to help your mother and you can't do that if you're sick."  Timmy looked up at Mommy.  She was smiling as she said, "I'm sure he'll be much better after a day home tomorrow..."

The Bath

You come home from your day, and open the front door.  I am kneeling on  the floor, eyes cast down.  You walk past me, patting my head, and go toward the  bathroom.  You start to push the door open, and turn back to look at me.  My  eyes are still downcast and you smile.  "Come along Pet."  I smile and run to  your side.  We go into the bathroom, and I begin to draw your bath as you watch  me.  When the water is warm enough and filling the tub, I turn to you and begin  to unbutton your shirt.  This part is always so hard for me, I want to kiss you  and start playing, but this is not about what I want.  This is about me  belonging to you and doing everything within my power to please you, to take  care of your needs above my own.  So I inhale deeply, taking in your scent, and  continue to undress you, careful not to touch you with my fingers, only touching  your clothes.
You're smiling at me, trying not to laugh.  I know you think this is funny,  that it's so hard for me to resist you.  Oh, the belt, the zipper, the  pants....  Lord help me.  I'm on my knees again, taking off your shoes, your  socks, and helping you to step out of your pants, folding each piece of  clothing, being neat just as you like.  And then the underwear.  I can barely  breathe.  I have to touch your skin to take them off, I can see the goosebumps  where I touch your waist, and I slowly lower the waistband.  I love the way the  material yields to my hands, revealing you.  I slowly begin to move my head  toward your cock, I want to kiss it, to lick, to suck.  And your hand grabs a  fistful of my hair and yanks my head back, forcing my eyes to yours.  "No."  It  only takes that one word, and I remember my place, at your feet, at your whim.   "I'm sorry Daddy."  You release my hair, and I finish removing your underwear.   You step over to the tub and step in.  You've had a long hard day, and the warm  water feels good.  I stay on my knees by the clothes, quiet, waiting for you to  summon me.  You like to relax first, soak awhile.....
When you have had your nice long soak, you call me to your side.  I come to the  side of the tub, eyes downcast, ashamed of my behavior.  You know this, I can't  hide my feelings from you.  You reach out and put your finger under my chin,  pulling my face up gently.  You don't say anything, but I know you aren't  angry.  I kiss your hand and ask if you are ready.  You lay your head back and  sigh deeply, saying, "Yes, begin." 
I have all that I need in a neat basket right beside the tub.  I start with  the sponge and body wash, working up a lather.  I gently wash all over your  body, taking care not to spend too much time in any one area.  Except your feet,  I love to wash each individual toe and pamper them.  I wash your hair, making  sure not to let any soap in your eyes, your beautiful eyes.  I pull the drain on  the tub, letting the water release.  Sometimes I feel like that water.  You wash  away my inhibitions and let them fall away, making me a better, cleaner version  of myself.
You stand up and step out of the tub onto the mat.  I quickly get the oil and  begin to massage it into your skin, starting at your shoulders, down your arms.   Then your back and chest.  Then the forbidden areas....  I try to be good and  not linger.  You silently laugh at me again, as I smile up at you.  Then I work  down your legs, and end with your toes, making sure each one gets the attention  it deserves.  Then I get the towel from the heated towel rack, and quickly dry  you.  You walk out of the bathroom as I clean up the oils and soaps.  When I  walk out, you are already lying on the bed, face down.  I walk over and start at  your feet, massaging gently, working out your tension, your stress, rubbing your  cares away.  I work up your calves, then to your thighs.  And then your ass.   The late sun is coming through the windows and your skin is warm with the rays.   Just the thought of touching you, of rubbing you, of bringing some small amount  of pleasure to you gives me chills.  My nipples are hard as I climb onto the  bed, kneeling between your legs.  I begin to work your muscles, to knead you  like dough, soft at first and then more pressure.  Up your back and as I get  nearer your shoulders, I move to straddle your ass so I can reach.  I work down  your arms, even massaging each finger, kissing the hands that discipline me.   This is the part I love most, being close to you and knowing I'm yours and I  make you happy.
As I linger over the last finger, you pull your hand away, and say, "Now for  the other side."  I climb off and kneel beside you on the bed.  As you turn  over, all I can focus on is that you are hard.  A small moan escapes my lips,  and you laugh, calling me a silly girl.  You're smiling, but your eyes are  hungry, and that look is never lost on me.  Again I begin at your feet, moving  my way slowly up your legs.  Then I am to your pelvis.  I hesitate.  Suddenly  you slap me, and I almost fall off the bed.  There are instantly tears in my  eyes.  Not because you hit me, indeed it does hurt, but because I have  disappointed you.  You just stare at me.  "Keep working."  "Yes Daddy."  I know  you won't let me have you tonight, and it's my own fault.  My arms are shaking  as I work up your stomach, and as I reach your arms, a tear falls to your  chest.  I try to brush it away, but you grab my wrist hard.  Very hard.  You sit  up from the bed, and whisper in my ear, "Save your tears for what's coming next,  bitch."  I know this will be bad, but I deserve it.  You've given me clear  expectations of my duties, and I failed.  You stand up from the bed, still  holding my wrist, and pull me to the center of the room.  I look up at the rings  and the rope running through them, knowing that soon I'll be strung up there, at  your mercy.  Mercy, ha.  There will be no mercy for me tonight.....

The Meeting Part Three

Pet couldn't see anything, the room was totally black,
and she began to panic. Then Master put his arms
around her and began to run his fingers lightly over
her chest and stomach, kissing her neck. He whispered
in her ear that if at any time she wanted to stop, all
she had to do was tell him. Her legs were quivering
and she desperately wanted to sit down. She'd never
felt like this before, so worked up and wanting a
stranger so badly. She was grateful when Master
turned her around and pushed her gently onto a bed and
told her just relax while he got her ready. Pet could
hear the sounds of her Master moving around the room,
picking up and moving items around. She couldn't see
anything, but hearing that he was close made Pet feel

Master came to stand in front of Pet, and he could
smell her sweet scent as it filled his nostrils and
made his breath come faster. He would have to
restrain himself with this one. She captivated him,
and he wanted her in a way that he hadn't known in a
very long time. But she was so inexperienced, if he
wasn't patient, she would be scared and he would lose
her. He usually didn't speak during a bondage session
as a means of sensory deprivation, but he decided to
tell her what he was doing as he did it so she might
be more comfortable.

Master told Pet to hold out her hands so he could
buckle on the cuffs. Pet was surprised that the cuffs
were lined with a soft fleece, and were very
comfortable, as were the ankle cuffs. The strange
weight brought Pet back to reality, and her body went
rigid. Master felt her panic and began to stroke her
shoulders and arms and told her it was okay, that even
though she would be tied up, she was ultimately in
charge of the situation. If at any time she wanted to
stop, all she had to do was say so, and he would not
be angry with her. Master also told her that for this
first session, she would not be gagged, so that she
could communicate easily. Pet thanked her Master, and
at his command, she rolled onto her stomach and put
her hands behind her back. Master tied her feet
together and then her hands. He explained that this
would be the most comfortable way for her to lay while
they 'played'. After Master tied her hands to her
feet, in a hogtie, he positioned a pillow under her
head and kissed her. He told her to wait for him, and
he would be right back. Pet almost laughed, thinking
she had nowhere to go, and she couldn't get anywhere.
While Master was gone, Pet tested the ropes and cuffs
to see if escape was possible. It was not. There was
room to wiggle, but nothing more. And Pet had the
feeling that Master could have tied it tighter, but
didn't because it was her first time. She was
grateful that he was being thoughtful.

Master came back to the bedroom, sure that he had
given his new Pet time to test her bonds. As he came
up to the bed, Master explained that they would not be
having sex tonight. Pet was momentarily deflated.
Then Master continued and told her that bondage was
not necessarily about sex, but domination and
submission, and learning and pushing the limits we
have known all our lives, and tonight was about
learning Pet's limits. Pet liked the sound of that,
and said so. Master just laughed and told her to
wait, she might not feel that way when they were done.

Master began by rubbing Pet's back, down her legs, and
then around her ass. Pet arched her body to meet his
hands and Master smacked her ass hard, and told her
that her job was to lay there and not move or make
noise. Pet tried very hard to do what Master ordered,
but it was so hard. Small moans would escape her
mouth, and Master would slap her ass, hard. After
awhile, Pet was so wet from being finger fucked, and
she just wanted to cum, but Master wouldn't let her,
so Pet started to moan louder, just so he would spank
her. Master quickly figured out what Pet was doing,
and it turned him on. He loved a nice long, rough
spanking session, and knowing that she was already
into the light stuff made him harder than ever.

But he didn't want to go too far tonight. This was
about her, learning how far he could push her and how
well she would respond to being dominated. Master
stopped the finger fucking and pulled Pet up to her
knees so she was kneeling on the bed. Then he very
gently placed her on the floor and took off his
clothes, sitting on the edge of the bed. Pet
immediately began licking his cock, up and down,
taking it into her mouth and sucking it like a giant
lollipop. Master was very well endowed, and Pet
gagged a little when she took him all the way down her
throat. Master was really enjoying it. Usually he
needed to tell a sub how to do it right, but Pet was
spectacular. He could feel himself getting close, so
he told her and Pet kept going. Master came in her
mouth and Pet licked up every drop. He laid there for
a few minutes, and Pet just sat back on her heels
until he was ready for her.

When Master was ready, he asked Pet if her arms and
feet were alright, if she was comfortable in that
position still. Pet answered that she was fine, and
liked the way the cuffs felt against her skin. Master
told her to wait just a minute, he would be right
back. Pet waited in the darkness and she heard him
come back just a few minutes later, with something
jingling in his hand. She couldn't figure it out.
Then Master was back in front of her, on his knees
facing her. He asked if she had ever used clamps
before. Pet answered no, but she had seen some and
read about them. Master asked if he could use them on
her, and Pet answered yes. She liked the idea of pain
used to create a higher level of ecstasy, like the
spanking. But she wasn't ready for the pain that
exploded in her nipples when Master attached the
clamps to her. She cried out in pain, but didn't ask
Master to remove them. Master was happy with her and
began to kiss and lick and suck all around her
breasts, careful not to touch the clamps. Pet
responded to his mouth on her body by trying to push
her breast into his mouth. Her moans getting louder,
and Pet began to squirm when his hand slid between her
legs and began to stroke her pussy. Pet was barely
holding on and Master could tell. He stopped just
long enough to lie on his back and position his head
just under her sweet pussy. He placed his arms around
her thighs and pulled her down onto his face as he
began to suck her clit and lick up her juices. Pet's
pussy contracted as the first orgasm hit her, and
Master did not stop, but kept right on licking and
probing with his tongue.

Pet could barely breathe by the time Master stopped,
and collapsed onto his stomach. As she lay there,
Master began to untie the ropes. Pet felt a little
sad that she would have to leave now and go home. She
wanted to stay tied, and play more. When all the
ropes were gone, and the cuffs unbuckled, Pet asked if
she should call a cab. Master laughed softly and told
her no, they were just getting started.....

The Meeting Part Two

Mandy tried to concentrate on the things Michael was
saying, but it was so hard to focus. She knew he was
telling her how he expected her to behave and dress,
and what to expect from their relationship, but she
couldn't make her brain stay in one place. Michael
finally laughed, and told her to just wait and they
would go over things when they got to his place. They
drove quickly and Mandy looked around to find herself
in the old meat-packing district of town. The
building Michael pulled into was huge and made of
brick. Even though it was obviously old, it was
beautiful, and Mandy told him so as he parked the car.
Michael laughed and told her to wait until she saw
the rest of it.

As she walked into his apartment, Mandy was impressed.
It was huge, and full of interesting things. There
was stunning art on the walls, artifacts that looked
like they would belong in a museum, but it all looked
like it belonged there. It wasn't stuffy and
pretentious, and made the huge space feel inviting.
Michael poured Mandy a drink as she looked at some of
his collection. When he invited her to sit, Mandy
chose a chair so he would not be touching her and she
could concentrate on what he was saying to her.

Michael explained that he understood that she was new
to bondage and her would have to be slow and patient
with her, which he was willing to do. But he also
expected her to obey his every wish and respect him as
her Master. In return, he would treat her with
respect and teach her about bondage. If at some
point, they both wanted to take it further, they would
discuss it. He would also demand that she always
address him as Master, in private and public, and she
would dress as he saw fit. Michael further explained
that it was his job to push the limits that she had
always known. Pain, pleasure, ecstasty, and
everything in between. She would have to trust him
completely that he knew what he was doing and give
herself up to him.

Mandy listened intently, and when Michael stopped
talking, she was looking into her drink. He stood up
and said he was going to change and let her think. He
didn't expect a decision tonight, and whenever she
wanted to leave, he would take her home or call her a
cab. He walked through a door, and closed it gently
behind him. Mandy sat on the chair thinking if she
could live with the demands Michael had given her.
She wasn't sure, but she wanted to find out. She
stood and began to unbutton her blouse as she walked
toward the door Michael had disappeared through. Next
she unzipped the short black skirt and let it fall to
the floor. She knocked softly on the door and Michael
opened it to find Mandy standing in front of him, half
naked with a hungry look in her eyes. He slowly let
his eyes wander up and down her beautiful body. Her
legs were so shapely and the suspender stockings gave
such a lovely view of her shaved pussy. Her breasts
were large and the nipples were already hard. Michael
couldn't wait to use the clamps on her. Her took her
hand as her led her into the dark room and closed the

The Meeting Part One

Mandy could not believe she was about to go on a date
with the man she had met online. It was worse than a
blind date, she had no idea who this man was, and they
had no mutual friends to tell her about him. He said
his name was Michael, and he lived in her city. But
there was so much more. She had answered his posting
on a personal's website, a posting for a bondage
relationship. Mandy had always been interested in
bondage, but she didn't know too much about it. It
wasn't the sort of thing you could ask a coworker or
friend about. Mandy only knew what she had found

She had answered his ad, and had been very honest that
she was inexperienced in bondage, but was eager to
learn more. Michael didn't seem to mind her naivete,
he actually seemed pleased. They emailed a few times
and talked on the phone, and finally agreed it was
time to meet in person. Mandy was naturally a quiet
person, and nervous about the first date, but very
excited. Michael didn't give much information about
himself, nor did he answer many of her bondage
questions. He told her that sort of conversation
would be better in person. The way he talked, Mandy
thought she would enjoy being his slave and catering
to his every need, but she didn't want to rush things.
She wanted to get to know Michael before things got
sexual. But she had a feeling that once they got
started, there would be no turning back.

So here she was, driving to the small club downtown,
dressed in an outfit her mother would have killed
Mandy for wearing in public. Michael had been very
specific about the clothes he expected her to wear for
him. Tight, short skirts, low cut blouses, stockings
and heels. Mandy had been practicing in her
apartment, walking in the heels so she didn't make a
fool of herself, but she still felt a little wobbly in
them. And she wasn't sure how she felt about the
short skirt, but she liked the way she looked in the
mirror. She hoped Michael would like it too.

As she walked into the club, she felt like every man
in the place was staring at her, and she was almost
right. As her eyes adjusted to the dim lights, she
didn't see anyone who matched Michael's description,
so she sat down at a table and ordered a drink. As
she took her first sip, she felt a hand drape across
her shoulder and then soft lips gently brush her neck.
Then the hand moved up to the nape of her neck and
grabbed a handful of hair and firmly pulled down,
forcing Mandy's face up. A soft moan escaped her
lips, and Mandy was looking up at Michael. He had a
soft smile on his face and laughed. He released her
hair and slid into the chair next to her, making a
comment that he thought she would make a wonderful
sub. Mandy could barely breathe, she was so
intoxicated with his way of saying hello. He took
several long moments and just looked at her, like he
was sizing her up. She wondered what he thought.

As he started to talk to her and ask her questions, he
also began rubbing her legs. Slowly and modestly at
first, then higher and rougher, until his hands were
up under her skirt. Mandy felt so exposed and
vulnerable, but for some reason, she didn't tell him
to stop. Then she realized she didn't want him to
stop, she wanted him to touch her all over her body.
She wanted him to kiss her and make love to her, and
from the way his hands were moving, Michael would know
how to do her the right way. She leaned into him and
she could hear him inhale deeply, smelling her
perfume, and she whispered in his ear and asked him to
take her somewhere more private. Michael smiled and

They walked out to his car, his hand on her ass,
gently squeezing with every step. As Mandy got into
his car, she had a moment of panic, wondering what she
was doing, going with a total stranger back to his
place. As if reading her mind, Michael asked if she
was sure about this. She automatically answered yes.
As he sped off down the street, Michael began to
explain the ground rules.......

Part Three

Pet loved the blindfold. It was so soft and velvety,
and made her world inky and black. Although it had
taken awhile to get used to, she loved that she had no
idea what Master would do to her next. As she
crouched on the table, Pet could only imagine what
Master had in store for her tonight. He had told her
that she had been learning so much and doing so well,
that he had a surprise for her. Just the idea of
being his slave and totally at his mercy, Pet's cunt
started to juice up and she began to squirm. She had
never imagined that she would find such release in
being chained down.

Master came up behind her and began to lick all around
her smooth pussy, gently probing with his tongue. Pet
tried to force herself toward his mouth, to get more
of his tongue into her, but the leather collar had no
give and she could not move except to rotate her hips
against his face. Master began to suck her clit and
Pet gave a moan of pleasure. She loved the way he
manipulated her most sensitive areas. As he was
eating her out, Master began to probe her asshole with
his finger, deeper and deeper. Every time his finger
would go in and out, so would his tongue in her pussy.
Pet gasped with the sensation, loving the sweet
confusion her body was experiencing.

As he was probing her asshole, Master began to insert
anal beads. Pet had seen them before on the toy
table, but Master had never used them, and Pet was
very curious. Apparently tonight was the night.
Master inserted all but the last few, Pet could feel
them trailing her taint, and loved the feeling.

Suddenly Master inserted something into her pussy and
asshole, along side the beads, at the same time. It
felt like a dildo and a butt plug, but it felt like
they were connected, one piece. Pet began to drool
through the ring gag, and she knew she was leaving a
puddle on the table, but she also knew that Master
liked it when she drooled, so she made no futile
attempts to keep it from happening. Pet could feel
Master gently pulling on the double dildo, and it felt
so good. Then she could hear him at the toy table,
and she wondered what was next. She listened for the
jingle she loved, and moaned when she heard it.
Master laughed, low and sensual, knowing how she loved
and feared that jingle.

Pet cried out as the clamps were quickly applied to
her sensitive nipples, but soon the pain eased and the
pleasure started to excite her. The jingle continued
though, as Master lightly traced the chain along her
breasts and down her stomach. Pet wondered how he was
doing it, the chain wasn't that long. Suddenly,
Master clamped her clit, and true pain seemed to
explode in her pussy. Pet cried out and tried to
shake the clamp off, but Master had done it well, of
course, and it wouldn't budge. Master was inspecting
his work, Pet could feel his warm breath on her even
hotter pussy, and he seemed pleased, she heard him
murmur that she was a good girl.

Then Master was at Pet's head again, and again he told
her she was a good girl and stroked her cheek. He
asked if Pet was ready for the real fun to begin. Pet
could only mmph her acceptance. She heard Master
unzip his pants and heard them fall to the floor, and
his rock hard cock was shoved through the ring. Pet
instantly began to suck as well as she could with the
ring in her mouth. Then the double dildo began to
grind against her again. Master must have rigged it
with rope that he could manipulate and pull from this
angle. Pet had never felt so full before, and she
could feel the orgasm cuming. Master must have known,
he gave her permission to cum, but told her that she
must not stop sucking him until he had cum too.

As the first orgasm started to shake her body, Pet's
moans turned into cries of ectasy, and she sucked even
harder, saliva covering Master's throbbing cock. As
she was cumming, he pulled hard on the double dildo
and it popped as it came free of her, making the
orgasm even more intense. Pet almost stopped sucking,
lost in a sensation so strong, she came close to
passing out. Master spanked her ass, hard, and
commanded her to finish him. Pet continued to suck,
her body still shaking. As Master began to blast cum
into her mouth, he also pulled out the anal beads, in
one smooth stroke, and another orgasm washed over Pet.

When she woke up, Pet was laying on the bed in their
bedroom, naked, with the nipple and clit clamps still
on, with her hair wet, in the dark. She wimpered
softly, not sure what had happened in the last seconds
of their play, wanting the reassuring arms of her
Master. At the sound of her, Master came over to her
from the armchair where he was watching over Pet. He
lit a candle by the bed, and looked anxiously into her
face. Pet asked what had happened. Master kissed her
face and told her that she had passed out, and when he
couldn't revive her, her put her in the shower, but
even that did not bring her around. He had been
sitting, watching, waiting for her to wake up for
almost two hours. Pet tried to sit up, but she had no
energy, and Master told her to lie back. He gently
removed the clamps, and Pet began to cry with the
pain. Master layed down beside her and kissed away
the tears. When she was able to speak, Master asked
her how she liked tonight's play. Pet replied with a
hard bite to his earlobe. She had loved every minute
of it. She felt him start to get aroused, and
whispered that she wasn't sure how much strength she
had left, but everything she had belonged to him.......

Part Two

Pet was thankful she had chosen a black skirt to wear
tonight. She knew that once she stood up from the
booth, there would be a puddle of her juices all over
the seat, and on her skirt, and the black would hide
the mess. Master was having a good time teasing her.
He ate slowly, made conversation about everything
except what she wanted to talk about, and even ordered
a dessert. He never did that, he was trying to
prolong her torture, her need for an orgasm at his
will. Pet had to be very careful. Master would
become angry if she acted too needy tonight. She knew
he wanted to play tonight, but she also knew if he
changed his mind, she would not find any release for

So she sat back and held her irritability to herself.
Finally, after eating only a few bites of the dessert,
they left. Master laughed at the puddle Pet left, but
still used his handkerchief to wipe it up. He brought
it briefly to his nose and inhaled deeply, the hungry
look coming back to his eyes. Pet quivered on her
heels, knowing that the play tonight would be their
best yet.

After getting in the car, Master used the handkerchief
to clean her up too. As he started the car, he
ordered her to remove her sweater and bra, and to
recline the seat all the way back, so she was
practically laying flat. The cold air in the car
instantly made her nipples hard and alert. Master
told her to close her eyes and to keep them closed
until he told her to open them. Pet obeyed, as
always, knowing she was safe with him. She could hear
him as he opened the center console and move objects
around. She figured he was looking for a cd or
something. She was shocked and almost opened her eyes
when a very cold, hard dildo penetrated her very
sensitive pussy. Pet slowly exhaled as Master started
to fuck her with it, rocking her hips slowly to his
rhythm. Suddenly her left and then her right nipple
exploded with pain, Master had put clamps on her, and
Pet let out a cry of pain, but did not open her eyes.
Master flicked one of her nipples and told her to get
used to it, that he knew she liked it. And she did,
but the pain was so intense.

Master continued with his slow, methodical dildo
fucking. Pet could go for a lond time as long as the
stroke was slow. As he got ready to pull out of the
parking lot, Master suddenly rammed the dildo deep
into her dripping pussy and spun Pet around so her
legs were in his lap. Then he forced her left leg
behind his seat and pulled her right foot across the
steering wheel and planted it firmly against his door.
At this angle, he could easily drive and penetrate
her pussy all the way home. Pet moaned softly and
wrapped her hands into the seat belt above her head,
binding herself so she would not be tempted to get
into Master's way. All the way back to the house, Pet
just wanted to tell him to pull over and take her, but
she didn't. That wasn't the point of being a slave.
It wasn't about her pleasure, it was about being
dominated and behaving, so she tried to divert her
thoughts. She concentrated on the feel of the leather
seat against her back, the movement of the car. She
was trying to imagine by the turns and feel of the
road, where they were and how much longer until sweet

Finally she heard the turn signal, which was her
signal that they were home. Master pulled into the
garage and she heard the door close behind them. He
turned off the engine and proceeded to fuck her hard
and fast with the dildo. She was so close, she asked
if she was allowed to cum. No answer. Her breathing
was coming hard and fast and she could barely speak
the words again, but she did. Still no answer. Pet
had to tense all the muscles in her legs and lower
half and hold her breath to keep from cumming all over
the car. She couldn't cum without permission. But
Master was still pounding her with the dildo. Pet
could only take a few more seconds of this before she
passed out. Suddenly Master released the nipple
clamps and commanded her to cum. Pet shook with the
force of the orgasm, she felt her juices run out of
her pussy, onto the car, Master's hands and down her
ass. When she could finally breath again, Master
unwound her hands from the seat belt and told her to
open her eyes. Pet did so and he helped her to sit
up. She slid all over the seat, her cum all over the
leather. Master came to her side of the car and
helped her out, and into the house.

Pet was in the bathroom cleaning herself up and Master
called for her to come to the play room when she was
ready. Pet finished and picked up a fresh pair of
hose and a half corset, the kind that leave the
breasts exposed. She slipped these on and put on a
pair of heels. She walked to the play room and stood
just inside the doorway, eyes downcast. Master came
to her and slipped a blindfold over her eyes, and
kissed her lips and then each breast. Master ordered
her to the middle of the room and cuffed her, each
ankle to each wrist. She felt very vulnerable, ass in
the air, without Master touching her. He came back to
her and inserted the ring gag, and helped her onto the
table in the center of the room. Master hooked her
into a leather collar, and tied her to the table and
then anchored her ankles to the other end, and then
left her to complete his preparation of the evening.

As she lay there, blind and mute, she couldn't help
but feel excited and scared. She knew he was close
by, she could hear her master moving the 'toys' around
on the table and that faint jingling sound she had
come to love and fear at the same time. If pet could
have smiled around the gag, she would have. Instead
she moaned softly, and Master replied with a light
laugh, an indication that tonight would be a pleasure
for the both of them.

Part One....

Master had taken her out to dinner at a lovely
restaurant, the kind with the little candles on the
tables and the lights dimmed for a romantic effect.
He had requested a table in the back, a half
moon-shaped booth so they could sit next to one
another. Pet had dressed very carefully tonight, she
wanted to please Master in every way possible. She
knew she had succeeded when she saw the way he looked
at her as she came down the stairs. His eyes were
hungry for her, and she immediately noticed his pants
start to bulge. The thought of the night to come, and
the ravenous look in his eye, made her freshly shaved
pussy start to moisten. It wasn't helping that every
time she moved, the short tight skirt she was wearing
rubbed against her bare ass. She was still getting
used to dressing like this for him. The black
stilettos were still a little hard to walk in, but he
always offered his arm so no harm could come to her.
And the hose.... Pet was so alarmed when Master had
first suggested going out, without panties, in
crotchless hose. She couldn't imagine if someone saw
or found out, but he reassured her that no one would
know, and even if someone saw something, they'd just
think he was the luckiest bastard alive. She wanted
so badly to make him happy, so she did it. And loved
it. She shocked herself at how much she loved it.
The naughtiness of it, the feel of the fabric of her
skirt pressed against the soft folds of her pussy, it
was intoxicating.

Master's eyes lingered on her legs as she slowly
walked down the stairs. Pet had learned quickly how
much he enjoyed staring at her legs, so she moved
slowly, deliberately, knowing that the heels made her
calves look curvy, and the skirt was almost showing
everything God gave her with every step. She was
wearing a red sweater, with buttons all the way up,
but only the middle four were buttoned, so he could
just only see the edge of her black bra beneath. When
she finally reached the bottom of the stairs, she
turned a slow circle for him and asked if she looked
alright. Master just smiled and nodded, and helped
her into her coat. In the car, it was just casual
conversation about how the other's day went, and what
was new at the office.

But once they were seated in their cozy booth, things
were a little more heated. Pet was sitting with her
legs crossed and Master reached over to take her top
leg and pull in across the length of his lap. He
rubbed from her ankle to her thigh and very lightly
traced the edge of her pussy with his pinky finger.
She had a vivid fantasy of sliding onto the table and
letting him eat her out, right in the middle of the
restaurant, right then. A small moan escaped her
throat and Master leaned into her neck and asked if
Pet would like to service him right here, at the
table. She bit his earlobe as her answer, and slid
under the table. Master opened his menu and pretended
to read it. As pet unzipped his pants and his hard
cock practically jumped out, she noticed why Master
had chosen this restaurant. All the tablecloths
extended to the floor. No one could see her, and if
she could be quiet, no one would hear her either.
Master slid his hips closer to the edge of the seat
and pet began to do what she loved best. Sucking his
hard, throbbing cock, slowly at first, watching it
jump at her touch, taking it all into her mouth,
feeling it go all the way to the back and down her
throat. She loved the way one of his hands always
found her arm and stroked her as she serviced him.
She started to move faster and suck harder, knowing
that it would be over soon and she wanted to enjoy
every moment his cock would give her. He gripped her
arm hard as he shot his load of cum into her mouth.
She almost had an orgasm at the same time, but she
couldn't, Master had not given her permission to cum.
She made sure she licked up every drop and neatly
tucked everything back into his pants and zipped him
up. Pet ran her fingers through her hair and slid
back onto the seat beside him. She discreetly looked
around as she took a sip of her water to see if anyone
noticed her reappearing act. Apparently no one had,
and she looked over at her Master. He was grinning at
her. He saw her look around to see if she'd been
caught, and her face blushed a deep crimson. He
leaned over and kissed her and again brought her leg
up onto his lap.

This time as he rubbed her leg, he turned toward her
slightly as he neared her pussy and started to massage
her clit with his thumb, while he finger fucked her
with his middle finger. Pet could feel her juices
start to run down his fingers and onto her leg. Just
as she was about to find release, Master stopped. He
didn't want her to cum until tonight. And he was the Master......