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Hetero Male Slave, 41,  Warwickshire, United Kingdom
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Really want to experience being a toilet slave, panty gagged and tied up.
Please, looking for a femdom who will pee into my mouth and make me drink it,

Please would a willing female or party of females help make my desire a reality for one night only.

I'm after a female or party of girls to tie me up, dress me as a sissy and leave me for a while trapped with a pair of dirty knickers gagging my mouth, a pair over my head and tights over my head to keep it all inplace.

I would also wish for some to pee in my mouth,using a funnel gag, or on my face.

I am NOT into pooh, brown, vomit or blood stains / play

I can supply all bondage restraints / funnel gag and room for the night.
I can't supply freshly worn knickers or genuine female pee :(

I'm not gay, I DO NOT wish for men or transgender to play with me

Only genetic females and genuine female girl cum / urine.

Is there anyone who would like to explore watersports / pussy worship / queening and bondage with me?

Please please give me the toilet slave experience.

I can travel anywhere and be available most times to suit.













 Male Slave


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 6"

 72 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Female Led Couples


Online Romance

 Lives For:

 You tying me up

 Being allowed to see you in corsetry (Beginner)

 Being crossdressed by you

 Being gagged by you

 Being humiliated by you

 Being allowed to service you orally


 Being allowed to see you in stockings



 Being blindfolded

 Being allowed to worship your body (Expert)

 Being allowed to see your breasts

 Being placed in a cage by you (Beginner)

 Being massaged

 Hair Pulling

 You placing masks on me

 You deciding what I wear

 You treating me like your butler

 Role Playing

 You telling me when I'm allowed to speak

 Being allowed to use a vibrator on you

 Drawing (Expert)

 Photography (Expert)


 Paranormal Phenomena

 Female Sovereignty



 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Bar Hopping


 Bird Watching


 Fine Dining

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales








 Dancing (Beginner)


 Hunting (Expert)



 You controlling my male parts

 Being allowed to wear your collar (Beginner)

 You punishing my gentials (Beginner)

 Being allowed to worship your feet


 Being allowed to do all of the housework

 Being allowed to give you massages

 Mental Bondage

 Being allowed to be obedient to you


 You deciding when I'm allowed sexual pleasure

 Sensory Play




 Online Auctions



 Classical Music

 Eighties Music

 Heavy Metal Music

 Nineties Music


 Pop Music

 Rock Music

 Seventies Music


 Auto Racing





 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Public Play



 Curious About:


 Corner Time


 G-spot Stimulation

 Local BDSM Community

 Domestic Service

 Erotic Hypnosis



 Outdoor Bondage

 Suspension Bondage

 Theatrical Scenes

 Victorian Lifestyle



 Sky Diving


 Canes and Crops

 Gas Masks

 Masks on Partner

 Sensation Play






 Body Building


 Horse Racing

 Ice Hockey

 Kick Boxing


 Street Hockey




 Fire Play







 Hard Limits:


 Electrical Play


 Rear End Play

 Erotic touch

 Medical fetish play

 Modern Primitivism

 Vacuum Stimulation

 Wax Play


 Computer Expert

 Metalworking Expert

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Journal Entries:
6/4/2015 2:32:08 PM
I'd love to be tied up. Dominated, trussed up helpless and teased / humiliated by a remake of group of females. Made to give oral. Lick pussy and gagged with their dirty knickers. Some with girl pee added on purpose. Love to be dragged in the the girls toilets and tied up. My head in the toilet and made to lick girls clean. Give them oral and then make me drink their pee :d x

12/29/2014 6:13:27 AM
No one I've contacted is willing to sell a pair of well worn, unwashed tights or knickers.
The ones with cotton gusset pad, smelling of female scent and pee.

On new years eve they'll be lots of young pretty girls, wearing tights and knickers, all drunk with alcohol.
No doubt prefect, the gussets very damp from partying all night and peeing.

No matter what I do, no one will sell them to me.  Not genuine ones :(

12/25/2014 8:53:43 AM
Merry Christmas everyone :) x

4/20/2014 8:02:45 AM
Won't anyone sell me their worn knickers n tights at a reasonable price? Please x

4/16/2014 12:53:01 PM

My Birthday on Good Friday.
Time to advance the CM counter, another year forward. :(
Wonder if any kind, generous female would send me the perfect present of worn knickers or tights :)
I know it's a cheek but, well it's what I'd love most :) xx

2/4/2014 3:50:04 PM

I am begging for a Domme female or her female friends to tie me up securely

and use me as a toiler slave for a length of time (pee only).  Please Please Please.

I have never tasted female pee and would dearly love a female to make sure I get to drink a fair bit before she lets me loose.  I am very serious

12/31/2013 11:26:33 AM

Wishing you all a very happy new year! xx

to the few genuine Dommes out there :) xxx

10/13/2013 7:25:38 AM

Please gag me with your worn knickers :(


12/29/2012 5:56:35 AM

How much would a Mistress charge to tie me up and make me a weekend slave?

A Mistress that'll MAKE me drink her pee and gag me with her wet knickers and secure my head in the toilet (unflushed).

I'd willingly allow myself to be tied up helpless, although I may not like the above inreality it IS the fantsay I want to experience so once bound secure enough my fate would be sealed for the weekend.

Definately not into scat blood / period, even in fantasy,  but dirty knickers, feminisation, and toilet training (female wee only) forced pee tasting / drinking / smelling knickers and vaginal secretions are a must.

I'm not rich but I do realise I will have to pay to have my wishes come true.
Will someone please help me make my wishes come true whilst having lots of fun sadistic wicked fun with me?  please....

12/28/2012 4:13:58 PM

Are their any new years eve fetish / bdsm parties that would cater for sissy to be used as a female toilet / and gagged with worn knickers. (watersports only).

11/2/2012 5:11:04 PM

Would dearly love a female to tie me up and gag me with a pair of her well worn unwashed knickers or tights please.
I know it never happens, but, well its all I ask. nothing more.
I'm sure the right wicked female could have lots of fun with me.
ady xx

5/3/2012 3:07:32 PM

been looking at locking toilet thrones.
Oh the fear and trepidation to be locked in one, utterly helpless, trapped by a pretty female who will make me swallow her girl pee and keep me securely bound whilst she continues her evil fun. ahh...Wishful thinking....(sigh)


4/12/2011 12:22:34 PM

Is there any Mistress on here who would chain me up, pee in my mouth and gag me with her knickers ?

1/2/2011 8:15:34 AM

Who would sell me a pair of their tights and knickers?
Well worn.  Please. :)

12/12/2010 6:25:37 AM
is wondering who's into water sports?  Who would send some knickers & tights? :)

12/7/2010 1:52:17 PM
All I really want for Christmas is a lovely pair of unwashed knickers and tights :D

8/30/2010 5:06:05 PM
I love device bondage.
Medieval contraptions of evil.
Torterous devices designed for females.
Riding the wooden pony, The Branks, Scavengers Daughter.

Wouldn't be great for a females to turn the tables punish a male in these position. :D

2/21/2010 1:55:44 AM
I have uploaded pictures with face shown for anyone interested.
The folder is password protected to prevent & maintain my privacy in certain areas.

Just ask me for the password.   

1/19/2010 5:54:50 PM
Does any Mistress here (localish) own a toilet box, Water Sports contraption to make sure her victim WILL stay put and isn't going to wiggle out early?   (smiles)

12/10/2008 2:28:39 PM

Whoo hooo, Am going to the BBB and afterparty on 21st December.  If you recognise me, say hello

7/8/2008 12:46:02 PM

Would love to be made to taste female pee, the helplessness of my binds, the power a female has knowing there is nothing I can do as I struggle in vein as she pees and makes me taste it, would love to be in that position, feminised and hooded with well worn drenched knickers and pantyhose.

5/17/2008 8:40:52 AM
Off to the BBB tomorrow

4/14/2008 2:04:58 PM
Bought a smother box from pine_for_wood which arrived today.  DO NOT BUY.  they advertise on ebay with a lovely pic of the item.  Unfortunately the actual item that arrives is nothing like the picture :(  it has no locking hasps on the sides, cheap piano hinge and is made from building site rough wood with a ply wood base which it that think you can't even get your neck inside and manage to close the lid.  deeply gutted
You have been warned from a purchaser

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