Vertical Line



A woman who receives a dicpic from a man reacts like when the cat brings her a mouse. She can see youre proud of it, but she is still not touching it. Mature. Stable. Experienced. No games. No drama. No bullshit. It is not about the sex, it is about the power. It is not about what is done to you... rather what you do to please others. Seek Uninhibited Female Subservient-Slave-Sub-Pet-Toy-Pleasure Unit---or one of similar ilk 40-60 ish. Modicum of experience preferred. Unemployed OK. Bend over BDOGs and BBWs are A+. Fulltime/LTR sought but am open to select rendezvous. If you are willing to submit to whatever decadence you dream of--and some you have not--in order to fulfill your own cravings, your message is invited. If any of this offends you GFY. Good day

Canes and Crops
Genital Punishment
Orgasm Control
Orgasm Denial

Her Mind

A woman's orgasm is her glorious gift to him.

When she focuses upon delivering it to and for him, she acknowledges her passion to unhesitatingly submit her humble bliss unto him, without regard to her trembling spasms of joy. She conveys that part of herself to him intimately and fully, ignoring her own shuddering waves of stimulation.

<<"'Take and enjoy what you have aroused in me. It is yours.'" >>

She surrenders her pleasure unconditionally for him to bathe in her euphoria. He is the true beneficiary. She is the incidental receptacle, simultaniously the vessel of and conduit to his satisfaction. This is love.

Your pleasure is my pleasure. N'est ce pas?

Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving.

Mame Dennis

Why are there onLy the same seven --slaves-- on the list in Florida? 

Modified profile this AM. Tired of the shallows and wannabees.

quote I yam what I yam unquote   So says Popeye the Sailor.