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Hetero Male Switch, 28,  Singapore, Singapore
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Hi Everyone!
I am a male switch whose more Of a slave then a dominant. Been through both role to learn and explore my special desires. Currently unowned nor do I own a sub or slave here in Singapore. Hoping to find someone with similar interest here if possible.

More about myself
Have experience the subslave life at an early age. Tolerating pain has been my forte as since a kid I was caned, punched and whipped with a belt regularly as a of discipline in my family. At the age of 12 I found out I had a dominant streak when I played with my female cousin. From gentle fun to restraining her with ropes and man handling her. Took the opportunity to explore the female body physically maybe because I was going through puberty. It was a one time experience and We are still close cousin now as somehow she did not mind the action that happened. Will update more about myself in journal since profile should be a brief introduction. Lastly i am an extremist, simply means i do not understand the term in between. Feel free to ask me anything

What I am looking for
Currently looking for a mistress or a female Switch to awaken my slave side again. As i have started working and have to make decisions regularly. I relised i have missed those times that i just have to obey and do things as told without thinking. Hoping to find someone for a longterm relationship be it part time or casual. Maybe after a coffee session to discuss and decide before getting into a serious nostrings attached relationship.













 Male Switch



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 187 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Female Led Couples


Online Romance

 Lives For:

 Fine Dining (Expert)

 Flea Markets (Expert)

 Chastity (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Humiliation (Beginner)



 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Role Playing


 Art Galleries


 Clubbing (Beginner)


 Garage Sales


 Body Worship (Beginner)



 Genital Punishment

 Foot Worship


 Obedience Training

 Public Play


 Bird Watching

 Gambling (Expert)



 Canes and Crops (Expert)


 Housework Service

 Maid / Butler Service

 Outdoor Bondage



 Travel (Beginner)

 Eye Contact Restrictions (Beginner)

 Fire Play (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Renaissance Faires (Beginner)



 Electrical Play (Beginner)


 Local BDSM Community

 Erotic Hypnosis

 Masks on Partner



 Corner Time

 Hard Limits:

 Erotic touch

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Journal Entries:
8/29/2017 12:14:33 PM
My Besties Getting Married and the play has to stop. I am proud of her, hopefully she have fun with her future husband haha. Alone Again, hope to find a real mistress in time to come

4/25/2017 1:30:20 PM
Finally found a key holder! Took up the courage to ask one of my best friend and she actually agreed. For now its going to be a week trial for myself. Training training hopefully next time can find a true key holder!

3/29/2017 10:59:13 PM
Recently just returned from a short holiday and there is a lady who cheekily said to me "Become My Dog." She was beutiful and graceful, I was so happy to hear those words but i could not respond to her as we just known each other for a few days and stayed together as fellow backpackers after the fateful meet up on the long ride. Few days went by and nothing kinky happened but I had fun and never knew there were ladies so brave and strong out there

2/3/2017 11:41:21 AM
I wondered alot about my past and how i could bring it back to the present. Recently the stress and worries starting to bother me. Hoping to find a realease in a hidden lifestyle

11/22/2016 12:20:23 PM
A summary of My life as a dog began with simple things like following instructions and orders without questioning. Remembering everything she likes and details about her. Always being there for her without failures. This lead to the 3 basic things i learned first, Listen, Obey and Do. Sounded simple but it is not. As our relationship developed, she started to become more demanding towards me. It started with a rule of meeting up daily after school and it is compulsory to report to her location and time punctually with no excuses. The things we do during our meet up started with me doing her homework, entertaining her by doing things she ordered (Dancing, running, shaving and basic slave stuffs like begging,worshipping etc) and transporting her from places. Before examination, I have to sacrifice my sleep and free time to teach her and make her understand the things she missed. After a while being her friend and slave, she dicided to introduce me to her family and I did the same thing to. Our relationship began to evolve drasticly subtracting the word friend.

We visited each others home very frequently. She took the opportunity to change me Whenever it is only us at home (Usually in the afternoon when we have no extra curicular activity). Initially it seems like fun and games as she was just asking me to stay on the floor all the time and movement made must be on all fours as she laughed seing how i behaved. As time goes by, she became more strict and was expecting me to perfect my dog like behaviors (barking, begging, sitting etc). Correcting me verbally till it became physical correction. This became a norm whenever we are alone at home till she finally decided to add in the final touch, being naked. It was insanely embarassing to strip down naked infront of a girl same age behaving like a dog but i did it and became used to it. As time goes by, she stopped seing me as a person whenever we are alone and often she ignored me if she is not interested to play, doing her own things on the computer while i sat at her foot quitely. Out curiousity to know what she always do on the PC, i took the opportunity to check the history on the computer and found out she occasionally checked out on femdom websites to learn some new tricks which consist of pet play, public play, group play and molding the slaves mind. Which she used later on in the relationship.

11/11/2016 5:50:06 PM
Since her dogs death I had provided her support whenever possible. Listening to her cries and complains. Random mood swing and physical abuse for about a month. After her recovery she asked me,"will you one day leave me too?" I answered with a stern "No! That will never happen." those words she asked made me feel special to her and I was willing to do anything to make her happy again. "I miss him. If sometime I ask you to replace him. Will you do it for me?" I do not understand her question but I just replied her with, "Don't worry, anytime you want me or need me just tell me. I am your dog too. So I will definitely be there for you." That answer made her smile and that day was the beginning of my dog transformation.

11/11/2016 5:33:21 PM
On our way home, we stopped at a void deck. At the round table with some chairs she commanded me to sit on the floor. I did without thinking and she continued her conversation with her friend. I wanted to stand and sit on the chair but something within me stopped me from doing so as I looked at both of them talked. Sometime has passed and they decided to go back. I followed her home and build the courage to asked her about her last behavior. "You are my dog, so you shouldn't be asking me why I tell you this or that. You just need to listen to me with no question asked. Just like a dog obeying his master." listening to those words I could not right back. It was what I agreed and I don't want to anger her which could lead to her leaving me. The only answer to give was "understood." From then on she been mixing weird instructions from time to time till a month after 'Rocky' her house dog passed away.

11/11/2016 4:46:33 PM
At the age of 14, I have become a slave to my crush. Always on standby for her calls or text and never abled to reject her request. To me she was a stunning lady whom extremely hot and cool. She was good in music and sports. Always popular with the people around her and I was lucky to get close to her. Till the day we had our first argument and she wanted away from me. I did everything I could to stay with her and succeeded but it came with a price. The argument ended with a simple wish she made. To have someone like a dog. Someone that will always listen to her without arguing. Someone who will never betray her and always there for her if she needed. It sounded beautiful to me as i believe any good or close relationship should be like that so i gladly told her I will be her dog. She laughed hard at my response and told me it is impossible for me cause a human can never be seen as a dog to her. I told her nothing is impossible in this world, if she never try she will never know. She laughed harder and kiddingly told me about dogs behaviour which i will never be but seing how serious i was she said she accepted me as her dog and things changed after that. She even gave me a pet name from that moment. Things did not change that quickly. It took about 2 years before i became her full fledge dog. At first she only called me by my pet name. Everyone around us wondered but only see us as getting closed. After awhile she would purposely called my pet name first before asking for help etc which i find it cute and gradually got used to it. Months passed and we were getting closer each day which make me happy. Every time I heard my pet name, I was anxiously waiting For her request. Only till a later date I realize it has became a habit to just do what she say after my pet name without thinking. It was a simple group outing with her close friends. We were eating at Carls Junior and she dropped her fork. Using my pet name she asked me politely to help her get a new form from the counter. I did as told without question asked. It repeated a few times, second to refill drinks for her and friends. Third to get more sauce. Fourth to get more towels.her friends was amazed yet puzzled by my behaviour. It's not surprising they felt that way as most people would never do something so meaningless so many times even if it was a favour. It continued through out the day till it's almost time we separated to head home. One of then approached me to ask and that's when I realize I had been doing so many things without asking back as though my pet name has become a command word. I could only answered her with I think it's just a habit and her friend accepted it. They went their separate ways leaving only the three of us which stayed closed to each other.

11/11/2016 4:30:14 PM
My first Ball kicking happened in the same year. For no reason at all, I was kicked in the crotch by a girl of different class from mine. It happened at the school canteen and her friends were all staring at me as I buckled down to my knees in pain. She and her friends was laughing at the sight of me kneeling with my head on the floor in front Of her foot that kicked me. When I recovered to ask her why she did that, she just said for fun and left to chat with her friends ignoring me and I just left out of embaressment as there is to many people around.

11/11/2016 4:28:27 PM
As mentioned before i had always been beaten and now a proud owner of a body that have high pain tolerance. The First time i was into CBT was during my childhood years. Me and my close friend were always testing out things which in the end we tested with our private parts to see who could tolerate more pain. With a simple shoe string we tried many different styles of tying the penis and testise till it was blue. After getting bored we made a bet. Using the best tying method we found out and leaving some string allowance just like a collar and leash to pull and first to fall will become slave for a day. The first round winner was me and behind closed doors i wanted him to stay naked with the strings attached as i held on to it. We played the gameboy together and each time he is going to win i pulled the strings to make him lose. It goes on till dinner time and he complained the tummy ache his suffering. This time i visited his home when he was home alone in the day to play. He wanted revenge for the other day and wanted us to make the same bet. This time we will tie for each other and the loser is to be a slave for 1 month. Being a proud winner previously i accepted the challenge but came to a lost due to the tying method he came up with. His revenge was cruel, i was kept naked at every opportunity and my tied up part was left tied up with a dead knot for a whole month which led me to urinal issues and constant pain daily. Each time we were behind close doors playing games. I will be lying on the floor as his foot is always on the string with him giving hard pulls from time to time. The position made it impossible to play the game so he won all games we played. When his bored or tired wanting to take and afternoon nap. He will purposely tie the string to the window grill leaving me standing to see him nap. No matter how i begged he said it was revenge

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