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Hetero Male Dominant, 42,  NEO, Ohio
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A firm yet fair straight Male Dom, continuing to evolve down His chosen path. Please remember...a little respect goes a long way. New friends & good conversation are always welcome. After all, they make the journey so much more interesting. LOL. FYI....I recently decided to post to my journal. Something I haven't done before. It will include journal type entries, as well as writings & rants. If any of it doesn't make sense, feel free to ask for clarification. Also, keep in mind, I am? not limited to or solely defined by what I write. So remember, the writings are fictional unless otherwise stated, & may not necessarily reflect my tastes/kinks. Take care. ??????????????? TDL












 Dominant Male



 6' 2"

 225 lbs






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Journal Entries:
11/29/2013 12:23:28 PM
The following is a writing I came up with a while back. I hope you enjoy the read as much, as I much as I enjoyed writing it. I titled it: Your Ass Is Mine! After months of talking online, we go out for a nice dinner at a local steakhouse. We return to my home on the premise of watching a movie. Walking in the door, you look around admirering the place, as I throw my keys on the counter. Locking the door behind me, I grab a handful of your hair & tell you that "your ass belongs to me now slave." I drag you down into the basement, cuff your hands together, hook them to a rope, & hoist them over your head. Leaving you just barely on your tippy toes. You plead for me to stop, but I can smell how hot it's making you. "Shut the fuck up slave! Your body has betrayed you. It knows it belongs to me, & begs to be used." I begin cutting your clothing off as you beg for me to stop, but it only fuels me more. "I'm going to beat you like we've talked about all these months. Then I'm going to take my time to fuck you. Just like I said I would. If you cum, you're gonna be branded, & your ass will be mine forever." Your mind panics at the thought, but your body craves it. I walk behind you to gather a few things that I've had prepared for this moment. An anal hook with a large steel ball end is spit on & slid up your ass in one fluid motion. You gasp and arch backwards. I grab your hair, & tie it to one end of a rope. Then the other end to the anal hook. Pulling it tight to maintain your arch. You beg to be released, but it falls on deaf ears. I only pull the rope tighter to arch you back further. Reaching between your legs, I run my fingers through your twat, & feel how wet you are. Grabbing the double switch like the one posted on my profile, I whisper in your ear, "By the time I'm done with you, you'll call me Master. Whether you want to or not slave!" I place the switch in your mouth, & instruct you to hold it. You do so, but your mind is racing...what the fuck are you going to do? There's no where to run or hide. Your udders are tightly bound together. I remove the switch from your mouth. Only to replace it with the end of rope that I just tied to your tits. Making sure they're lifted & presented nicely. "Don't let your udders drop or you'll get it worse bitch!" By this time, they're starting to turn a lovely shade of purple. I squeeze them firmly & pinch your nipples hard. Grinning, I begin to swat your now aching tits with the switch. Leaving raised welts after every swat. There's a mixture of moans & cries from you. Your body's desire is over taking your mind's thoughts. After more swats than you can count, I pause for a bit to admire my efforts. Pleased, I spread the double switch apart, place your nipples in between. Then use some twine to pinch them tightly in place. Your arms are lowered, & the cuffs adjusted so you're now cuffed behind your back. I walk you to the wooden horse, bend you over it, & secure you in place. Your mind flashes back to what I had said earlier about what would happen if you came. You begin to struggle again, & I run my cock into your moist twat. Thrusting so hard that you think the horse may tip over. Pretty soon, your body's desire takes over your thoughts, & I feel your twat tighten around my cock. You cum with a force you've never experienced before. Your juices run from around my cock & down your thighs. Pulling out abruptly, I walk around before for you, & feed your hungry mouth my cock. Going balls deep with every stroke. Enjoying the sounds of you gagging. I feel the load building, I grab you by the hair, & give you a facial. As you're still bent over the horse, trying to lick any of my cum that makes its way to your lips, I walk behind you, grabbing the hot branding iron, marking you as mine. You scream, but don't try to move. I clean and bandage the branding area. Then release you, & point you towards a bowl of warm water, with a wash cloth & towel waiting for you in the corner. "Finish cleaning yourself up slave. Then we'll see about that movie." You softly reply with, "yes Master." Because you know your ass is mine. TDL

11/29/2013 1:26:08 AM
I have been on CM for a quite a while now. I didn't expect this to be my first journal entry, but here it goes. On more than one occasion, I've been known to perve the profiles here on CM. I've also been known to add some people to my favorites list, so I can come back later to email them. Somehow, I believe I'm not the only one to do this. Anyways, I recently did this after reading a profile of someone. This person has had a similar bad experience with another individual on here as a couple of friends of mine. I was hoping to speak with this person about this when I had more time to write an email. Now, this person had stated within their profile that one must have permission to add them as a friend. That if done so without permission, they would be denied & blocked. I can understand that. Really I can. However, I hadn't done that. All I had done was, view a profile, & add it to my favorites. Simply because I wanted to come back, & write an email later. My actions resulted in being banned from contacting this person. I was blocked. Needless to say, I was rather shocked to find this out. After all, I had good intentions. I hadn't done what this person had stated they didn't want done. I didn't try to add them as a friend without permission. I simply added them to my favorites list, so I could email them at a later time. Now if anyone has bothered to read this far into this rant...I tip my hat to you. If, by chance, you're someone that has blocked/banned someone else before contact can be made. Maybe you might want to reconsider. They might have done what I have, & have admirable intentions. I don't expect everyone to see/like my point of view. If you do, great! That just means I'm not alone here. If you don't, that's ok too. We're all entitled to our opinions. Ok, rant is over. Good luck in whatever it is you're searching for. Albeit, friendship, relationship, or simply good conversation.

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