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Hi, I am here learning and making friends. If you want ass or pussy kings, hair pulled and sof
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Hi, I am here learning and making friends. If you want ass or pussy kings, hair pulled and soft lashings, fine with me! But otherwise I dont want to see or be part of someone being hurt, whether they like or not.

I like a lady with dazzling eyes, lush hair, weight proportionate and lots of Smarts! In the first instance, I am seeking friendship and I like to chat. Second, I like intelligent women. I mean as in top level of smarts. I also like body weight proportionate, whatever that maybe kind of depends on the frame. Im experienced in the vanilla world but not here. I welcome both experienced and inexperienced. We all learn, do we not throughout life. It may not show, but I love humor and good cheer. I think of myself as a Dom. Im straight!

Anal is becoming the new vanilla I have read and its one fetish I have. I see a lot of women like king and I want to find a partner who likes to be ked, and fogged. I like to be the best at what I do and I am interested in developing skills. Also I have a bit of a hair fetish, and as well bondage intrigues me some and I hope to find someone very comfortable with meeach other as Id like to explore the depths of bondage too. Not sure what else to say on here. Cheers!

Journal Entries:
3/6/2018 8:24:43 AM
Isabelle gives wicked head, and she sure likes taking a good fucking too!

11/17/2017 8:56:12 AM
I found this gentle, affectionate and sensuous video clip of a Saint Andrews Cross spanking. I figure I'd post it. See below......any volunteers! :-)

11/6/2017 3:57:23 PM
Man, I remember how much I like the funky rhythm and lyrics of The J. Geils is their tune LOVESTINKS ....

Zooming ahead 10 years to about 1990....the Wilson sisters band HEART is phenomena...with - All I Wanna Do is Make Love To You.

11/6/2017 3:34:44 PM
Listening to old tunes tonight. I Love The J. Geils Band,,,,

Here is another one by LoverBoy!

10/9/2017 7:30:01 PM
Posting to share. A good submissive gentle pussy spanking. Enjoy!

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