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I am a true Dom, have Daddy Dom tendencies and an experienced bull that is very confident. I am secure, independent, respectful, and fair. I am a gentleman in the vanilla world. I am a professional as in I have a career not a job, but when I am away from work I am a different person(in a bad/good way). I am currently looking for a woman who knows what she wants in a Dom/man, educated(important), DOCILE, cool, independent(in vanilla world), sexy, experienced(not mandatory), and willing to chat first before anything else happens. I typically don't care about age. Additionally, I have plenty of face pics so If you want to see my face pics just ask ;) I know I don't have many friends as others and there is a reason for it. I DON'T HAVE MANY FRIENDS BECAUSE I AM NOT A FRIEND COLLECTOR.

-Triple major...all sciences
-Working on a Doctorate in the medical field(I know I'm still in my twenties) and I am not a nurse
-Have published articles
-Value my patients

I have a Dominant personality but at the same time I'm laid-back. My goal is to enter your mind and play with your submissive nature. I approach the lifestyle different than most Doms because I have the means including mental capacity to understand a sub/slave needs. I love to pull hair and spank your face with with my meat.

"Respect is earned, Honesty is appreciated, Trust is gained and in return loyalty is given."

"Your fantasies aren't dark just desires need to be explored".

"If a woman is not submissive to a man it is not because she lacks the ability to submit; rather he lacks the ability to create for her a place in his heart and mind."

IMPORTANT (Must read):
IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME THEN READ MY JOURNAL ENTRIES. My warning is if you're not real you will be deleted. If you have not figured that beyond the social media realm that common conversation is a huge part of reality, then move on. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR GAMES.

Journal Entries:
12/21/2017 7:19:42 AM
10 Good Traits of a Cumslut 1. There are two main types of cum sluts: A. The first, loves cock in general and will not mind sucking anyone's cock as long as she gets to have the cum. B. The second, sees her man's cock as the main center of pleasure. She will want to suck her man's cock as often as possible. (Most women start out as the A type, and move onto the B type once she finds the man we want to spend the rest of our life with and doing this makes us both happy) 2. Morning blowjob. She loves to wake up in the morning and sucking cock. Sometimes also during nights if she canít sleep, or get up to use the bathroom, she will come back to bed and start sucking his cock. 3. Time is not a factor for a blowjob. A quickie in the men's bathroom, can be just as good as an hour long, slow suck, in the bedroom. 4. Sucking cock is just as natural as kissing. To me, I love the feel of a cock in my mouth. its just as natural to me, as chewing gum to other people. 5. She is always willing, and eager, to get better at it. She does research through books, magazines, videos, girlfriends, and practice, to get better at sucking cock. 6. Sometimes, she will ask to suck cock just to have something to do when bored. For her, sucking cock is very natural, and almost a habit. When dating, if the guy isn't really exciting her, or whatever they are doing isn't that much fun (boring movie, long drive, etc.), she will just start sucking his cock as something to do. 7. Women like to be encouraged. She wants you to teach me what you enjoy, so I can get better at what you like, specifically. Not every man likes their cock sucked the same way. "Right there", "Faster", "Slow down", are turn-on words to most women. Women like to feel appreciated for what they are doing to you. 8. She is very fond of cum, or even addicted to it. Sometimes with guys shes only dating, it can become more about the cock, and the cum, than it is about the guy. 9. Princess by day, Slut by night. One part of her, is the Princess: she enjoy intense eye contact while sucking cock slowly, and sensually, until you cum down her throat. Quietly sucking cock while roommates/children/family are in another part of the house. The other part of her, is the slut: she loves being used sexually (forced deep-throat, face-fucked, head held still, etc.). Moaning, slurping, even gagging, can be loudly heard. 10. She always swallows every drop, and will clean up any excess cum. She always want to make every cock she sucks, cum in her mouth. Its easier at gangbangs, and swinger parties, as normally while sucking one cock, another man will come behind her to use her ass or pussy. Then later, he may return to get licked clean, or sucked then, and someone I sucked off earlier, will return behind me to now use a different hole for his cum. She does not spill any from her mouth any more, and if she have cum running out of her pussy or ass, she like to catch it in her hand and lick it, or let a lucky woman lick her clean. Sometimes, when in a one on one situation, the man may stop her so he can fuck her ass or pussy, and she has no choice but to take that delicious cock out of her mouth.

10/24/2017 4:35:41 PM
What makes me Different than most Daddy Doms/ Doms/Masters I: -Listen -Ask questions -Read your profile(s) and respond accordingly -Respectful when not role-playing -Won't judge -Won't call you disrespectful names until boundaries established -Actually want to get to know you -Am gentleman in public -Understand the kind of sex you desire/crave -Like all shapes/sizes of women -Value intelligence -Am a conversationalist when needed -Don't message you often as I know space is required -Know and appreciate the dynamics of this lifestyle -Know what your mind craves when you're not in societies or public eye -Won't ask the same question(s)

10/24/2017 4:34:14 PM
10 things subs and/or slaves want in a new master 1. To be emotionally, physically and intellectually stronger than she is 2. To exert will over her regarding her well-being and the well-being of our relationship 3. To have enough life experience, knowledge, wisdom to be her Mentor and teacher. 4. To use her as my tool and canvas to quench her darkest desires. 5. To create an atmosphere of safety around her at all times. 6. To communicate and maintain well defined boundaries regarding acceptable behavior. 7. To have the courage to be honest even when she knows the reaction will be negative. 8. To provide and promote discipline. 9. To be readily and without prompting communicates precisely what she needs to be/do in order to be the best for me and satisfy all of my needs. 10. To relish pushing her sensual and sexual boundaries taking her to new levels and greater heights of sensations and experiences. I am constantly looking for new and creative ways to bring out the inner beast in her.

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