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Pan Transgender Submissive, 39,  Charlotte, North Carolina
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Gender fluid submissive bottom in Charlotte. I am both married and collared but allowed to play with others that she approves of.

Updated as of March 10 2020.

I am looking primarily for a male to play with. I enjoy many aspect of Ds and have my interests listed on the side. Ive been in the lifestyle for a while and am active in the community. Since discovered the femme side of myself, I have also had a strong growing interest in sexual play with men. It has been quite a while since I have had that kind of encounter with a man and I would love to change that. It isnt something that is going to happen after a single message, Im not going to just run out and hookup if you just tell me youre horny. But if you are willing to come out to an event at The LoftNC and meet me, or come out to a munch or other event, then shoot me a message. As a personal policy, no I wont make special plans to meet one on one for the first time. Babysitters cost money and Im not willing to do that before I know you will actually meet. Events at the Loft are best because often times my Domme will also be there, and her approval is needed before play anyway.












 Submissive Transgender


 North Carolina

 5' 11"

 280 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Switch Women

Switch Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Female Led Couples

Male Dom Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Chastity (Expert)

 Local BDSM Community

 Orgasm Control

 Orgasm Denial

 Lifestyle BDSM




 Anal Play



 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops



 Being Massaged




 Sensation Play

 Oral Service

 Shaving my pubic hair





 Board Games

 Card Games


 Heavy Metal Music

 Rock Music


 Electrical Play

 Genital Punishment

 Domestic Service

 Foot Worship

 Housework Service

 Obedience Training

 Sensory Play


 Wax Play

 Curious About:



 Fire Play

 Maid / Butler Service

 Outdoor Bondage

 Suspension Bondage




 Conservative Politics

 Hard Limits:

 Modern Primitivism

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Journal Entries:
10/15/2022 10:08:02 PM

Cage caused a rash and had to be removed for a night. Put on a different cage in the morning, new keytag #004112

3/19/2018 2:17:43 PM

Just a tip for those seeking a dominant...

First, submissive males who don’t tell you what they can offer you are a dime a dozen. If your profile contains virtually no information, then your correspondence to me better have some.  If you contact me wanting me to be your Domme, then you better have something to offer. I have a busy life, and have neither the time, nor inclination to drag out of you what it is your are looking for and offering. Wanting to be my “pet/entertainment” doesn’t give me much to go on. What that means is you want me to spend time coming up with tasks for you to do (that you’ll most likely never follow through with) that you’re just going to use for wank material. Try google. There are millions of sites out there, and there is bound to be at least a few that you can get your jollies off on. 

Second. If you contact someone, I know you want to check your sent messages over and over to see if they read it. Then you sit impatiently waiting for a response. Nobody OWES you an immediate replY. For that matter, nobody owes you a fucking reply period. Especially if they specifically asked you something, and you for the third time, did not answer it. To get impatient after 9 minutes, and get all pissy when it’s the middle of a weekday and people are working is fucking asinine. 

If you are contacting me and want me to be your dominant, I will reply when I damn well please. If you can’t conform to my timetable, then we arent compatible. I have work, family, and D/s relationship obligations that come before you. Respect it or don’t. If you don’t, piss off.

end rant


8/30/2017 7:06:27 AM
Classy message from sethweinstein,  wannabe shithead....
          "Hey sissy pig"
Nothing else. Just a moronic assumption that because I dress the way I want to dress, that I have some inclination to have a random asshole send me a degrading comment. There are plenty out there who will appreciate that and grovel immediately for you. I am not one of them

First of all, I am not a sissy. 

Second of all, we are not in a D/s relationship where name calling has been negotiated. So have no right to address me as such.

Third, and most importantly, fuck off.

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