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Hetero Female Slave, 36,  Illinois
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First and foremost DO NOT send me a friend request without messaging me. Its annoying. If you want to be friends I would like to make sure we at least spoken to one another. Probably my own little quirk, but one I insist upon.

With that said I want to share the qualities I desire in a Master.

-Humor. Im a playful, silly, girl and I love to laugh (not at my own expense). I hope that my jokes, teases, etc. dont piss you off. Not saying I dont want an intense, serious man, buuuut I hope you can laugh too.

- I dont want to teach anymore. Theres a difference between me explaining what I like and were researching that together and me taking you by the hand for everything. I have a dominant personality (I am NOT dominant). I work in a field where I must be in charge and sure of myself. I dont want to question you or doubt you or your experience. I must be sure in your knowledge of whats going on and trust you so i can be what you want me to be.

-Say what you mean and stick to it. Precedent is big with me. If you keep saying youre going to do something and I test the water (sometimes I cant myself and I apologize for that) dont give in. I need to know that you will and can do as you say whether thats in punishment or a promise to be there. If you always say you will do such and such and then dont then you have set a precedent with me and I will be upset when you try to enforce something when you particularly never do. I hope that made sense.

-Trust will come. So please be patient with me. i will put my life and my trust into your hands. I will do as told believing that you have already thought out the kinks and anything that can harm me beyond what I can handle. I will give you everything with the intention and thought that you will be responsible enough to handle it. I am your responsibility. My trust is yours. Please dont abuse it. I also need to trust that I can lose control and you wont abuse it or lose your control with me. I NEED to lose control and trust you to take the reigns and guide me.

-ControlForce. I know Im a bad sub for wanting to be force, but it turns me on greatly. I know most people will read that and stop. A sub should WANT to do what is asked of her, because she wants to please her top. I get that. And I do. I swear I do. But, I like to look up and see that foreboding look of -what did you just say- or feel that hand tighten in my hairarmwhatever or just feel your strength and power. Oh gawd, how I crave to feel your power, your strength via mental or physical and get that spike of adrenaline coursing through me ... I cant explain it. I tried and I think I eloquently failed.

-Expectation. I NEED to know what you expect of me. I NEED to know what to do in situations. I LOVE non-verbal communication. A look, a gesture, etc so I know exactly what is expected of me in any given moment. Especially in public. Maybe its because I grew up in a military household where I had a set of expectations. But I NEED that. Badly.

-Dark. What is dark? I still have no clue. I know im not your typical female needing romantical rose colored glasses and cuddling. Im more rough. im more ... dark. Thats all I got to express a feeling Im still trying to figure out. Sorry. Actually I think I have a poem that describes the dark almost exactly.

Theres a Monster hiding in the mirror,
When I lean in close it gets nearer,
He looks deep into my eyes and sees my fear,
Hush, baby hush, He whispers,
Youre the only one who knows Im here.

Author - Im not sure, but thats what I want. I dont see this image as the Monster in me. I see this image as the Monster I see in the mirror as I stare at the man behind me with his hand wrapped around my throat and just before he grabs me and I become his. I still feel like I didnt explain this well.

-Do not ignore me. I know Ill get on your nerves. But ignoring me or giving me the silent treatment is worse than anything you could do to me. I will wrack my brain and think the absolute worse things possible. Im often wrong when Im in this headspace and completely off the mark of what is going on. Ignoring me or the silent treatment is like driving a knife through my head, heart, and gut and twisting it back and forth. I get physically ill and emotional. I hate that feeling and its easily cleared up by just talking to me.

Alright so enough people have asked what Im into. Lets try something easier. What Im NOT into. Ill try (almost) anything once. But what I totally am not into is severe pain (im not a pain slut), tittynipple torture (looks like pain to me) blood, scatwaterworks, vomit. Those I just will not do.

I reserve the right to add more to my limits as they come up and more to my profile.










 Female Slave


 5' 5"



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Dominant male

 Lives For:

 Mental Bondage


 Amusement Parks (Expert)

 Gambling (Expert)

 Movies (Expert)


 Hair Pulling




 Local BDSM Community

 Sensation Play


 Curious About:

 Electrical Play

 Obedience Training

 Speech Restrictions

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Journal Entries:
8/11/2022 5:15:50 PM

I'm no longer looking or interested. 

3/13/2022 9:33:10 AM

I've never done a journal entry.

Let's see. I guess my update would be that I'm 😔🥺 biased. If your Hispanic or Latin origins I'm gonna be attracted to you.. I'm gonna be more forgiving cuz of how attracted and how much I love that culture. So I'm begging you, on my knees, begging, if you are of Hispanic or Latin origins please DON'T tell me or show me a pic until AFTER we talked and decided we might be more. I don't want to be swayed or heavily influenced by my lust or my nympho, greedy, needy, pussy. Sighs. This has been my TedTalk thank you. 

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