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Hetero Male Master, 53,  Texas
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Hello and welcome to my profile ladies, Not sure what to expect here on this site. One thing is for sure I would like to talk and meet women who enjoy being submissive to thier man. I make no promises other than I wish to make friends and see where it may lead. Yes, the hope is for the long term. At my age I just hope to meet someone sincere, happy, with a playful side who like my name suggests, has honor, respect and a bit Am I real, yes I am. I have been in the lead in all my relationships and until my divorce seventeen years ago I didn't know they had a name for this life. I always thought the man was in the lead, I'm a bit old fashiion. The one differance that I have learned is the kinkiness to which is common in this life. I am normal, I do love the exploration of a woman's body. To take her places she has never experianced before. As she does all to make me smile. I don't feel as the man in her life I need to put her down but build her up to be the best she needs to be. To make sure she is happy and fulfilled as a woman. As for my interests I don't feel I need to include the kink side, that will be ours to explore. yes I do enjoy alot, but isn't part of the excitement in exploring with each other. I do work, have a home, drive a truck, a motorcycle, grown sons, grandkids, love football, baseball, golf, dining in and out, live music, old westerns, I'm a quiet man but I can also be the life of the party. I have a pic and will share but only those that share with me. I Can't Believe I needed to POST this...I am interested in WOMEN ONLY!!!! So ladies, don't be scared, its ok if you write me. Talk to you soon.








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Journal Entries:
6/24/2013 11:02:58 AM

Ladies, I am not here for games.  I enjoy making friends so that is not an issue for me.  I do work, I have grown children, and now grandkids.  I have friends and I don't live on the internet.  I do however wish to find a woman and if its meant to be it will. 

What I am saying here is I do have a life, you can either be in it or not a part at all.  So if you are here to play games move along to someone who is also on here to play thier silly games.


2.  If you ask for a photo make sure you send one in return or better yet send it first.  If I don't peek your interest from my photo then you are not the girl for me.  If you judge by a photo and not see me in person where you can look in my eyes and hear my voice.  You have so little between your ears that I would bore of you very soon.  I do believe you have to be attracted to each other.  AS I enjoy beauty but its not just whats on the outside but also the inside.  See I can be just as rude as you.


3.  I enjoy some kink but this is not about kink.  If its just about sex to you..please pass me by.  I enjoy a good slut but only if she is my slut and not to every Harry, Tom, Dicks on here.


4. Confidence goes a long way, Someone with confidence you can tell in the way they kiss.



6/6/2013 11:59:09 AM

If you want to be given must give up everything.

6/6/2013 11:14:52 AM

The three little words in my nic should say plenty to someone.

Honor, lust, respect.  That is what most seek but can you give it as well.

5/29/2013 9:06:49 AM

Don't think kindness means weakness.  manners do count for something in my book.

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