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Hetero Male Dominant, 31,  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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First and foremost I am a daddy dom. To me this means in any relationship I will care for you, I will want to nurture you, and most of all, I will want what's best for you. I want you to have your own thoughts and opinions and expect you to know when to express to them. I will be protective and do anything for you. I will set rules for you and give you tasks to make sure you are the best little girl possible. I will show you a lot of affectionate and give you all the attention you deserve. I will punish you when it's called for, and afterwards cuddle you so you know i still love you. I will take great pride in your accomplishments, and heap praise on you when you are a good girl. I will expect the best of you, and be strong for you when you can't be. I will want to know everything about you, and in turn keep no secrets from you. We will both make mistakes, but its how we handle them and get through them that will make our bond stronger. Im 6'4" so I can make even the tallest girls feel little. I've been learning much about myself since joining and talking to people on and I am grateful to the people who have expanded my knowledge. For me it all started as me being a DL, diaper lover, but has quickly morphed into being a daddy dom. I love the trust and the control my little girl gives me when I take care of her every need and desire. I am looking for a woman that shares my kinks and my interests in the vanilla world. I am open to a play partner, but am also looking for a long term relationship but every thing will begin with friendship. I'm open to trying new things that I don't have listed and I am not easily offended. I'm a genuinely sweet and nice guy. I enjoy good conversation and if you read this far and want to know more, send me a message.










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Submissive Female


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