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Hetero Male Dominant, 42,  Ontario, Canada
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A smile on the face of a babygirl is the greatest good. A Daddy is a protector and holds His little girl close when she's afraid. A Daddy is a guide and wisdom is worth its weight. A Daddy is a confidant and listens without judgement. A Daddy is a teacher and makes a girl stronger with His words. Be unique, be creative and above all else, be confident. Hold your head up high and let the words spill on the page like fine wine. I want to hear from those babygirls that are proud to be so and understand the dynamic of the relationship. Friendship and chemistry first. Have a direction in life and bubble in your belly. Have hobbies and interests that reach the stars, do something today you've never done before and mail me about it right away! Smile a little brighter and enjoy the day little girl. I'll speak with you soon. DaddyD










Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 11"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Friends Only

Online Romance

 Lives For:

 Coffee Shops




 Anal Play

 Corner Time


 Hair Pulling


 Massage (Getting)

 Massage (Giving)

 Obedience Training

 Role Playing



 Horror Movies

 Science Fiction


 Intellectual Discourse


 Rock Music


 Art Galleries

 Fine Dining



 Foot Worship





 Pop Music



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