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Hetero Male Dominant, 58,  Muskegon, Michigan
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I am however intersted in those that seek a strict, demanding, caring Daddy Dom/Sir, that is a good teacher, that does like that Daddy side and would like a Lil but its not necessary, I work well in both areas and or a blend. I am into many things and tend to taylor my approach to the sub or individual i am with this is not a cookie cutter life just like normal life, we are not all alike and after learing about each other then decide how to best make the situation work for the both of us. I am approacable at all time, never stop communication, and do not ever punish in anger, and make the punishment fit the grievience, I have a set set of rules and go mostly on protocol and am old school, I dont seek a door mat, but do seek a true sub/slave/mate, one that knows that I would die for her if necessary, that she would be my world and I hers, that the bond would be ours. That when on her knees and looking up at me she would see the patience, guidence and steadyness, needed to get us through and know I am there for her always, and even though I am not all knowing I would need her trust, paitence, and be able to lean on her also
6/16/2013 3:26:09 PM
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What a Dom should Be

I will study you. I will learn how your mind works and what makes you body purr. I will find and give you that which you need, even if you do not want it. Every action will be calculated to bring about the desired response. I'm not interested in making you perform meaningless actions as that is for the weaklings. I am interested in steering your mind in the direction that it needs to go. If you are stressed, I will break your tension by removing your mind from reality. If you are lonely, I will hold you. If you feel week, I will protect and defend you while you draw strength from me. If you feel sad, I will break the adult that keeps your emotions in check and I will hold you so your emotions can flow as they should. If you achieve greatness, I will praise you. If you are happy, I will take joy in your smile.
And when you defy me, I will I will take my crowbar and tear up the defiance whether it be with a physical or emotional response

I don't care for emotional conditioning... that is for those who do not respect that people can have their own emotions. You are your own person and you are very strong even if you do not believe it. And when you feel that you are slipping, I will be the rock against which you can lean, the tree under which you can rest your weary thoughts and the whip that drives you to greater and better things

Make no mistake... I am still flawed. I have my days where my self worth is at an all time low, and it is on those days that I will draw my strength from the admiration in your eyes. There are times when I am an idiot and I know that it is ok because you see a greater part of me. There are times that I am tired and but I know that I can rest my head in your lap. And there are times when I will make mistakes, and I know that you will forgive me because you love me.

The Dom and sub are a symbiosis, a twine that is interwoven. They are the Yin and the Yang which flows from one to the other. They are of one mind yet two separate existences but they come together in one continues flow of strength, power, fragility and caring to create an essence that is much greater than the sum of its parts.













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 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 8"

 285 lbs






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Submissive Female


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