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Let me be clear I only dateget together with, females. Age does matter to me (35 and under.)&#
Female Switch, 30,  OrangeCounty, California












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 Female Switch



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Dominant Female

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Let me be clear I only dateget together with, females. Age does matter to me (35 and under.)

check my 10th pic and last pic. for lovely surprises. Not even my best work haha.


My desire has been less submissive more Dominant as of lately. So in a sense, the currentlist of My interests include but are not limited to is more for what as a Dominant id like to explore.

*chastity for females.*

*Medical play of all types *

*commands and orders*

*Ass play of all types*

*latex wear*

*rubber clothing*


(currently learning better rope tying techniques.)

*Strapon fucked by YOU*

I like certain things and they need to be noted

*Pictures and videos**daily chats and updates.*

*attention, a lot of it*

PRO at being a ho. Jk. Im too much of a virgin. Haha.

Journal Entries:
4/17/2018 5:41:23 AM
Anyone else no longer able to edit their accounts? Is this the whole sesta thing so they can review others accounts?

4/14/2018 10:29:12 AM
any female play partners coming Domcon. Maybe before to get a bit of feel for each other? I'm looking to meet people at events :3 

4/13/2018 1:06:12 AM
I can't sleep.. :/ I tried. 

4/12/2018 4:49:13 AM
You wanna meet me? Get ready for Domcon LA 2018. I'll be there with my other friends. (very hot females) I will be there all four days. You can get pics with us and get spanked or maybe you'd rather spank me (they are dommes) :3

4/4/2018 9:20:51 AM
Nurse Chynna Dolls very willing patient:

As You lay there on my bed in your cute little onesies with the words baby girl on the front in sparkles, you wonder, could it be another eventful night or are you just planning on ignoring me all the whole night, like you did last night and the nights before that. It hasn't been too long but for me its been far too long. You look at me longingly. Like we had not played in forever. Your eyes focused on mine. I wore a cute little nurse outfit with a bra holding my chest just barely. A long red cross lay on the left side of the nurse outfit. A little nurse hat and stockings to make the ensemble complete. I give a subtle smirk and lean in close. You give a soft whimper as you feel my breath grace your neck. I lean back and laugh lightly. You ask me why I laughed. I keep the smirk on my face and put my hand on your knee.

"My dear, we have a great and fun night ahead of us," I say as I lay out some toys and lube. I place them down in front of you and you get slightly giddier. In your head you're thinking, oh my yes, we're going to get to play tonight! I teasingly run my hands along a few of the toys on a metal tray, a butt plug, one that looks like it might be a bit tough to fit into your tiny bottom. A small speculum possibly for your vagina. It was shiny and looked like it had either never been used or washed quite well. A needle was next to that it had a sharp tip and a clear liquid. It was rather a viscus looking liquid. Next to the needle was a pair of medical gloves. A towel was neatly folded next to the tray of interesting toys...

(do I keep going or should I just let you use your imagination? hahaha)(also yes..please real life lets do it!)

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