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OK I’ll put this at the front – I am married but don’t play with my wife
Hetero Male Dominant, 54,  Bath, United Kingdom
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 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 6' 1"

 220 lbs





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Submissive Female

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Male-Dom Couples

OK I’ll put this at the front – I am married but don’t play with my wife as she wont on religious grounds …………. But just because I am married doesn’t mean I can’t or wont be committed to a submissive!

I appreciate not everyone will be happy with this but hopefully there will be someone who will not drop me like a hot potato just because I am married! Or do I hope for too much and search for the impossible?

Thank you for taking the time to read this - I feel honesty is very important and even at the risk of putting you off  will try to be that from the start. I am looking for someone to meet with who needs a mature and firm but fair male to help them develop, but also I want someone who will be my friend as well as my submissive.

I did have a long profile on before but will make this one shorter and you can ask me if you want more or you can ask whatever questions you might have.

I am a caring non-pushy person with a great sense of humour who is quite happy with a frisky filly who likes to have fun. I have been in the scene for about 20 years now and find that I am happiest within a monogamous relationship even though it may not be 24/7. I don’t expect a dumb blonde (or brunette) ….. being a sub does not mean you loose your intelligence – or the principles you might hold. I hope you realise that it is a two way thing and that we will grow close together as we try new things and push new boundaries.

Number one for me is for me is making sure the needs of my lady are met ... whatever they may be, but to give you some idea,  I enjoy Japanese rope bondage, sensory depravation, and massage, giving OTK spankings and can be as firm or as gentle as is needed. I am a qualified masseur and enjoy using this in foreplay etc.

If you think I sound to gentle for a Dom don’t be fooled! I don’t like disobedience and open defiance will not be tolerated. All play is consensual and limits are respected and though I had one close friend who I have played with for a couple of years, she has now found a 24/7 relationship and I am so happy for her.

Don’t let the cons put you off – drop me a line and we can chat and see where that leads as long as you aren’t looking for a 24/7 relationship we can have some fun and explore together.

Hope to hear from you soon and when I do I am happy to swap photos with you but prefer not to put one up in public.

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