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Getting tired of the quarantine? Let me help you add a little decadence to it. )

If you need a high quality submissive cleaner, I believe I can serve you. I am dedicated to doing this and I do not want anything in return.

I get a type of narcotic, therapeutically beneficial feeling from the humiliation of slave cleaning. So I will enjoy this. You get decadence, humor and clean everything. P

I am a well-educated and kind guy, who has worked in the social services. I also love the arts and literature and I have done a little writing.

Now for the kinky stuff

I am very submissive and service oriented. I enjoy doing humiliating manual tasks, cleaning, scrubbing etc. I am pretty genuine and sincere about everything, so I never expect nor want anything in return. Pure submissive service is what Id like to offer. So I am open to most things you might want me to do beyond cleaning...I want this to be fun for you, so we can try different things.

Please drop me a line for more info. I would love to hear from you.


Vertical Line

 Age: 30
 Lebanon, Pennsylvania