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Hetero Male Submissive, 37,  Canada
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universe - submissive

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As my username says, I like to think about the bigger picture of Femdom. Who are we (Femdom/malesub), why are we the way we are? Are we just an anomaly in this mainstream world or a lifestyle that needs to be celebrated? What do you think?











 Submissive Male


 6' 3"

 198 lbs







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Journal Entries:
10/8/2017 4:50:44 PM
I've been trying to better understand the mindset of an average findomme. This is my take:

1. 70% are completely fake submissive women jumping on bandwagon and essentially using very old fashioned - and very submissive! - concepts of financial support but re-branded as something very dominant

2. 20% are femdom opportunists - they are actually sadistic women who happen to use the findom momentum. It's not their thing but hey it pays off so why not doing it

3. 10% actually get sexual satisfaction from this. as much as I find it hard to digest that someone cums on money transfer that symbolizes power transfer(I guess) there are people out there so greedy that this is better than vanilla sex for them. kudos to you - you are real findoms.


10/8/2017 4:44:41 PM
Anyone who believes in female supremacy is an idiot. To believe that one group of people by virtue of birth is better than another is.....well fascist.

why can't some men just admit to themselves they like to be punished and not make ideology out of that. For women who are actually sexually excited by power - it's sexual orientation and nothing political.

people, our sexual orientation is D/s - accept that and move on.

4/19/2017 5:22:00 PM
Just got blocked by a "femdom" scammer. Yes!

I kept replying him (definitely not her) everytime I would receive a generic message...and then I spammed the spammer lol he eventually checked my profile

4/19/2017 5:04:56 PM
I find it a bit incredible that many persons who claim to be femdoms here are not prepared to talk about anything else other than (mostly fake) persona that is being presented though this portal.

What is the joy in conversing with someone who is so limiting?

Messages reveal much more than pictures and photos.

4/18/2017 5:57:31 PM
If you want to have a decent, deep conversation with a Domme here, focus on mature experienced women. They are not fake, they will respect your point of view, and they will be amazing and insightful beings. I am generalizing but it is true for the most part.

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