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Hetero Male Master, 53,  California
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CinD Strlite85 curiosityandkink

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Seeking ultimate rapture

Being a Master in a Ds BDSM relationship comes with its share of responsibilities and expectations. When you claim another and place your collar on them you are signifying your commitment towards guiding another soul through life. This commitment does not begin and end with what societys idea of the lifestyle is or represents. In fact being a Master means different things to different Doms. For me it means Ive committed myself to being a respectful protector and not just of what some perceive as property.









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Journal Entries:
3/20/2018 4:48:09 PM

A few years ago, a friend of mine called to let me know he had been in a bad car crash and would not be able to teach for the rest of the school year. He wanted to know if I was interested and available to fill in for him for the spring semester as the current temporary professor was not available. I would be teaching beginning, intermediate and advanced biophysics to pre-med students.


I agreed, more as a friend than anything else. Almost every student was a kinesiology major, one of the most difficult majors at that university. Much to my surprise, over half of each class were young women.


The first day was heady, I continually had to remind myself that I was their instructor and had to conduct myself accordingly. I was so glad that there was a lab bench between the coeds and the whiteboard where I could stand and hide my throbbing and leaking erection.


That evening after dinner, I slipped into my pool spa with a glass of wine to contemplate the day’s events. I pondered how I was going to survive the semester, surrounded by seductive young coeds three days a week.


Since I didn’t have an office at the university, I would stick around after class to answer any questions. Monica, who was in my intermediate class, stayed after the most often. She was struggling to gr a difficult concept in neurology. As the first midterm approached I was concerned she might not pass, so I offered her some private tutoring. Without an office, the only place I could suggest was my home. She didn’t seem to mind, and we agreed to meet the next evening at 7pm.


Monica was a tiny girl, barely five feet tall. A former gymnast, she had to give that up as her breasts began to swell at thirteen. At the appointed hour she knocked at my door and entered. I showed her to the dining room and sat her at the head of the table. I was on the side with a magnificent view of what I now estimated to be 32 E breasts that were covered by a conservative blouse that could do little to hide their massive girth.


I offered Monica a glass of wine to start, after a brief hesitation she agreed. Just as I got up to go to the kitchen, she leaned over to get her books from her backpack on the floor. It was only then that I noticed that the top three buttons of her blouse were open. This offered me an incredible view of the delicious curves of her bosom. Without even knowing, she was wearing my favorite color purple. My engorged cock throbbed, just inches from her face.


I took my time getting the wine to allow my stiff erection to subside a bit before returning. I didn’t want to scare her away.


After our second glass of wine Monica was having difficulty concentrating on the finer points of nerve function, so I asked her if she would like a demonstration. She agreed but was shocked and confused as to why I would ask her to take off her blouse. I explained that the demonstration would allow her to feel the different types of nerve impulses from various parts of her torso. With the effaspects of the wine clouding her better judgement, Monica stood and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, laying it on the table.


Standing before me, clad only in a pencil skirt and lace bra, she was understandably nervous… her heart pounded so loudly I could hear it as I approached her. Stopping behind her I reached around and brushed my hands down the length of her arms. A shiver ran through her. All the while I was quietly talking about the differences in sensations as perceived by the body’s nerve endings.


Unable to control them, Monica’s nipples hardened, standing out noticeably against the lace fabric of her bra. As a wicked smile played upon my lips, I took her hand and led her back to the chair and had her sit down. I took a silk scarf from my pocket and gently tied it around her eyes, then two more bound her hands to the chair’s arms.


Her breathing became short and fast and she asked why she needed to be restrained and blindfolded. I explained that the senses are heightened when the body is deprived of sight and the ability to control one’s environment. Now blindfolded, she could hear me open and close a drawer, followed by the unmistakable SNIP SNIP of scissors. As the tattered remains of her exquisite bra tumbled to her feet, her large, very firm orbs were exposed to my gaze.


The combination of excitement, nervousness and uncertainty about what was to come made her nipples harder than ever and immediately I began to stroke her breasts, circling the creamy mounds with my fingers. Monica ged, “my God, is this really happening, she asked with a tremor in her voice? The gentle teasing of her breasts made her nipples stiffen into diamond hard peaks that throbbed uncontrollably. Her breathing began to quicken as she bit her lip to conceal her desire as I began to lightly pinch her nipples. It was clear from her writhing body that the sensation was heady.


Soon I went from gently tugging and pulling her nipples to twisting them and pulling them hard. I tugged and pulled, harder and harder, flicking them with my fingers while she was powerless to stop me. As she ged, it was clear that no one had ever touched her delicate nipples with such roughness before!


She was not prepared to feel my warm, wet mouth on them. I sucked and nibbled her nipples until I could smell her pussy began to moisten, then drip with moisture. She ged as soon as she felt my teeth - not a gentle nibble, but hard, firm bites on her nipples. My teeth bit into her sensitive tips and I grazed them from base to tip with my teeth. She moaned, and I asked her to be quiet, telling her that she hadn't experienced anything yet.


I stood up and she heard me rustling around in the room. When I returned, she felt the cold sting of freezing metal on her freshly bitten nipples! She cried out in pain and I laughed, asking her if she had ever had clamps on her nipples before? She shook her head. The pain in her nipples was both terrible and exquisite at the same time. The more pain that shot through her sensitive, swelling nipples, the more her pussy began to throb with a need she had never felt before. Her musky scent was intoxicating.

Continued in next Journal entry.

3/20/2018 4:47:13 PM
Continued from above Journal entry.

Pulling up her skirt, I pushed aside her underwear. With one hand, I began to finger her clit while brushing my fingers across the clamps on her nipples with the other. The pain was intense, and I could see her poor nipples swelling and hardening, like she had never felt before her life. Just when I thought she couldn't take it anymore, I pulled the clamps which made them bite down even harder on her throbbing peaks while at the same time rubbing her clit until she screamed with both the shock of pain and the shuddering orgasm that seemed to come out of nowhere to consume her.


The tortured expression on her beautiful face showed that she was shocked at the way her body had responded, she couldn't move for a moment. Next, she felt me begin to roll a prickly metal wheel over her flushed skin, concentrating the points over her aching nipples. Around and over her areolae and the tips of her nipples I rolled that devilish pinwheel. She arched her back and bucked her hips to attempt to escape the horrible little device, but it only enhanced the moment.


After a few minutes of that, she felt something rough and wooden close over her nipples - clothespins! They clamped down so hard on her abused flesh, she whimpered miserably. I placed the pins all over her breasts and moved my hand back and forth to make them create wave after wave of pain across her most sensitive parts. The pain in her breasts and nipples was so intense I didn't think she could stand another moment.


And then she heard the humming of a vibrator moving closer and closer. As I pinched the tips of her nipples that were protruding from the pins, I moved my Hitachi wand vibrator across her now dripping pussy. Pleasure, pain, pleasure pain. Her clit swelled and strained against the giant head of the vibrator while Her nipples pulsed with glorious needles of pain. She exploded with a shattering climax and at the height of her pleasure, I ripped the clothespins from her abraded nipples and she came yet again, violently and unexpectedly, drenching the fabric of the chair.


I then removed the blindfold from Her eyes and proceeded to fuck her tight little drenched pussy with my engorged cock all the while slapping her tits and roughly pulling her abused nipples until we both came. She collapsed from pain and exhaustion when it was finished.


That was her first experience with a sadistic yet sensual nipple torturer...and she has been hooked ever since.


The following semester I learned that she told her sorority sisters about her encounter with me. It became clear when a number of other students asked for private tutoring lessons. But I’ll save those stories for later.


I am also pleased to report that she passed his class with flying colors. ;)

1/4/2014 1:27:01 PM

Sara and I arrived in The Netherlands with tickets to go to the famous Amsterdam Clinic Party which is known for being one of the best kink and fetish parties in all of Europe. She had been saving for many months to purchase an exquisite new outfit from the world renowned Absolute Danny in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. What Sara didn’t know is that Danny’s is who puts on the Clinic Party!

On the day of the fitting, even thought it was the dead of winter, she knew that I expected her to wear a mini skirt and a tee shirt that tightly wrapped her stunning breasts (she calls them “the girls”). I gave her nips a rough tweak bringing a squeal of delight as they came to life like two little mountains. When she went to put on her panties, my look said it all – she tossed them aside. She also painted her lips with my favorite lipstick called “Fire Down Below.” She then brought me my favorite collar to adorn her neck.

The fitting appointment had been set for Saturday afternoon with Roberto…the store’s only male fitter. I purposely picked Saturday as Danny’s sees the most traffic then. Since they have over 100 outfits to choose from I knew it would take Sara some time to decide what she hoped I would let her wear to the Clinic Party.

Because we were far from home she felt safe that no one she knew would see her.  I expected her to go for the more conservative look, but she surprised me by asking Roberto what he would like to see her in. He showed her a number of over breast models to start. Sara tried three of them on…she looked stunning with her breast spilling out the top.

Then Roberto showed her some under breast models.  Immediately her inner slut blossomed like I had never seen before. She went straight for a stunning red and black stripped model, whisking it into the dressing room – pulling the velvet curtain shut. I entered unannounced leaving the curtain open half way. I could immediately smell the musky scent emanating from her womanhood. I watched her strip –then sensuously slip into the corset. While I was lacing her I called to Roberto and asked him to bring some fishnet stocking that would match while at the same time giving Sara the look that only she knew meant I wanted to see my cock sliding down the back of her throat. Of course she complied as she felt safe that no one she knew would see her doing such a depraved act in the dressing room of a public store.

I looked up to see Roberto smiling as he stared at Sara’s masterful deep throating of my engorged cock. I could see the lump in his tight leather pants growing and growing like a snake looking to escape. The first that Sara knew she had an audience was when Roberto asked if he could help her put the stocking on. At first she was mortified, but I told him to go ahead forcing her head all the way down on my shaft.

I wish there was a video of what happened next. As Roberto began to slide the stocking over her first foot Sara began to moan on my cock giving me a hummer. By the time he was at her calf she was sucking harder than I ever remember. By the time he was at her second thigh she was panting so loud that I knew she was intensely aroused – ready of almost anything. The smell of her musk was intoxicating. I pulled her vacuuming lips from my engorged member with a loud pop and told her to try on a purple corset, as she knows it is my favorite color.

Roberto reappeared shortly and stood by, ready to help her lace up the corset. As he fitted her, he made sure not to touch her freshly-waxed enflamed sex mound or taught nipples, which only drove Sara to a more heightened state of sexual frenzy. All she wanted to do was pay as quickly as possible and return to our hotel to relieve the hunger, the pressure, the urgency that was welling like a volcano inside her.

It was at that moment…in a state of panic that she realized she had left her wallet in the hotel safe. Her panic grew even more intense when she realized that our agreement was that she had to pay for her own clothes. By now it was less than 30 minutes until Danny’s closed and they were not open on Sunday due to preparations for The Clinic Party. Sara knew not to ask me for money for clothes so she turned to Roberto and began to beg him to give her credit until Monday when she promised to return.

Unfortunately Roberto does not own the store so he could not accommodate her. But just then the owner, Danny walked in the front door of her shop. Roberto went and spoke briefly with her. When he returned he whispered in Sara’s ear causing her to stiffen up with a look of horror on her face. I knew something was up. He told me that he had offered to give her the outfit she was wearing for free if he could have his way with her in the dressing room while I watched.

She looked longingly at me — hoping I would intervene. But she knew all too well that I would not! I called her over and leaned back on the comfortably upholstered chair. Instinctively Sara latched on to my cock like a vacuum, Roberto positioned himself behind her and nibbled his way up her fishnet’s tracing a delicate route to her dripping mound. First one leg then the other…Sara was beside herself with lust.

It was at that moment a glow washed away the terror on her face. Sara had entered subspace for the very first time. Her senses were hyper-aroused, time seemed to stand still.

What happened next was a blur of choreographed sensual intensity. Roberto began an oral onslaught of her enflamed gash, drinking her nectar voraciously. At the same time he grabbed her turgid nipples between his outstretched fingers, twisting them masterfully. She tried to remove my cock from her throat to no avail. Roberto drew his tongue across her clitoris, then pussy lips…not stopping until his tongue was expertly flicking across her tightly puckered ass which opened like a waking flower. Sara responded by sucking on my cock…like a woman possessed she tried to pull the seed from my balls like never before. Her teeth gently raking the sides of my shaft…oh I love the way that feels!

Roberto had already put a condom on and asked me if he could enjoy her beautiful ass. Unfortunately I had to tell him that Sara was an anal virgin when we met and only I have felt the tightness and bliss of her puckered sphincter. With an understanding sigh he spun her around so that she faced him. He may be 50 years old but he picked her up like a ragdoll and deftly slid her on his cock while standing. She gasped as the first wave swept over her, then wrapped her legs tightly around him grinding her crimson clit against his pubic bone. Her face went flush with lust as her hips became but a pounding blur. She was a woman possessed, having sex with a total stranger in public for the first time. The moaning and sounds of slapping flesh were so intense that a small crowd had gathered outside the fitting room.

Danny was at the front staring intently.

I reminded Sara that she was to hold back her impending orgasm until granted permission. The brutal pounding Roberto was giving her gapping sex meat insured that the pain and pressure with her cunt was growing and growing to a crescendo.

Just then Danny walked behind her, reaching around her back and tightly grasped both of Sara’s fat extended nipples, twisting them as devilishly as I love to do. Sara opened her eyes and saw that it was Danny’s hand on her heaving breasts…not mine. She was mortified. Sara had never been touched sexually by another woman. It was too much for her to handle.

I could tell the orgasmic flood was overtaking Sara when her toes curled so tightly they turned bright red, then white at the knuckles. She was having one of her uber intense multi orgasms…clenching and repeatedly milking a total stranger’s cock in her quivering love muscle. She was a woman possessed, awash in subspace. With the grunt of an enraged bull, Roberto forced Sara down on his cock with all his strength – time and time again impaling her on his stanchion. Her orgasm seemed to last forever as he discharged his thick ropy load in her now quivering loins.

When he finally lifted her off his cock she was panting. It was clear that she had earned the outfit she was wearing. I held her tightly; licking the sweat from the nape of her neck… assuring her that she had done well. But I did remind her that the price would be paid later for letting her orgasm overtake her without my permission.

She looked up and saw the small audience. At first she tensed…but then relaxed as she realized that her first public sex was not only safe, she wanted to do it again the next night at The Clinic Party.

But first we had to return to our hotel to meet out her punishment for cummmming without my permission. :-) 

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