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UPDATED March 2024 Im looking for a serious long term Ds relationship that would lead to live-in 247. Ive been in the lifestyle a number of years and started out identifying as submissive. I think this is a benefit to my skills as a Dominant. I would identify as a Erotic Dominant. And, I do have interests in other sexually exploratory arts such as tantra and karma sutra. Im semi-active in the local kink community and like to watch and learn from others safe, sane, consensual ways to inflict sweet delicious sensations - from mild to wild. I am extremely open minded and adventurous! Although I do have some limits and boundaries that may be flexible over time and trust is built. It's all about adventure, exploration and DISCOVERY! I'm 100 percent authentic, genuine, raw and incredibly kind. Until I'm NOT!

I am open to chatting and talking with most everyone - as online or real life friends. However, I feel I need to clarify that I am currently looking for natural born accomplished submissive men for partnership. I have relaitonships with many different people and dont see that changing. I know I'm more open relationship minded. I am exploring poly. Life goals:
* global travel
* BDSM events and parties
* Living the dynamic 247 - as lead by myself, with considered input from my partner(s). If you're a Dominant man and interested in me? I require that you be open minded to bottoming with me if the chemistry is there. Bottom line with that dynamic is mutual RESPECT. I am not interested in being a puppet to your design. I am a strong, confident, self actualized woman and I love who I am. Ultimately any man I choose to be with should ADORE me as is. I realize I'm not perfect and I have things to work on too. I enjoy receiving chivalrous acts from a man. I also think pleasantries are a nice way to interact and touch base. I enjoy a man with character - his own views of the world and a backbone to get what he needswants. Wed get along in a myriad of ways, not only related to BDSM.

I am a laid back person by nature and semi-private with a few close friends. Most of my family has passed away and the ones left that I care about do know I'm kinky! I am compassionate, free-spirited, kind and honest. I am open minded and a bit taboo curious. Cultivating a deep meaningful connection is paramount. I dont have a lot of immediate protocol, but I do see boundaries and rules being developed over time and getting to know one another. I do want someone that has his own life - his own means of support and able to support me in my endevors, but is looking to enhance his life with someone special. Someone open to love - giving and receiving. Someone looking to explore internally just as much as externally.

NOW is the TIME! I have sacraficed enough time devoting my life to family and work. I currently have support to travel anywhere to meet anyone that is serious and willing and able to do that with your help! I hope to connect with someone that is genuine about their search. Please, when inquiring be thoughtful in your approach to engage conversation and show you are more than just a hello. These one liners do not bode well with me! I update my journal regularly and there are many of my thoughts there. An ongoing evolution and engaging with many different people there's no lack of stimulation and ideas!

Please attach a PHOTO OF YOURSELF when contacting me, thank you in advance. And Thank You for taking the time to read my profile. I do hope everyone finds what they're looking for and I do activly educate and try to influence other women about FLR! I can't be everything to everyone!

This VISION everyone seems to be dying to know generally looks like at home a SANTUARY free to be myself whatever form that takes in the moment, I am more of a Dance than a Predictable Tool.  I have no choice but to know my mind every second.  That in itself keeps me in trouble.  The people I seek have more to do about bring out the best in me where my soul sings the songs I envision them to be and what I've seen in the world and sometimes experienced myself.  The skill level to MEEt and excede expectations has Yet to Be Met with any real longevity much less reality.  Prove my future wrong.  

ISO an environment that makes ME feel alive.  And that is most likely very different than you've been taught to believe by some other Domme in your past.  Strip the sheets.  I prefer Linen. 

It's a THING to be ALIVE!

Right Now?  The person that has a giving helpful heart that gets pleasure helping a strong woman with drive has  legal experience in how to set up a community?  Is that real estate law? Anyone?  Any old hippies in the crowd thinking of commune in the 60s?  LOL  Anything like that. 

Common expectations in a female dominant (domme) role can vary widely depending on the specific dynamics and agreements within a relationship or BDSM scene. However, there are some general expectations that often apply:

  1. Leadership and Decision-Making: A female dominant is typically expected to take the lead in various aspaspects of the relationship or scene. This can include making decisions about activities, setting rules and boundaries, and guiding the overall direction of the dynamic.

  2. Assertiveness and Confidence: Dominance often requires a certain level of assertiveness and confidence. The domme is expected to assert her desires, expectations, and boundaries clearly, while also respecting those of her submissive partner(s).

  3. Consistency and Structure: Establishing and maintaining consistency in rules, protocols, and routines can be important in maintaining the dynamic and providing a sense of stability for both parties.

  4. Communication: Effective communication skills are crucial in any relationship, but particularly in BDSM dynamics where roles and boundaries may be more fluid. A domme should be able to openly discuss desires, limits, and any concerns with her submissive partner(s).

  5. Empathy and Understanding: While dominance involves control and authority, it's important for a domme to understand and empathize with the needs and emotions of her submissive partner(s). This understanding helps to create a safe and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

  6. Safety and Consent: Prioritizing safety and respecting boundaries and consent is fundamental in BDSM dynamics. A responsible domme ensures that activities are safe, consensual, and within the agreed-upon limits of all participants.

  7. Skill and Creativity: Depending on the specific BDSM practices involved, a domme may be expected to have skills in areas such as bondage, discipline, sadism, and role-play. Creativity in designing scenes and activities can also enhance the experience for both partners.

It's important to note that expectations can vary greatly between individuals and relationships. What matters most is that expectations are communicated clearly, boundaries are respected, and both partners derive mutual satisfaction and fulfillment from the dynamic.

 And maybe one day she takes a minute to review and see that you've written pretty consistently and she appreciates that effort.  Since I've updated and been more active on this site it really is unbelievable the sheer amount of emails I've received.  And I hear other Dommes have expressed similarities to the men I have chatted with. It fuels me to educate my vanilla friends and open minded women to FLR. 
See?  In theory - all of this should come easy to a Domme?  A story I came to start to believe, but have since realized reality has a bigger head than I do.  And most of the people that have peaked MY interest and I spent MY precious time getting to know have almost ALL had the same problem.  They, for what ever reason, cannot make it into reality with whatever dreams they have about living some lifestyle that this Domme has in mind.  I get flooded by emails.  Are you kidding me?  Half of you are a joke.  The other half chained by your circumstances.  So really WHO here  is your Bitch?

Martha Stewart tells me online -  it's never too late to build an Empire!

Excite my imagination. Unbutton my desire. Undress my heart. Strip my soul. Seduce my mind. 

I think this goes all ways. 

How many subs do you think I could fit into a transit van?  Maybe I'm thinking too small.  

Prius did not pass inspection. 

Are you prius car camping tight material?

Late night thought. 


How about this?   what's the technical term?  Ah.  Id call it digital bread crumbs.  But cyber security?   Maybe I need someone that knows about being plastered on the internet.  But hard to find in real life kind of thing.  But.  Everyone has gotten so scared and comfortable with their lives no one I've been interested in is the same level of readiness I'm currently experiencing.  So far. 


Id grade my experience as an D-.

I need some number one fans.  Anyone have good  management skills?   Like to take photos and videos.  Follow a vivscious free spirirted lustful Woman around?   Life off leash, so to speak.  Anyone good at making home made lemonade with all these lemons? 

Got home a few weeks ago.  For those of you following.  The train moves forward with or without you.  And sometimes feels hop on or hop off.  30 years ago meeting people from online is vastly different terrain.   Honor of people's word is hit and miss.  Or being able and willing to move whatever mountain it was at the time.  Do the work?  Make the journey.  Take the risk.  Explore.  Discovery.  Create.   Enjoy.  Happy life.  


Might take a minute to unpack.  Stay tuned.  

The point of asking these questions is to facilitate a deeper conversation.

  1. What do you appreciate most about your partner?

My partner would prioritize our happiness and have similar life goals.  He’d have a sense of humor and there’d be laughter in our lives.  Slow to anger and approach things more out of curiosity.  Most always positive and gives possible solutions for life’s challenges. The focus is on living a good life.  He’s accomplished or knows how to make an acorn grow into a tree and has good financial intelligence.  We’re in it for the long haul – until death do us part.

  1. Are you on the same page about children? How many children do you want to have?

I decided not to have children for a myriad of reasons.  I’m open if you have kids, I prefer they’re out of the house, older and self-sufficient with lives of their own.  I don’t want any drama and I need to be the priority.

  1. How do you relate to your family? How do you relate to your partner’s family?

Primarily I only have one older brother left.  He knows who I am and generally that I’m kinky.  Otherwise?  I have a small number of extended family and we’re not close-knit.

I have family values, but again I am alert of any drama.  I am not one to create drama.  But I spent the first half of my life keeping my kinky side private only sharing it with friends and others in the kink community.  Now that certain family members have passed away I feel free to be my whole self.  I’m not interested in outing anyone and respectful of those boundaries.  But in behavior, someone might get an inkling if you follow me.

  1. How will you manage your money and household finances (joint or separate)?

Honestly?  This is something I can work on.  For the majority of my life I’ve been keeping my head above water and a caregiver.  When I did make money I indulged myself to excess.  Moving forward I need to work on balance – a comfortable life that affords a certain level of lifestyle and includes savings and investing.

  1. How important is your sexual relationship

    ? What are your expectations around intimacy and sex?

My sex drive ranges depending on mental stimulation and energy.  Sexual relationships are certainly of high importance.  I don’t know how aging will affect this, but I’ve always wanted more sex than my life provided or I chose to have.  I’ve been focused on finding a regular partner to build and explore sex with.  But due to my circumstances – or the person I was interested in circumstances it has literally been a barrier to building anything worth noting.  One thing I can say?  I have found toys that satisfy me more than any person I’ve sexually been with and I’m confident I can satisfy my needs solo.  Every woman should have a Njoy and a vibrator! (in my humble opinion)


Otherwise?  I expect that you love sex as much as I do!  My aim is to be sexually involved with my partner(s) and that they are sexually confident or willing to learn how to satisfy me. 


At the moment, I’m not a huge fan of strap-ons.  I see it being used on occasion, if it’s not a limit, but not a regular frequent occurrence.


  1. How do you want your spouse to express love and affection


I’m good with any of the 5 love languages. 


  1. What are your ideas around the division of household chores?

I have no interest in being the lazy Domme who expaspects all household chores to be completed by the submissive.  And I don’t want to do everything by myself. 

  1. How will you prioritize your careers in relation to about your family bonds

     and marriage?

Can everyone be retired now?

  1. How do you deal with conflict that can not be resolved?

Usually?  I cut bait if there’s an impasse.  It depends on the conflict and what it’s about.

  1. What are your expectations

     or boundaries

     around relationships outside of the marriage such as friendships or co-worker relationships?

Our relationship is the priority.  I have no interest in isolating someone from outside connections.  But I also am not looking for problems.


  1. What does betrayal and infidelity

     mean to you?

Well?  I learned from a previous relationship that did betray and was infidelity that what hurt most was not getting the invite to participate on any level.  It was in total secret.  And, in my opinion, when that happens?  It’s irreconcilable differences. I pride myself on being approachable and navigating through real-life challenges.  When it’s done successfully it can bring deeper bonds and build trust.  Ride or die, if you may.


  1. Where do you for see yourselves living and creating your life?

It wasn’t so long ago that I was set on living the rest of my life in Minnesota.  I do own a house with an affordable mortgage and have good close friends who live there.  And I do like the political climate there compared to other states.  Minnesota takes care of its residents, unlike other states I’ve lived in.  Yes, the brutal winters suck!  But now we have climate change and this past winter was a breeze!

At this time?  I am open to discussing other options.  Even though my appetite for travel is strong, I have learned the value of having a home base.  Not sure I’m looking to purge and liquidate everything and solely live out of a van.

  1. How do you feel about religion? How important are your religious beliefs or spiritual beliefs to you?

Usually it’s been about allergies to animals as I am an avid animal lover.  I am guardian to 3 cats and one small dog.  And I can tell when people don’t love my animals.

  1. How do expect to interact with your friends as a couple?

When I bought my current house, I was envisioning lots of BDSM dinner parties and play parties with small groups of people (because my house is small).  Or dinner parties and game nights with vanilla friends.  I do not impose my kinky lifestyle on my vanilla friends or family, but most know that I’m kinky.

I regularly get together with my vanilla friends.  That doesn’t you have to participate in every activity.  Actually, I might prefer it if you don’t join all the time.

I have let my friendships with the local community BDSM people slide for the past number of years.  Since a little before Covid.  But Covid wasn’t the reason at the time.  I’d like to re-enter that world.  But prefer to have a partner(s).

  1. Do you agree with your partner’s lifestyle choices (health, diet, exercise, use of substances, sleeping habits, activities, hobbies, and professional drive/achievement)

Health – generally I’m in good health or could do better if I engaged more in a healthy lifestyle (nutrition and exercise).  I am trying to transition to vaping from smoking cigarettes.  My aim is to quit altogether.  It’s an active work in progress. I drink on occasion, not an alcoholic.  I also partake in devil's cabbage on occasion.  Not every day or even every week.

Diet – I am not too much of a picky eater and do like a variety of healthy foods.  Omnivore.  Although I think its all really laden with chemicals regardless if its organic or just produce from the grocery store.

Exercise – I used to go to the gym pretty regularly.  I’ve gotten away from that but would like to go regularly again with a partner.  Aging is no joke and the more fit a person is the better fare from an illness or fall!

Activities – I tend to enjoy hikes in nature – any nature from woods, beaches, mountains, or any other nature place.  I also like being on the water – where I can see land! Lol  And if I went on a cruise?  It’d be on a pirate ship!  Not a huge boat.

Sleep – I love my sleep!  At least 8 hours.  Some people have told me I snore.

Professional Drive – good jobs are hard to find these days!  I’m driven, intelligent, and competent.  I’m currently unemployed trying to establish self-employment but not sure where all of it is going to go.  I have a limited time to devote to it Full time until I need to consider other options.

  1. How will you include your spouse in making important or personal decisions?

I would prefer input from my partner, but I would have the final say.  If I need direction I’ve typically done the research and ask other supporters in my life for opinions.

  1. How will you maintain your personal identity within the marriage? How much time do you expect to spend with each other? How will you spend your free time together and apart?

To be negotiated along the way.

  1. How do you feel about spending money?

Due to being self sufficient I have lived on the continuum of being frugal to lavish when finances allowed.  I would never want to financially devastate anyone like some of the other Dommes I’ve heard seem to act like.

  1. What are your individual core values?

Generally whole health

  1. Who are your positive relationship role models for marriage? Whose marriage do you admire and why?

By now I've seen a lot of different relationships.  And every one of them about 20-25 years in there’s some serious consideration or some big obstacle that either has ended the relationship or someone has yielded and they keep on keeping on. 

The relationships I’ve admired?  In public, you can tell they love each other and enjoy each others company.  I’ve always been of the mind when I partner with someone it will be forever!  Maybe that’s why I’ve been hesitant to anchor down on anyone.  And by now I have fewer years ahead of me than I do behind.  Every day is a gift!  I’ve also lost enough people in my life to know tomorrow isn’t guaranteed no matter what your age is!  I have a lust for life and want to experience as much as I can!

How about YOU!?!

Houston, TX
This trip has been made possible by support from connections I’ve made over the past 28 years online nurturing relationships and building trust.  I’ve fronted plenty of trips and engagements over the years and nothing has been a waste.  All good stories and memories.
I lost my job the end of last year.  I applied to various jobs that were natural advancements of my vanilla career.  Nothing panned out.  Then I had a strategic planning meeting by myself and asked myself if I could do anything and build a comfortable life doing it with my skills, knowledge and abilities PLUS my passions and life goals?  It would be traveling, being useful to people, and living a Kinky Lifestyle.
You want me to work 70 plus hours a week and still be shiny and bright and have the energy to Dominate you?  GET REAL.  I'm in a position where I'm able to focus Full Time on My future and hopefully that includes finding a potential partner - or partners.  Who's ready? 
In my perspective?  Men are providers, and protectors and support their Domme/FLR partner – however she decides to live her life!  Her existence is your celebration!  You best believe if you’re along for the ride you’d enjoy it too!  This hang up about whether a person is professional or do it for fun?  GET REAL!  Bottom line is support to run it!  You got a hang up about that? DO NOT WASTE MY TIME.

3/13/24 I leave tomorrow for an almost 8000 mile journey basically living out of my SUV.  Because I can and I'm not stuffy about it.  The last time I was driving long distance all over the United States I was a SEMI truck driver.  That didn't end up working out.  Here I am back nurturing that nomadic spirit that makes ME ME.  Just the rules are a little different these days. 
I"m watching a Woman.  Grab her LIFE BY THE HORNS and live it her way.  Some of you might not agree or looking for a predicatable box.  Routines with only our creations to entertain?  I seem to be a bit more multi level engagement and exposure to diversity that is my passion challenge and I do LOVE people.  I just have relaitonships with every indiviual within our own dynamics.  Until they merge or dont.  When did everyone get so busy that we had no time to move forward until we literally retired?  Then at what level of luxury?  And what determines comfort or who? 
Think about that.  I know I am. 


Traveling plans:

March 2024
16-18 Albuquerque, NM
20-25 Houston, TX
25 New Orleans, LA
28-April 2 Orlando FL

April 2024
3-4 Atlanta GA
5-7 Nashville TN
9-13 Richmond VA
14-15 Washington DC
16_17 Philidelphia PA
17-20 NYC, NY
22-26 Boston, MA
27-? Traveling back to MN.
Toronto Canada
Albany NY
Syracuse NY
Buffalo, NY
Cleveland OH
Chicago IL
Madison WI

If I was honest with you about what was going on right now in my life? YOu might very well run away into the woods! 2023 has been a rough year. And, quite frankly, where Im at right now is focusing on the future and dealing with the present as best Im able. Even from the 6 months ago when I put up all that information about my thoughts so that others could gain insight and respond accordingly. Life has gone on its merry little way and my focus has been shifting. Most recently coming to my universal truth that I dont ever want to be here again moving forward. So, being only myself that I rely on and as reflective as I have been and curious nature that I do posses. Has steered me in a direction where diversification in my future looks very appealing. But, its risky. Takes some risk to do it. Personally, professionally, anyones whole life direction if they want to take me seriously.

Ive been online chatting away sharing ideas, and building relationships mostly in sprinkles to fellow internet beings. Being fairly content on my merry little way. Never demanding much from the people I connect with, with the exception of the expectation I am who I am and Im a strong human female with opinions and certainly not retaining every connection based on that fact alone. Every person Ive met has some notion theyre trying to get fulfilled off the internet. And Ive come to realize I cannot be everything online. Actually, that might be my problem!

Its all about focus and Ive heard multiple times from men that have crossed my path they are so sick of fake profiles. Well heres one profile that most certainly isnt fake! But, putting my vision FIRST. The damsel in distress turned dragon slayer or die on her own sword because the only thing she knows how to do is be curious about the world and finally found VOICE!

I have no clear calculation if I am popular or not? I have not been keeping TRACK! But Im starting to think maybe I SHOULD start.

Thank you for prompting this email. I think I need to post that, but currently my further journal entries have been UNACCESSABLE. And I havent taken the time to contact support.

Hope this finds you well and in good spirits.

One last thing Ive learned


Close to 30 years out here and still a unicorn! New unicorns might have something going on that this old unicorn is slow on the uptake sometimes. I am thoughtful, methodical, latch on to ideas that bake in the cosmic oven a while before I am in alignment to say something on the record. Everyone, everywhere has to be aware of the risk whatever they share online might be a billboard in Times Square. The question with that is would they take pride in whatever was released? Or would it bring shame to self and those that surround you?
Sorry, please dont read that as im yelling at you more like envision me on a mountain top yelling at all the world to hear! Wild and free.

__YOURNAME___'s invitation to find and engage with me.  

Lorelei A Legends


I ALWAYS strive to behave RESPECTFULLY and sometimes that's got a Southern flavor.  That doesn't mean I'll chose to change notions that float through my brain - that I dont know that any human being has power to change given the influences and experiences we've had as individuals. 

Beliefs, self truths, and awarenesses to cater to someone elses outright dismissal because a notion differs from their own and that irritates them and makes them grouchy or otherwise a jerk.  There's lots of things in this world to talk about versus focusing on the dozen ideas and values that seperate. 

Everything is about narrative - that we tell ourselves AND what we choose to share with each other.  And that can be different versions of ourselves depending on the connection.  Sometimes the best and respectful thing to me is if I don't have anything nice to say? Don't say anything at all, and let it roll off my back.  Certainly everyone has choice to be around what kind of energy they make the most harmony with?  Takes some effort to sustain seems particularly online. 

And I"m at an age I do choose spending less time to entertain anything less than mutually stimulating.  I'm not so wrapped up in labels.  But, I do have standards whatever spot I am on the contiuum of kink depending on what notes we're hitting with one another - or NOT.  And really, wherever I have landed in play on the continuum most often than not I have always felt and think will always know I am the one driving my boat. 

ISO someone that has a drive to match mine, vast interests with his own colorful life and stories that only reflect his many dealings with many different walks of life or build bridges or learn to speak with being honest and held in high regard


 signed - A Nasty Woman

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

I used to have visions of meeting someone and being a power couple.  Of working and living together.  Building an empire of whatever that could have been. I guess there's still time for that. 

But, men in the age bracket I'm talking with these days are already established.  Successful or failed.

I understand ambition and drive and effort sustained for decades climbing whatever preverbal ladder we've been on.  And navigating devastation and trauma and rising from ashes to go out and create more life!  It has been quite the ride.  And I don't expect the next chapter of our lives to be anything less than engaging with ups and downs and dashes of peace serenity and unconditional love. 

I refuse to be a statistic that after spending 25 years together making a life?  Then deciding one day just not to do it anymore!  There's a clue why I might not have ever found My ONE primary. 


  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Active listening
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Positive solutions to problems
  • Financial responsibility
  • Humor not at anyone's expense
  • Curiosity before judgement
  • Motivating or Influence others
  • Cooking
  • Domestic skills
  • Massage



  • Outdoors – I get recharged in nature.  Do you?  I’m open minded about outdoor activities year round.
  • Physical Activities – someone that is inclined to go to the gym regularly with me.
  • Travel – the world is our oyster!  I’m well traveled in the United States.  More recently international travel.
  • Music – I’m open to a variety of music.  Mostly listen to chill music.
  • Health and Wellbeing – strive to be balanced withing the 8 dimensions of wellness.  Those are emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial

 Love Language in order of 1 to 5.  I rank 1 being most important. 

Note.  I have never read the book. 

1 Acts of Service

2 Touch

3 Affirmations

4 Quality Time

5 Gifts


I've  noticed I attract to personalities with common backgrounds in the following:

Information Technology





We should have COMMON LIFE GOALS.  These are just a few that come to mind right now. 

  1. FLR and KINK
  2. Family and Friends
  3. Career
  4. Affordable long term stable and comfortable housing
  5. Travel
  6. Financial stability
  7. Nutritionally healthier minded
  8. Long term stratagies for growing old and death
  9. Last, but certainly not least HAPPINESS. 

Food for thought. 
I am an active participant in manifesting my destiny. 
Please let me speak to others that simularly self aware and able to communicate.  I'm flexible with how that works, but I'm not here for online pen pals. 
You can be whatever you label yourself. 
Everything shakes out and eventually snags. 
Natural process of my life. 
How about learning from hard knocks, but also investing and valuing higher education.  The two college classes that influenced me the most was Philosophy and Critical Thinking.  I soaked them up and they've lived with me ever since.
NEEDED:  increased vigorous physical exercise, laughter yoga, and more bubble baths!
When, in current climate, the perspectives on what those taught educational story narratives are in constant change and has been coming into question?  Basic expectations of common sense?  But these days I think if sense were common we'd have more of it.  Shared sense of sanity and within the realm of vauling human life?  People that are already on this earth and have their own stories.  That would be honoring diversity.  Not valuing everyone thinking like everyone else?


Hint:  Make an effort to be your own witty self.  I feel like A rock in the river that water just crashes up against and runs around.  You a geologist? 

A whole to be with another whole.  

Meeting in our own space and time.  You’re a rock too.  And I might crash into you and run right around you. 

I’m not a pine tree, yet.  Those seeds need to be planted, nurtured and grown in a organic environment.  

You don’t have the right fertilizer for that?  That’s not my problem.  I’ll still grow with sunlight.

Cleaning with lemon juice still works! 

Happy 4th of July - or "Independence" Day!?  How many people went to a BBQ todday??!!  Fireworks?

Feeling like it used to feel like people/law gave consideration for people that didn't' necessairly think/live like they did - for ALL USA.  As an American Woman, I felt freer somewhere in the rearview.

Today I feel like it's just a Day that celebrates - We came!  We Conqured!  And made quite the mess of things.  Yay!  Values for whoever supports whatever jacked up buisness is this decade!  At the possible suspense of sustainablity of long term life support? holistically considering? 

Unbridled.  And not looking for a life for myself where I feel bridled, full disclosure.  And feeling more like shared sanity is utmost important with the people I chose to surround myself with.  Safe Sane Consentual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink. 

Pretty bored. ISO Aliens, weirdos, comics, muses, artists, nerds, rocket scientists, inventors, muscians, or any myriad of self-actualized, brilliant and wanting to expand horizons?  No drama Mama's.

Now I'm just writing  to Cosmic Gods.  Or, here's to being comprehensive!  Cheers.


REFUSE to be less than transparant.  Random thoughts


Dealing with AI? though - that might change things.  Can people that have some inkling what they want/looking for but might not have the dynamic resolution to get them through the door for that interview with their own volition.  That's so tempting to test out.  


I prefer in the moment truths inspired by engagement and communication - some may call it chemistry.  Meeting of the minds.  Because the body isn't forever, but always could strive for strength, flexibility and endurance?  Will - direction of life, that's serious business.  Giving someone phycological real estate someone lets "you" have. People expect that's given away without depth of connection?  Is that just a Woman Brain Woke? Oh, for the love of Pete.  Just a Female brain - practicing Vulnerable Leadership as I experience it and value for it - Self Worthy. Exhibit A. Testing... 1, 2, 3.... 


Ground Control to Major Tom!  However long it takes - I'll be here.  Damn, might just leave to page as a Tribute to myself for others to enjoy.  What the hell?  


Looking for my Ride or Die.  But, gotta pass by the trolls and enchantments tha make up Me.  I tame my own Dragons and I"m a given it a thought explorer of environments.  I'm a Creator.  Looking for a Co-Creator - I will respect his brain and thought process and awareness and ability to express that. Hey may or may not reap the benefits of my soul spaces.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner for that Soul.  On that level I meet all levels of intimacy and frienship to lovers. The Collar Me and now Collar Space community has more positively impacted my life than most any other site I've experienced.  And, I do have gratitude for that.  Last living Free space to find like minded, supposedly - people looking for a relaitonship that involes kink on whatever that level is. Side Note - My interests are also outdated, everything is more of a conversation to be had - over time and mutual interest. 


No body writes much that is meaningful anymore - I'm a dianasour!  Just recognizing some dealing with human beings vs. going down rabbit holes and ending up being asked to "invest" in some online business or jewelry company or some pharmasist working on an oil rig with a talking head, or countless other stories I've heard. 


BE REAL.  I am.



I practice Vulnerable Leadership as a Surfer in Life.  If you aren't creative enough to carry your weight in conversation, interest and dancing with artists, musicians, lovers of diversity and champions of life, please click to someone else's profile.  Only elite minded - but not in a I only hear my version of whatever it is I need you to be to grow sanctuaries and expand each others horizons.  Might want to talk to your kind of brain.  There - how about that as a thought to comment on???

My photos by now are pretty outdated, although my physique is still pretty much the same.  I'd update but I hear that might be critical to having an exsisting profile out here. 

Currently seeking a FLR.  Looking for a man that respects that and has some flexibility in acceptance with what kinks are explored.  Must have confidence to do a myriad of different things or be ok with involving others getting needs met. 

At this time I live in southern MN and have no plans to relocate due to building experience in my chosen career.  Would be possible in the future. 

I own pets - please no allergies to cats or dogs.

I am self-sufficent and make a decent living - not looking for your pockets, but someone similar that is responsible and willing to contribute to home life. 

I am not perfect, but willing to work on things.  Healthy minded - being active and enjoying life, healthy balanced variety of food.  I do have a unhealthy habit of smoking, working on quitting soon.  I work in Mental Health, I'm well aware of healthy relationships vs. abuse. 

I've been told I have a sound core, which I agree with.  I'm easy to talk with - I take my time with building trust and sharing.  With the right person I'd be an open book.  I've been single for many years and would rather stay single vs. being in the wrong relationship.
...I attract to the idea of simpler living.  Being time is the most precious resource we have on this planet.  I actively research tiny homes and cottage living.  Living in the green - in so many ways.  Would you be able to live in a tiny house?  Would you prefer off grid?