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--- UPDATE -- will be reallocating to Spain or Portugal in South Europe in 2024 ----

VERY young looking, white skin European special girl in search of other special girls or dominant MasterMistressCouples for fun times.

Have been fascinated by the BDSM universe since my teenage years and have taken every opportunity I have had to explore and test things out. Unfortunately, I have since 2005 been living abroad in cultures which is not that open to BDSM. Why my experience and opportunity to play and explore have been on-off.

I have a quite large toy box and explore and build experience at any chance I have got.

HOWEVER, there is a limit to what you can do on your own. Why I am hoping to find some kinky friends to explore my amazing world of BDSM further.

I see myself as evolving in the BDSM world as I believe there is always new things to experiment with and as a person I am very open and never afraid to try new things. Unless you try you will not know if you like it -)

I have found that at current moment I have a low tolerance for pain and my white and innocent young body bruises very easily. The picture in my album is from just a king with the bare hands and a flogger. My nipples are really sensitive and when I play myself with either nipple clamps or electro I have to capitalize really fast.

That said thresholds and limits are to be pushed and with the right guidance and training I believe thresholds can indeed be moved.

What I am looking for
I am looking for the right friends and relationships to various scenarios in my BDSM evolution. I am willing to travel far for the right opportunities.

I really would like to put my submissive side to the test by submitting myself to a MistressMasterCouple for a prolonged period of time to experience the complete submissiveness. Open to a number of different scenarios as a special girl.
Most important is to find the right dominant attitude that can push my limits and Test me under trustful and honest conditions.

Since my teenage years I have loved dressing up in girl underwear, heels and lots of different outfits, but only in private surroundings. I have a hidden STRONG and REAL desire to try and be a girl 24h in private orand in public. This will be a big step, but a step I am ready to try. To realize this I am looking for a daddyMommycouple that would be interested to train a new little special girl.

I am VERY young looking with beautiful white innocent skin ready to be covered up in whatever outfit you desire. As a girl I would see me as the passive part and would be expected to be used a girl is used.

In my evolution I would like to experience being in a dominant Mistress. What I see I would be really good fit for is as a subdominant for a MasterMistress to dominant other subs. I really would like to be pushed to inflict pain on another submissive and ofcause if I dont do the job to the satisfaction of MasterMistress I would be subject to punishment. That should be a strong motivator

Few things I really value
Honesty and Safety are VERY important why my hard limits are anything that is not safe or illegal. Besides that, I believe that there should not be a HARD stop word given to a slave as the power to stop a session should only be with MasterMistress.

HOWEVER there should always be a SOFT stop word is given that will stop whatever the activity is going on. And then it is up to the MasterMistress experience to read the slave and either resume the activity or change the activity. So I am looking for dominant that I can establish that level of trust with. If the trust is where the limits are your imagination and as said what is safe and not illegal.

Kinky regards

To all you fakes on this site I am NOT interested in any PRO session or FINDOM arrangements. THIS IS a 100 serious search

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12/8/2017 2:32:32 AM
Uhh  been very long since the inexperienced ass has been penetrated. Tonight metal butt plug is quite uncomfortable.

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