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Pan Transgender Slave, 63,  Mississippi
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Well, it has finally happened, the waiting and searching is finally over. I HAVE a Master and Owner. It has been a long hard frustrating road. I have dealt with players, phonies, those that simply could not believe i was serious in what i was looking for. For those that are not familiar with me and my search. What i was seeking was some one that would

1. Own me as a sissy slave for the rest of my life

2. utilize me to the best of my abilities and talents and NEVER allow anything short of that

3. Subject me to a disciplinary regimen that strictly and daily, (hourly if need be) enforces the rules set forth for my behavior, deportment, appearance, perance, behavior, and obedience.

4. Completely eradicate any and all traces of residual masculinity, and replace it with a super exaggerated sissy slut femininity, with very secure and total chastity and trained to only have feminine type internal orgasms with no erection or ejaculation
5. No access to any former life, money, male clothing or male identification
6. i am to be his whore as well servant and slave. I hope and plan to do all i can to be an asset to his total situation

I will not pretend or act as if this total lifestyle change is not terrifying in some aspects. I have finally accepted that the life of a free adult male, while i may desire it, was simply never meant to be, for me. I am a sissy slave, and now i am an OWNED sissy slave, and as terrifying as any of this might be, i know that this way i will find, satisfaction, fulfillment, contentment, and peace that i had never found in all the years preceding this event. I hope you all can be happy for me. I will stay in touch, if Master wishes, and post more as my advancement into the life of a sissy slave advances.

celia sissy slave to Master Robert

Update as of December 21, 2017 I am afraid with COPD and my sciatic back problem, that my utility as a sissy slave is and will be greatly reduced from that of a normally functioning sissy slave. My spirit and my mind might be willing, but my 62 year old body says differently. I can not kneel for more than a few minutes at a time, and with either leg and or abdominal muscles susceptible to sever cramping in certain positions, restraints on my legs movement when in certain positions is dangerous. With COPD, my ability to deep throat is curtailed. i simply can not get enough air thru my nasal passages to breath. So i am afraid i will be completely retireing this profile permanently soon. thank you Celiaupdate, as of December 17 2017 Due to health reasons i will have to temporarily suspend my search. I can and will talk to anyone about any aspect of this. i will remove this update as soon as possible. thank you for understanding. celia sissy slaveIam a sub sissy slave seeking permanent 247lifetime enslavement. If that might interest you Sir and or My Lady, i will send you photos and all the ination i had on my previous profile. As for my expectations, there are four questions i usually ask. They are not meant as hard limits, or demands, or topping from the bottom. They are simply the fastest method and most reliable method i know of to facilitate communication, insure that we are speaking the same language so to speak, that when certain terms are used, they have the same meaning for both of us, that simply by reading them, you would know pretty much where my head is and what my expectations are, what my desires are, what i offer and what i am committing, and that by your answers i can see the same of you. We can each gauge rather rapidly whether or not our goals, our desires, our vision, is compatible. 1. Will you insure by any means necessary, that once you lock your collar around my neck, taking full and total possession of me as your personal property and slave, that under no circumstances will i ever be permitted my freedom for the rest of my life. That no matter what story i tell you, how long or loud i plead or beg, no matter what my future attitude you will never allow me my freedom again. That if the time comes when you no longer desire toown me as your slave that you will make your best effort to place me with another owner. 2. That you will acknowledge that i am not and never will again be considered a man or a member of the male gender. That i will never be permitted to view myself or refer to myself as male. That i will never be permitted to present myself to anyone as a male. That i will, for the rest of my life, be absolutely required to maintain as complete a feminine identity, appearance, behavior, demeanor, and attitude as possible without surgery. And that if it be your wish that i undergo sexual reassignment surgery, that you proceed to have such done to me with absolutely no input or comment from me. 3. That once i become your slave, i will never again, for the rest of my life be permitted to have a normal male orgasm with an erection and with an ejaculation. That you will take what ever measures necessary to insure that such an occurrence can never happen again. That you will endeavor to train and condition me to become sexually stimulated and ultimately sexually satisfied solely by being used by you or those you assign me to for your or their sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. And to be trained and conditioned to express my sexual orgasms solely in an internal feminine manner with absolutely no penal erection or ejaculation, and triggered by penetration in the feminine manner. 4. That once i become your slave, you will expect and demand absolute perfection in all my affairs, my appearance, my behavior, my perance of my duties, my attitudes and demeanor. That you will push me to the absolute limits of all my talents, abilities, and capabilities, expecting, and demanding absolute perfection at all times, with no excuse for falling short of such perfection accepted, and all short comings punished quickly, and severely in such a manner as to motivate me to do my utmost to insure such short comings will never be repeated. That you will utilize me as fully as possible in all manner of ways to insure that my service to you makes your life as pleasurable, stress-free, care free, and trouble free as possible. i am a submissive sissy slave in search of a permanent life long owner, to own me as their full time 247life feminized slave. i desperately need to be placed under discipline as a semi-permanently chastised subservient, subordinate, submissive in a 247 personal service position, permanently, to a dominant, aggressive, domineering, owner, or owners that have a wicked sense of humor be they single, a couple, or group white, black, red, yellow, or green bi, straight, gay male, female, or somewhere in-between. i am seeking a position as a permanently enforced sissified household slave. i can and will do anything around the house from cleaning, yard work, chauffeuring, handy man type jobs, accounting and bookkeeping, act as whipping boy, sex slave duties, and anything else my potential OWNERS may wish of me.i am looking for a lifetime of personal service to my owner in any manner and to any degree that they so desire and a disciplinary regimen that will use harsh, strict, continuous, and dailypunishment systems to insure an absolute perfection of obedience and perance. i am NOT necessarily looking for a sexual relationship per se you can look up my genitals for months at a time or do away with them completely if that is your wish. i will gladly accept total nullification to insure that i am not in this to receive sexual gratification. Will also accept an absolutely secure chastity device so that my owner can use my intact sexuality for their amusement, and my humiliation and sexual frustration. i am 61 tall, 190 pounds, dark blond hair worn shoulder length, brown eyes with glasses, average build, golden ruddy complexion, fairly light body hair . i am cut, 2 when soft, 4 when erect and a very prem











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 Transgender Slave


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Journal Entries:
2/20/2018 5:58:17 PM
Hello,  just wanted to let everyone know, my doctor and therapist both agreed that i should be on hormones.  I am on day 8 today.

2/7/2018 4:14:13 PM
Anybody here on transgender HRT hormones?  Would love to talk to you.

10/22/2017 1:41:20 PM

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85% Non-monogamist
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69% Primal (Prey)
52% Exhibitionist
42% Ageplayer
36% Brat
23% Voyeur
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1% Primal (Hunter)
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10/19/2017 12:34:21 PM
fuller exposure post:

2/7/2011 10:38:28 AM
Here is a copy of an email i would love to get.!!!!!
"Celia, here is what we are going to do.  First, you will get a room at Motel 6 there on Evergreen at 100th Street.  Get one as far towards the back as possible.  You will get ther at 1p.m.  You will change into the following:  chastity device, nippleclamps set with no loosening adjustment made and the teeth bared of the plastic covering, hot pink bra with breast forms, long waisted long sleeve black turtle neck blouse, red and black lace up corsett, chain neck collar locked on, hot pink panties, black nylons hooked to the garters on the corsett, the waist chain locked tightly around your waist over the corsett, the black satin micro mini skirt that just barely covers your panties, and the black flats on your feet.  You will lay out on the bed, a black hooded sweatshirt, black jeans, riding crop, condoms, lube, blind fold, a roll of duct tape, plastic zip ties, all the extra padlocks, the key ring with BOTH sets of keys.  You will then call me on my cell and tell me which room number you are in.  Before i arrive, you will take the chain leash, and lock it to the chastity device.  Run the other end between your legs and lock it tightly to your waist chain at the small of your back with the handle and free portion of the chain hanging back down.  Make sure the door is unlocked, then kneel in front of the bed, facing the bed, lock the free end of the leash to the bed frame, take the handcuffs, and lock the chain between the cuffs to the same place the leash is secured on your chastity device. Then lock the cuffs around your wrists.  needless to say, that is where and how you will stay untill i get there.  When i do, i will be sure to take lots of pictures of your greeting me. 
     you will then suck on my dick with me getting some good pics of that.  I will then slip your panties down and take the riding crop to your pretty smooth bottom just to show you what you will have comming if during our outing you do not obey and please me completely.  I will then unlock you from the bed frame and stand you up.  first i will help you into your jeans and then drape the sweat shirt over your shoulders and zip it up, leaving your cuffed wrists inside the sweat shirt.  I will then walk you out to my car and buckle you into the back seat. 
    I will drive to Airport video and park in the upper lot.  I'll get you out, pull the end of the leash out over the top back of your jeans, then you will walk down the hill and into the store with me holding your leash.  I will drop the leash once inside and we will walk to the counter together where i will buy two tickets to the theater. 
   Once inside the theater, i will find a seat as close to the middle as possible, you will preceded me there.  Once i sit down, you will kneel and i will remove your sweatshirt.  then you will stand and remove your jeans.  At that point, and from then on, if you disobey or hesitate to obey any command given you, i will simply get up and walk out to my car, with your jeans and sweatshirt.  I will instruct you to make 2 slow circuits all the way around the room, taking small mincing swishy sissy steps.  once complete you will kneel down on the floor between the rows of seats a couple of seats down from me, facing me.  Anybody that comes by, i will tell that you are having a sissy coming out party at the motel and give them the times ands room number.  if the would like a preview, i will point to you and tell them to have a seat.  You will then please them to thier satisfaction, as you will do all that come by and wish to sample your services.  When i decide it is time to go, i will bring you your jeans and and sweatshirt help you into them and walk you out, back to the car, and return to the motel.
     Once back there, i will decide if you need a beating for your conduct and performance, if so i will do so, if not i will stake you out in such a way as your mouth and bottom are easily accesable for all who come by and wish to use you.  I will insure that anyone that fucks you uses a condom, anyone that beats you only leaves marks that can be covered by underwear, that you do not end up in the hospital or in jail.  Other than that, i have complete control and may use you anyway i wish and permitt anyone else that comes by to use you in any way they use.  If you get troublesome, won't obey, or refuses to follow commands, i can, simply leave, taking your clothes and keys with me.  I will insure you are free and all your new friends leave by 10p.m
    Is that how you see this coming "date" also?  Any commnets suggestions, or concerns.  Let me know now because once you click shut those handcuffs, the above will happen.  I can not promise anyone will follow us back to the motel, but i will do my best.   I will take as many "good" pictures as i can figure out how to take no matter who shows up and insure you get copies of them.  I look forward to seeing and using you slut.  Jordan 

10/28/2009 1:40:41 PM
Here is the situation. I am somewhere in the north puget sound area, (you choose the spot), i am in complete sissy uniform, under standard guy street clothes. That is bra, panties, nylons, garter belt, falsies, maids uniform, butt plug securely locked in place, chastity device securely locked in place, collar chain securely locked in place, wrists restrains locked so that hands can not be removed from front pockets, leash attached to chastity device, keys secured on back of my neck hung from my collar so i can not reach them at all, and leash locked to....... telephone pole, parking meter, park bench, table in a leather bar, ....ect.
you approach, unhook the keys, unlock the leash and lead me..........(you pick it) ...... you and as many of your friends as you wish use me as you wish, in any way you wish. If i am not absolutely compliant, obedient, cheerfully cooperative, you beat me as you see fit untill i am so. You use me for 8 hours, then return me to where you found me. All i ask is that i not end up in jail, in the hospital, and that all marks left by any punishment or discipline be able to be covered up by underwear, and that if you decide to unlock my chastity device to tease and torture my sissy clit and balls, that i not be permitted to ejaculate, and that if so much as a drop of seman was released by me my sissy clit and balls would be severely punished.
What i am seeking? That afterward

1. That you could play Tic Tac Toe on the welts on my bottom from the caning i received,
2. That my sissy clit would look like a crazed weed eater attached it from the whipping it sustained.
3. My balls would be so sore from being beaten that a chastity device wouldn't be needed for weeks cause just the thought of getting an erection made me throw up.
4. That i had the worse case of blue balls medical science had ever witnessed.
5. That my nipples were so engorged from suction pumps, then flattened, stretched, and elongated by clamps and weights that they looked like dried apricots.
6. My pussy hole felt like i had been fucked with telephones poles, and that you could drive a logging truck up it and never touch the sides.
7. That i felt like my jaw would never close again from all the blow jobs i gave.
8. That my throat was so sore from all the screaming, begging and pleading i had done i couldn't talk.
9. That i didn't have a single shred of male ego left. it had been absolutely crushed by being forced into situations, enduring and doing things, that any real man on earth would die before submitting to such.
10. That i was as absolutely positive that i was a natural born true submissive slave that belonged only at the feet of my master, that there was no longer and never could be again, any doubt what so ever.

So, anybody interested? I t has to be Monday thru Friday nights from 2 till 10. Drop me a line. I await your pleasure. sissy slave

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